12 Best Flea Markets in Alaska

By Veronica Delacruz on May 31, 2018
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A Flea market is one type of market which usually rents space for the people to sell their merchandise. The merchandise can range from used goods to high quality antiques. The location could be both indoors and outdoors. It could be held in a warehouse or under a tent. Flea markets are held periodically, monthly or semi-annually or annually.

Coming to Alaska, this is one place to collect amazing stuffs and add to your list of merchandise at reliable prices. They have pretty cool stuffs collected over the years. If a trip to Alaska is running in your minds, missing out the flea markets would the last thing you want to do. So let us have a look at some of the flea markets here.

1. Alaska State Fair Flea Market

Located at Glen Highway, Palmer in Alaska, this is one market where one would find a fair amount of craft sale and antiques on a monthly basis and also hosts a flea market every year. The market is open to the visitors from 10 am to 5 pm.

2. American Legion Flea Market

The American Legion Flea Market is known for its vast range of furniture, dishes, antiques, sports materials, clothing, etc. Located in Steward, Alaska. This is an indoor market. People can visit the area and start filling their bags from 12 noon to 4 pm. Make sure that you plan a trip when it is time, i.e. between the months April to September. 

3. Kennai Flea Market

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Located in Alaska on Kenai at the Bridge Access Road this flea market comes with both new and used merchandise. The visitors get to see a lot of garage sale items and second-hand stuffs. This market becomes active every month. So, save some money and come and get the merchandise Kenai has to offer.

4. Family Flea Market

Set up in Anchorage, Alaska this market is laid out with beautiful shops with good salespeople, nicely laid out indoor farmers market and many booths running down the way with pretty good stuffs. As the name suggests, this is a market for the family collections. This flea market is available every week from Monday to Friday, opening 10 am and closing at 8 pm except for Wednesday when they two hours early.

5. Downtown Saturday Market

One of the must visit flea market, this is a good place to start your Saturday journey. One suggestion to the visitors would be to come hungry, you are sure to regret it if you have filled your tummy. You get a variety of goodies from baked items to ice cream to seafood. From antique to fresh produce, you get a variety of products at any time between 10am to 6pm.

6. Fairbanks Flea Market

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Looking for some really attractive handcrafted jewelry? Well, then this is one place you should take a look at. Being held every month at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds, Fairbans this flea market offers everything to the visitors just making the selection a difficult task. You get to take things from the sportswear domain to the handcrafted jewelry.

7. Ice Flea Market

Image Source: wikimedia.org

If you are going to visit Fairbanks, please make sure that it will be between the days Thursday to Sunday. These are held during the warmer months. In your weekends, do take a turn at the Goldstream Rd Fairbanks in Alaska and come over here and take with you the most special of the wind chimes, one reason why it got a good rating from the users.

8. Ozarks

If furniture and old antiques attract you then you should probably stop at Ozarks. Located in Anchorage Ozarks has merchandise over a variety of ranges from the special antiques to jewelry to furnishings and old chairs and some stylish costumes. The more specialty of this flea market is its availability throughout the year. Deciding the time of visit wouldn’t be a problem from now.

9. Soldotna Open Air Market

Also known as Soldotna Wednesday Market, this is a flea market held every Wednesday from 11 am to 6 pm. You can also attend the free live music concerts from 6 to 9 pm with beer and wine gardens, fill up your bags from the craft and art vendors and nourish yourselves from the food trucks.

10. Minnie Street Flea Market 

One of the flea markets located in Fairbanks, this is a great location with several restaurants in the vicinity. The ancient antiques are the main attraction here. Be it the Alaskan souvenirs or exotic merchandise from around the world, you would find them all in the Minnie Street Flea market. 

11. Tylor Rose Trade Days

Open for all in the third week of every month during the days Thursday to Saturday from 8am to 7pm, you get to see many vendors with products that fit in the attractive domain. The products for sale could vary from jewelry, creative wood art, crafts, handbags, watches and some other cool stuffs.

12. Grazing Moose Summer market

The Grazing Moose Summer market, 5th Avenue, Steward, Alaska is one place to pop up for the local arts. Gift items are the specialty here, thinking of taking back something for your beloved ones, do make a trip to this flea market. The place blooms every summer with the huge number of customers taking on the jewelry, pottery and the other merchandise.

Given above are the list of the amazing flea markets located in Alaska. So, if Alaska is included in your tour plans, don’t worry about searching for the best flea markets available rather just pick out some of the ones given above. Don’t think twice, these places will make your trip even more exiting.

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