15 Best Flea Markets in Georgia

By Veronica Delacruz on May 31, 2018
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Georgia is considered to be one of the most lively and energetic cities which is quite infectious, it simply gets to you. The magnificent mountain view is simply jaw-dropping and one that is rare to find elsewhere. Also, the intriguing history of Georgia with many civil right activists coming from this place change in the will leave you amazed.

Coming to Georgia will entice you to take back home some of the most exquisite antique objects that are displayed on the flea market. Here you don’t need to worry about the budget as the products available in the flea may seem to be expensive at the first glance but they are not. Most of the products are available at a good bargain and frankly, there are a lot of Flea markets which you can pay a visit and take home some token of memories. Below is the list of 15 best flea markets in Georgia. 

Top 15 flea markets in Georgia

1. Peachtree peddlers flea market and Antique Center

As the name suggests it a perfect place to begin your task of collecting antiques. It covers an area over 20,000 sq ft of vendors and booths along with a bakery stall and a mexican restaurant. Again no surprises here it is a perfect for both individual and family.

The Peachtree peddlers flea market and Antique Center opens throughout the week excluding Wednesdays, from 11:00am to 6:00PM and on Saturdays it open couple of hours early than usual.

2. A classy flea market

Individuals pour in from every parts in around Georgia to shop in this ubique flea market in Marietta with an astounding 11,000 square feet shopping arena. This flea market is owned and managed by a trio of three sisters. It is renowned for its antique options some of which are sourced from Europe which speaks of the range of options it has.

It is one of those flea market which is opened throughout the week. It has stalls selling ornaments to books to lighting and even jewellery. Also, shopping alongside with a knowledgeable staff helps and the newness in options are intact with changing inventories.

3. Smiley's Flea market

Smiley’s Macon a 60 acre of shopping marvel is a part of Smiley’s markets and mall group of Fleas. It is one the biggest flea market with more than 1,00,000sq.ft. of outdoor and indoor stalls.

Individual needs to come in early to beat the crowd and collect some uniques antiques. It is perfect place for people of all ages, as there are items ranging from comics to car parts to jewellery to homeware. 

4. Pendergrass Flea market

The Pendergrass Flea market is a largest indoor flea market where every weekend more than 500 vendors comes together. The stalls sell everything, be it he new one or the used ones along with fresh vegetables and fruits. It is a family spot as there is something for all.  Childrens can have the sight of pet animals up close or they can take up a mini-ride.

5. Keller's Flea market

Keller's Flea market is considered to be one of the largest flea market and is renowned for providing best space for both visitors and vendors.

It should not be surprising at all that Keller's Flea market draws in people each weekend in great numbers. Range is a term which best described by this flea market it sells practically everything from car parts to pets. There are 400 retail shops which are a mixture of permanent and temporary ones.     

6. Bill's Flea market

media_gallery-2018-05-30-10-Bill_s_Flea_market_6aedaf6e27ecb3a5980ed1bdfe8524c3.jpgImage Source: maxpixel.net

Bill's Flea market is a sheer delight for those who are into playing modern musical instruments. It also has the variety of options to choose from in the section of latest electronic gadgets.

Bill's Flea market is basically a family oriented market with exciting bargains. it is a 30 minute drive from Atlanta, so people come to this market in good numbers.

There are more 400 booths set up shops which has a wide range of electronic gadgets on display right from laptops to games console at a cheaper price.  Also they have offer other products like clothing and household items.  

7. West Georgia Flea market

Carrollton West Georgia Flea market opens at 8am every weekend and closes at 4pm which is quite early and visitors need to plan accordingly. It is by far one of the most favored flea market among individual and families which is largely due to the vendors and wide range of options. 

It also has an outdoor petting zoo, so the childrens can get close view of animals like camel, lamas, and whilst which might not fascinate the adult reader but ask a kid and you will have your answer. It has a variety of handicraft items to choose from which can a good gift option.  

8. Oakland City Marketplace

Unlike most of the flea market the Oakland flea market remains open throughout the week all round the year. It is located in the in the historical oakland district. It is one of the oldest flea market in atlanta and has a wide range of options to choose from. The collection consist of books antiques, electronic, and furniture. Besides the bargain deal, the availability of free parking and free admission makes it even a better flea market option.    

9. Georgia Mountain Market

The Georgia Mountain is a perfect mix of shopping and refuelling with some exquisite eateries. In this market people can find antiques, clothing, ornaments and electronics. The visitors can also enjoy the Southern Dishes, and can refresh themselves by taking a break from the flea and grabbing a snack time.  

The Georgia Mountain Market is just a short walk from the historic city of Clayton and it witnesses the range of shops and booth which open during the weekends. 

10. Scott Antique market

The Scott Antique market is often referred to as the “Americas favorite treasure hunt”. The monthly Scott market is the centre of attraction for thousands of antique collectors. Be it the antiques piece of artwork or some are piece of furniture all of them are available and the options just grow in number during the second the second week, as over 3,500 vendors set up booth and you can easily get involved in it and lose the track of time.

11. I-75 Flea market

Owing to its Northwestern Borderline location,  the I-75 flea market is the busiest flea market. People come in from both Alabama and Tennessee, along with home state Georgia.

I-75 is open every saturday and Sunday between 9am to 6pm. This is amongst the largest flea market in the north Georgia accompanied with both indoor and outdoor vendors. 

The items available in the flea market are leather goods, clothing, home and garden tools , pet supplies, and car accessories. The market also has an added option of fooding with stalls of burger, cakes and ice-cream.  

12. Lakewood 400 antique Flea market

The Lakewood 400 antique Flea is most the common name in the flea market around Georgia. It has been running for more than 20 years successfully. The home of lakewood have changed in recent years from SouthEastern Fair grounds in Atlanta to Cummming. 

The newer Lakewood 400 might not that big is size as the earlier one but yet it is effective. Also it has lost the historic charm but in spite of it huge number of visitors come every year to pick there antiques.

The flea market is open every Friday and Saturday and the visitors can choose from a vast range of home decor, plants, collectables, and antique.    

13. The barnyard Flea market

The Barnyard Flea market is one of the most busiest flea market in town. It has been running over for more than 20 years. It covers three different states with five markets. There are more than 500 merchants with variety of option from selling homemade gifts to toys to antiques.

Visitors can sit down for a meal at their choice of restaurant or can garb a quite bite in the snack bars. It just not buying the Barnyard also accounts for a family fun hours.

14. Flea market city

media_gallery-2018-05-30-11-Flea_market_city_204d75ea160539d1b18c73ed8df074f4.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

Columbus’s Flea market city might not be the ideal biggest flea market thing out there.  But it is hardly counts once an individual gets an insight to the antiques available.

The flea markets city opens every Saturday and Sunday from 7am. It is mostly known for its Furniture, great value Jewellery, and Antiques. Some of the items are also available with relatively higher price tag high street shops but in Flea market one can get a good bargain on the same.  

15. Sweeties Flea market

Sweeties flea market was established in 1947 and is the all time favourite for the residents of Atlanta and Hampton. Individuals gather down at the market every weekend to get hold of some of the unique items. 

The sweeties Flea market opens at 7am every saturday and sunday in Henry county Georgia. There variety of option right from the vintage cloth, rare collectable, latest technology, and local produce. For the hot days of summer, sweeties have a collection of cold beverages to quench your thirst.     

When in Georgia, make sure you don’t miss out on any of these flea markets if you really want to understand what it’s like to be in Georgia.

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