14 Best Flea Markets in Arizona

By Veronica Delacruz on Jun 01, 2018
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A southwestern state in the U.S which was created to be visited and meant to be enjoyed by exploring! Yes, Arizona it is! A perfect piece of paradise for travel freaks, road trip maniacs, history lovers and outdoor wackadoos. This state is prone to welcome you with zillions of activities. The place formed due to a mile-deep chasm carved by the River Colorado called Grand Canyon has made Arizona remarkable.

It is also a perfect place wherein you can bargain as much as you wish! Whether it can be a market of the state's capital, Phoenix or an ordinary street somewhere in Tucson, you will surely find your choice of items that comes handy and budget-friendly. Here is the list of 14 best flea markets in Arizona to get the perfect bargains.

Top Must-Visit Flea Markets in Arizona

1. Thieves market

Thieves market is the large outdoor flea in Tempe. It has a wide range of antique collections and is must visit place for vintage lovers.

It is open on first Saturday of every month from 9 AM. It is fun to shop varieties of vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture, garden ornaments, handmade gifts and bric-a-brac.

The admission fee is of $3 and includes free parking. The place offers you such collections that you might have never realized that you wanted!

2. Glendale public market

The Glendale Swap Meet Flea market is one of the family-friendly and most loved markets in Arizona. It is open every weekend, that is, Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. As admission fee is $0.75 on Saturdays and $1.25 on Sundays, this comes handy and surely a budget-friendly to enjoy in groups.

This takes about 20-minutes from Downtown Phoenix. This place offers varieties of new and seconds clothing, various styles of local produce and wide collections of home decors all falling under a single roof.

This is a heaven for all the foodies by choice! This place meant to dive into the tasty ambiance that offers snacks, deserts, and much more in a wide range.

3. Tanque Verde Swap Meet

Fridays and Saturdays are worth spending in a place which offers the cheap and best quality products and makes the shopping worthwhile. Tanque Verde Swap Meet in Tucson is one as such.

As an icing on the cupcake, it offers free entry! A great cuisine, cool choice of beer and a carnival atmosphere adds glory to the market. It also has live entertainment and kids carnival rides also which adds a cherry on top!

You can walk around amongst number of stalls that are selling almost everything as in, books, crafts, computers, mobiles and other electronic devices, clothing and much more and also tasting different international cuisine which includes pizzas, churros, hotdogs and more.

4. Arizona marketplace

Open from every Thursday through Sunday from 9 AM, Southern Arizona's largest and popular flea of over 2 acres of shopping plot with around 1000 vendors satisfying every need and wants is a must visit place for shopaholics.

Enjoy your day arriving early and  by filling your tummy with a special breakfast, which is prepared on the spot before diving into shopping. You will get to see stationary, clothing, jewelry, homeware, decors, hardware tools and not to forget fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and local produce as such.

Apart from "never-ending" shopping, you can also check into a bar  which has an abundance of seating arrangements and live performance on stage is definitely an attention-grabbing event.

5. Phoenix Park and Swap

The Phoenix Park 'n Swap is famous among tourists and locals as well.

This flea market is open throughout the year from Wednesday till Sunday. This place offers a mix varieties of new arrivals and also used goods and a range of services done on spot. This is a right place for styling as it has beauty salons, a super stylish tattoo section also at your service. 

From basic fabrics to standard home decors, beauty products to electrical items, it is best suited for bargain hunters.

6. Yuma Swap Meet

The Yuma Swap Meet, which is one among the popular tourist attraction spots in the city, happens to be open every Saturday and Sunday during on season attracting thousands bargain shopaholics across the country.

In 1960's, back when this place was just started with a fistful of stalls and now, it has a wide range of vendors in one basket.

If you are in search for a unique and antique collection, particular item to decorate your home with or to wander about, visitors will cherish the visit to this place as they find everything they have been looking for since ages.

7. Kingman's Route 66 Swap Meet

If you are a travel freak, then, the historic Kingman Route 66 Swap meet is the right place for you. This open-air market place is more than 30 years old and is situated between Thompson Avenue and Ryan Avenue.

It is open every from Friday through Sunday from 7 AM. It has about 150 vendors that sell every item that could possibly be in your bucket list. If you need a brand new microwave or an antique bicycle, Kingman's Route Swapmeet has got every electrical good under one roof. 

8. Peddler's pass

Peddler's Pass in Arizona's Prescott Valley is the heaven made a place for fans of traditional flea markets.

This place covers plenty of choices from general stuff to vintage products, small collectible to antiques. Actually, this place is well suited for people who love to play treasure hunt by digging and haggling for the next valuable treasure!

This flea market suggests a short and tasty break from your shopping by offering varieties of breakfast and lunch as well.

As it costs $0 for admission and parking fee, this place lets you be more than happy for visiting!

9. Merchant Square

Merchant Square in Chandler is one of the popular among indoor flea markets. This one is a hub spot for those who love antiques and collectible items and runs throughout the year.

Around 58k square feet of space for shopping purpose and about 250 vendors, the flea offers a rare collection of antiques, vintage vinyl record, antique furniture, or simply, it has got every bit of collection you are looking for.

The square has American Way Cafe to fill your hunger with delicious and various cuisine and drinks.

10. Backstreet Indoor Flea Market

Backstreet Indoor is a flea market located in Prescott Valley. It is filled with plenty of rare collections and attractive products.

It is open from Wednesday through Sunday from10AM, it has got the ultimate collections of comics, jewelry, artwork, musical instruments, some collectibles and many more to grab on. It is a feast to visit Backstreet again as you can see new merchants with new products on every visit.

11. Flagstaff Urban Flea Market

This happens to be a recent inclusion to the flea market of Arizona. This Urban Flea Market opens on the second Saturday of every month, starting from June through October.

On the Historic Route 66, it is situated at the City Hall. The Market is a fusion of merchants, artists, craftspeople with various goods to sell. 

Visitors get to see wide varieties of clothing, records, household products, home decors, leather goods, vintage clothing and also beauty products that are homemade, flowers and more.

12. Gather A Vintage Market

Gather A Vintage Market in Tucson has spread its popularity for the rare collection of items for both gardens and home usage.

It is open from Thursday through Sunday once in a month. It is established since 2013, has about 15 unique vendors who sell items and products bought from all over Europe and America as well. This helps them to pick unusual and rare collections of collectible items and antique pieces and.This is a visual treat for bargain hunters.

Market comes with a creative theme every month , thus, letting customers enjoy the beauty of creativity and gloom with ideal thoughts for their next hunt for garden and home decors.

13. Mesa Market Place Swap Meet

Just a few minutes of drive from the Phoenix will land you into a colorful flea market called Mesa Market Swap Meet, which welcomes you with around 1500 vendors with delicious food stalls and features such as live music and free entertainment on every weekend.

This place is a fabulous day out with family as it is located in the Desert of Arizona. From handmade crafts to toys, fresh products, electrical products to clothing and yummy and delicious food, of course, comes under one roof!

14. Sweet salvage

This event happens on the 3rd Thursday and continues till Sunday every month in Sweet Salvage in Phoenix.

This grabs your attention featuring a unique collection of home decors, a rare piece of the vintage collection, clothing, jewelry, handcrafted gift and much more. Sweet Salvage has got just the right vendors, craftspeople, artists and designers, all in one place!

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