15 Best Flea Markets In Kansas

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Kansas is known for its fine cuisine, bustling city life and outdoor beauty and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. It’s also known to be a shopper’s paradise with its great shopping malls and flea markets. So let yourself go at any of the following 15 best flea markets in Kansas. 

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1. Super Flea, Kansas City

Kansas City’s Super Flea is its leading Thrift Store as voted by Pitch Magazine. 

Specialty: This flea market offers a huge selection of goods and vendors. You also get pre-used goods, memorabilia, antiques, electrical items, household supplies, health & beauty products, clothing  and more. It’s also got a shop for computer repairs on its site. There’s a $1 browsing/ entry fee with a $100 lucky draw prize.

Address/location: At Belmont Boulevard’s corner.

Timings: Open on Saturdays and Sundays, 8.30am onwards. 

2. Rutledge Flea Market

Specialty: This is spread on 85 acres of space and has been running for the 70 years nearly. Great for its variety of used or new goods, clothing, antiques, guns or live animals, the Market has something on offer for anyone who visits it. 

Address/location: Knox County

Timings: Opens on second Fridays and Saturdays of all months between March and October. Also open during November’s first weekend. 

3. Kansas City River Market

Specialty: Has a great variety of goods, clothes, food & coffee, fresh produce, flowers, live animals and wines sold by some very friendly people. Ethnic restaurants cater to your taste buds as do spice vendors, butcher shops and bakeries. Has the Steamboat Arabia Museum close by. 

Address/location: 20 E 5th St, Kansas City

Timings: Open on all days of the week, 8 AM onwards during summer.

4. Valley Park Resale and Flea Market

Specialty: The only indoor flea market that encourages all-weather, year-round  bargain hunting. Has over 130 vendors selling home décor, antiques, furniture, equipment, tools, clothing electronics, collectibles, books and sports memorabilia. Also a great place for toys and children’s games. 

Address/location: St. Louis County on Highway No 141.

Timings: Open throughout the year, 8 AM onwards.

5. Nate’s Swap Shop 63rd Street Drive-In

Specialty: One of the area’s largest open-air flea markets, known for its antiques collection. There’s an entry fee of just $1.50 with some great events and food available also. You’ll be amazed at its collection of used and new goods, household items and antique bric-a-brac at some terrific bargains. 

Address/location: Kansas city

Timings: Open every weekend, 5AM onwards. 

6. Itchy’s Flea Market

Specialty: This indoor market that spreads over 10,000 square feet of space, is called the spot for bargain hunters. Known for its low prices of both used and new items, it has everything from home rugs to priceless antiques on sale. Try its great selection of handmade gifts and goods. 

Address/location: Columbia

Timings: Open every day from 8AM onwards. 

7. Springfield Flea Market

Specialty: Over 180 vendors ply their wares in this climate-controlled, large  building. Known for its antiques, bric-a-brac and assorted collectibles. New clothing and furniture are also available at incredibly cheap prices.

Address/location: Springfield

Timings: Open daily from 10am

8. Grand Slam Market Place

Specialty: The only climate-controlled and indoor flea market of St. Louis, this market has everything on sale for home, gift and garden needs. It has over 150 vendors who also sell antiques, car accessories, used and new clothing, home décor, pet supplies, collectibles, beauty products, computer & electrical items, CDs & DVD’s, toys, fresh food items and snacks. 

Address/location: North County, St. Louis.

Timings: Wednesdays to Sundays, 8AM onwards.

9. Wentzville Community Club Flea Market

Specialty: This market has over 400 outdoor and indoor vendors selling used and new clothing, books, furniture, home décor, toys, rare antiques, unique memorabilia and collectables. Enjoy its delicious drinks and edibles. Great for a family outing. 

Address/location: Wentzville

Timings: Open every Sunday from 6am

10. F & L Flea Market

Specialty: The F & L Flea Market hosts around 30 vendors selling some very unusual home décor, antiques, vintage pieces, jewelry, collectibles and art. Ideal for finding special gifts. 

Address/location: Centralia

Timings: Open daily 8 Am onwards, except Mondays.

11. The Old Time Flea Market

Specialty: Get some great discounts here on used and new goods including collectibles and antiques. You also get electrical, lighting and plumbing materials, hardware tools, paints, janitorial and cleaning supplies, work clothes as also storage units. Its 10,000-square foot basement showroom houses a great variety of discounted industrial supplies. 

Address/location: Farmington

Timings: Open all days of the week, 9 AM onwards. 

12. Flea Mart

Specialty: Sells greatly discounted and cheap products ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables to used clothing, home décor items and antiques. 200 vendors at your service. Also drinks and snacks galore to keep you rejuvenated as you shop. 

Address/location: Independence.

Timings: Open daily. 

13. Joplin Flea Market

Specialty: Here 200 vendors sell local fresh produce, collectibles, antiques, electrical items, clothing, home décor, pet & cleaning supplies, tools and more. The kids would enjoy the fabulous array of games, toys and musical instruments. 

Address/location: Virginia Avenue

Timings: Weekends only between 8 AM and 5 PM. 

14. Vendor’s Mart South

Specialty: A great place for antique and fashion lovers, looking to strike some crazy bargains on used and vintage ware. Take your pick from comics, books, home décor and chinaware. You also get some fabulous vintage clothing and antique jewelry.

Address/location: At Sunshine and Campbell’s corner, Springfield

Timings: Open Mondays to Saturdays from 9 AM onwards; Sundays –11 AM onwards. 

15. Relics Antique Mall of Mount Vernon

Specialty: Known as the antique lovers paradise. This is also Missouri’s largest antique mall spread over 90,000 square feet of space. It also has a retro-style tea junction offering some delectable baked edibles and tasty drinks. Great for ornaments, furniture, crockery, glassware  as also the local wines of Missouri.

Address/location:  Springfield. 

Timings: Mondays to Saturdays: 10 AM onwards. Sundays: 12 PM onwards

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