Best Europe Trips of All Time

If there is one place that takes the crown for being the best holiday destination in the world, then it is definitely going to be Europe for sure. Stretching from Asia to Antartic and from Africa to Arctic, Europe is the second largest continent packed with some of the most beautiful countries that would keep you away from your home forever! To give you a clear picture of how wonderful Europe is, we at TripHobo have compiled a list of 10 best Europe trips of all time.

Get ready; it is time to explore the diverse culture and the aesthetically splendid Europe.

1. A Coastal affair from Rome: Naples, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast


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Duration: 7N/8D

In this 7-night trip starting from the south of Rome till Amalfi coast, you get to see a mix of architecturally beautiful places as well the alluring coasts of Italy. Explore the remains of the Roman architecture in the Walking tour of Pompeii, go hiking on Mount Vesuvius, participate in a Gelato making class in Sorrento and stay transfixed at the picturesque view from Amalfi coast.

Tour Highlights: Mount Vesuvius hike, Pompeii walking tour, National Archaeological museum - Naples, Gelato demonstration, Coastal walk - Amalfi coast.

Cost: From USD 1638 onwards - per person. (Including accommodation, breakfast, internal transfers and entrance fees)

Ideal for: Couples, Family & Friends.

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2. A Historical expedition to Germany - Heidelberg and Frankfurt City


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Duration: 1D

Get in touch with the medieval side of Germany by taking an expedition to the historic castles, old bridges, museums and walking across the narrow lanes brimming with half-timbered houses. This day trip to Germany overflows with ancient reminiscence.

Tour Highlights: House of the Knights, Old bridge, Museum embankment, Karlstor, Church of the Holy Spirit. 

Cost: From USD 115 onwards - per person. (Including professional guide, lunch, entrance fees)

Ideal for: History buffs, Family & Friends.

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3. An All out Spanish tour - Cordoba, Seville and Granada


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Duration: 3N/4D

Starting from the football capital of Spain, Madrid; travel through the most famous cities of Cordoba, Seville and Granada in this 4-day trip across Spain. A place that is a blend of Christians, Muslims and Jews, make your trip extra special by studying the cultural diversity of Andalusia and marvel at the amazing Moorish architecture.

Tour Highlights: UNESCO world heritage site of Alhambra and Generalife, a look at Moorish architecture, Seville Cathedral.

Cost: From USD 496 onwards - per person. (Including accommodation, breakfast and dinner, internal transfers and entrance fees)

Ideal for: Family & Friends.

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4. A Snowy escapade to Switzerland - Mount Titlis


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Duration: 1D

If you are looking for a snowy experience in Europe then look no further. A day trip to the breathtaking snowy destination of Mount Titlis from Zurich is what you need. Enjoy the trip up to the summit in a rotating cable car, go awestruck at the panoramic view from the top, get a closer look at the crevasses from the Ice flyer chairlift and become creative with snow.

Tour Highlights: Mount Titlis summit, Rotating cable car, Ice flyer chairlift, Walking tour of Lucerne, Chapel Bridge, Lion monument. 

Cost: From USD 162 onwards - per person. (Including internal transfers, sightseeing, ride fees and hotel pickup)

Ideal for: Adventure lovers, Family & Friends.

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5. A Trip to the major Island of Scotland - Isle of Skye


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Duration: 2N/3D

Explore the real taste of the Scottish highlands in this amazing 3 day trip to the Isle of Skye from Edinburgh. Drive through the highlands blanketed with a green tinge, stay in the coastal town of Portree and don't forget to spot the famous Nessie monster at Loch Ness.

Tour Highlights: Glencoe village, Boat trip to the Isle of Skye, Town of Portree and Loch Ness.

Cost: From USD 300 onwards - per person. (Including accommodation, breakfast, Mercedes mini-van travel. 

Ideal for: Nature enthusiasts, Friends and Family.

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6. A Classic tour to Greece - Olympia, Delphi, Meteora, Thessaloniki, Lefkadia


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Duration: 6N/7D

In a trip, that lasts for 7-days soak yourselves in the classic, archaeological vibe of Greece by visiting the historical sites in the cities of Olympia, Delphi, Meteora, Thessaloniki and Lefkadia. Capture the essence of your tour with photographs and relive the moments.

Tour Highlights: Corinth Canal, Archaeological sites at Epidaurus, Olympia, Delphi; UNESCO World Heritage listed rock-tower monasteries at Meteora, Macedonian tombs of Lefkadia.

Cost: From USD 1142 onwards - per person. (Including accommodation, food, professional guide, internal transfers and entrance fees)

Ideal for: History lovers, Friends and Family.

Extra: Mind the dress code while visiting museums and historic sites.

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7. A Trekking adventure in Switzerland - Lugano


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Duration: 2N/3D

Escape from the neon and the noise of the city and go on a trekking trail at Lugano on this 3-day trip that takes you through enchanting paths decorated by nature, amazing landscapes offering an unparalleled view, and enjoy the spread of flora and fauna.

Tour Highlights: An offbeat experience away from the city, a visual treat of Nature's best, Mountain huts, Alpine meadows.

Cost: From USD 1314 onwards - per person. (Including personal trekking guide)

Ideal for: Adventure and nature lovers, Friends.

Extra: This trip requires hiking shoes and backpack.

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8. Exploring Ireland - The Burren, Cliffs of Moher, Ring Of Kerry


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Duration: 4N/5D

Explore the Irish land in this 5-day trip along the major attractions of Ireland that will take you through the famous whisky distillery in Kilbeggan, enjoy the sunset from atop the Cliff of Moher, learn some history by visiting the majestic castles, and awe at the silky Torc waterfall.

Tour Highlights: Locke's Distillery, Clonmacnoise Monastery, The Burren, Cliffs of Moher, Dingle Peninsula, Torc Waterfall, Blarney Castle.

Cost: From USD 626 onwards - per person. (Including accommodation, food, professional guide, and internal transfers)

Ideal for: History lovers, Friends and Family.

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9. Touring the best of England - Oxford, The Cotswolds and Bath


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Duration: 4N/5D

Take a trip through the best landmarks of England in this convenient 5-day trip that allows you a chance to visit the ancient Roman baths, the county of Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon, the quaint old-town of Cotswolds and the world famous Avery circle.

Tour Highlights: Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Longleat House, UNESCO listed Avebury Ring, Chipping Campden, Roman Baths.

Cost:From USD 1287 onwards - per person. (Including accommodation, breakfast and dinner, professional guide, and internal transfers)

Ideal for: Friends and Family.

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10. An Iconic trip to Italy - Tuscany and Florence


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Duration: 1N/2D

Admire the rich history and the culture of Italy in what can be described as an iconic trip to Italy. Lean in for a selfie at the Leaning tower of Pisa, taste the best wines in the Chianti region, take a stroll on the beautiful Ponte Vecchio Bridge and visit the artistic Cathedrals with majestic domes.

Tour Highlights: Leaning tower of Pisa, Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi Courtyard, Pisa Baptistry, Florence Cathedral, Monteriggioni fortress. 

Cost: From USD 113 onwards - per person. (Including internal transfers, lunch and guided tours)

Ideal for: History lovers, Couples, Friends and Family.

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Which is your favorite trip to Europe? Let us know in the comments section below!

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