10 Sure Bets For Craft Beer Lovers in London!

By Reshma Dewda on Nov 09, 2016
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London’s love for beer is legendary. Nothing like a cold one after a long day at work! If you’re a true beer aficionado, you know that real character lies in the local, independently brewed craft beers. And if there’s some place in the world where you are spoilt for choice in the variety of artisan beer on offer, it’s London.
Here are the best craft beer pubs in London:

1. The Four Thieves

Image Source: Fourthievespub.com  

Where: 51 Lavender Gardens, London, SW11 1DJ
What you’ll love: Ever buzzing with activity ; whether it’s a fun event or just the excited chattering of ping pong and vintage arcade games, this venue knows a thing or two about keeping its guests entertained. Coming to the real deal, this place serves fresh lager that is made on site. The beer talks for itself and judging from the rising popularity of this place, the message is pretty loud and clear. With delicious pub grub as accompaniment, The Four Thieves gets a thumbs up for being authentic and enticing.
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2. Old Tom’s Bar

Image Source: oldtomsbar.co.uk

Where: 10-12 Leadenhall Market, City of London, EC3V 1LR
What you’ll love: This cozy East London pub is evidently country and quite proud of it too! The kind of place where the bartenders genuinely remember your name and your favorites, Old Tom’s is familiar and comfortable. It’s ambiance and warm service is what makes this a great place to chug a few cold ones. It has two regular beers and one changing variety that gives us something exciting to look forward to each time we visit!

3. Brew Dog

Image Source: brewdog.com
Where: 21 Poland Street Soho London W1F 8QG
What you’ll love: A great place for an after work beerathon especially because of its typically great beer selection, Brewdog makes for a light, fun visit on any day of the week. It has twenty taps of in-house brews and a good selection of guest beers too. This place manages to please almost every kind of beer fan and that is its biggest draw. With a menu that’s filled with pleasant non-boozey surprises, this one’s a no brainer for sure.

4. Craft Beer Company 

Image Source: craftbeerco.com
Where: 82 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TR
What you’ll Love: An extraordinary array of beers, perhaps the best in London awaits the discerning beer guzzler at Craft Beer Co. There’s no denying that the beer selection here is not only meticulously handpicked but also deliciously different. They have a whopping thirty seven draught varieties and sixteen cask ales that have been carefully sourced from independent British breweries. Joining the celebrations are beers from Belgium, Scandinavia, USA too. For authentic artisan ales, this is your best bet in London.

5. Southhampton Arms

Where: 139 Highgate Rd, London NW5 1LE
What you’ll Love: If you’re a lover of quirky flavors and lovingly picked ales and ciders, Southhampton Arms is for you. Gleefully stuck in time, this place hosts a cosmopolitan crowd in a traditional setting. A brilliant idea for no nonsense beer drinkers, expect seriously good beer and a laidback vibe. It has eighteen taps of ale and cider that do justice to its glorious reputation.
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6.The Harp 

Image Source: harpcoventgarden.com

Where: 47 Chandos Place, Covent Garden London WC2N 4HS
What you’ll Love: Although this place is not exactly a secret, The Harp definitely merits a sidewalk spilling crowd. A big part of its popularity is because of its beautifully maintained cask lines and a long, rewarding list of craft ales and lagers. In its cozy atmosphere, you will find redemption for your beer craze. The Harp sits bang in the middle of all the touristic action in the city but it has still managed to retain its originality and quaintness. 

7. St Barts Brewery 

Image Source: stbartsbrewery.com
Where: 66, West Smithfield London EC 1MDY
What you’ll love: You can be a sure crowd pleaser when your venue boasts of seventeen taps of fine craft beer. Top that with live music and you have a fantastic hangout venue for all ages and tastes. Their all day brunch and Sunday Roasts are a foodie’s must-try and the painstakingly chosen beers have equally exciting bar snacks as accompaniment all through the week. St Barts Brewery is slowly  inching its way into the hearts of beer lovers all across London. And we’re not complaining!

8. The Arbitrager

Image Source: facebook.com/thearbitrager  

Where: 27A Throgmorton St, London EC2N 2AN
What You’ll love: This cozy bar serves up London’s best locally brewed beer. This industrial looking bar has fast earned a reputation of being a chic watering hole that prides itself in its selection of beer and alcohol. There are no pints here- beer and cider are poured in measures of two third and one third. Although the food menu is modest at best, the cleverly chosen ales make sure that beer connoisseurs keep frequenting this bar. 
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9. Euston Tap

Where: 190 Euston Road, London NW1 2EF
What you’ll love: With eight rotating cask ales, twenty keg beers and about hundred or more bottled beers, you know that you’re in good hands at Euston Tap. Oh, did we mention the refreshing ciders from France? Euston Tap is as close as it gets to a beer pilgrimage. A beer garden, a cozy pub and a plush lounge all rolled into one, this place is fast becoming the beer lovers’ favorite in London. Many would argue that this place is expensive but hey, good times they don’t come cheap in London! So cut to the chase and head to the tap, the beer will drown all your sorrows away.

10. The Rake

Where: 14 Winchester Walk, London SE1 9AG
What you’ll love: If beer is what drives you, The Rake is your ideal hangout. It features seven kegs and three casks and although that maybe lesser than the offerings of many other pubs in London, The Rake definitely takes the cherry when it comes to quality. A dizzying number of bottles and an ever changing variety of rare, delicious beer, you’d be spoilt for favorites here. Although it might seem a bit cramped, this place is a ‘not to be missed’ pub when it comes to craft beers. Add to that warm, friendly service and you have a bright future ahead of you!

Luckily for craft beer lovers, London is in the midst of a revival when it comes to local and independent brewing. The variety on offer is world class and some of the brews on offer are truly applause worthy. Tell us about your favorites in the comments below!
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