12 Best Flea Markets in Kentucky

By Veronica Delacruz on Jun 01, 2018
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Kentucky is a perfect place to go for shopping and visit the flea markets there. It is not about just shopping your needs and eating out and come back. But it has never ending impact as they give you the opportunity to have one’s eye on the antique and authentic stuff.

So, let’s find out some of the best flea markets in Kentucky: 

1. Stop, Shop and don’t feel shy to bargain on all the products at Derby Park Flea Market, Kentucky

media_gallery-2018-05-30-13-Derby_Park_Flea_Market_4bd37546452e454caec142611f22a9cf.jpgImage Source: unsplash.com

A wonderful market where you can have the opportunity to shop for some of the classy products at relatively reasonable prices is the Derby Flea Market. The market area is around 58 acres comprising of more than 100 outdoor vendor spaces and 600 indoor booths. 

You can find the solutions for all the sections of your daily needs in this market. It is wonderful experience for the travelers to explore and find the things for their shopping bags which they love the most. You can also avail the farm needs products in this market. The market area is located only 3/ 4 of a mile from Churchill Downs. 

2. Shop some of the unique stuff at oldest Luke’s Town and Country Flea Market

It is a very unique market which exhibits the sale of old fashioned products. The old wooden and metal tools, some old television sets, and other worn out yet historic and important things can be availed at this market. It is generally open on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

The set up of the market is specifically like a Flea Market where products are displayed on the table on the two sides under the canopy. The products available here are unique in their own kinds. Luke’s Town is one of the oldest markets since 1979. 

3. Located on the highway visit the 25-year-old Richwood Flea Market in Kentucky

If you are a keen lover of buying the kid’s stuff such as Mascots, Puppets, Old Cans for creating some DIY Models, and lot other colorful stuff, then certainly stop at Richwood Flea Market. This is the perfect place to find the remodeled things and also to buy the old magazines. 

Richwood Flea Market is around 25 years old and you can go for shopping your stuff on Saturdays and Sundays. It is the most visited market place for all the travelers of Kentucky.

4. Buy antiques, clothes and grab some tasty quick bites at Wildcat Flea Market

Grab some funky jewelry, accessories, bags, apparels of modern times for adding the extravagant products in your wardrobe. And you can not only spot these new products of modern times but also you can surely locate the antiques. 

Wildcat Flea Market is spread around 80, 000 square feet which has one or the other thing of everyone’s interest and taste. The travelers are always happy and have a pleasant experience of visiting the place.

5. Perfect spot to shop in the boring afternoons at Southern Kentucky Flea Market

At Southern Kentucky Flea Market, you can find all the vintage stuff for you. The old wooden chairs, the carved boxes, classy antique suitcases, some classic collection of vases and kitchenware and you can also have a pleasure of one’s eyes as you spot some of the beautiful modern art painting pieces.

The market is open on weekends from 10 to 5:30 with around 150 indoor booths. The place where you can have all the classics placed at your home which going to be quiet heavy on your pocket.

6. Perfect place to get all the products for the household to the children’s stuff at Peddler’s Mall in Kentucky

Peddler’s Mall is a very famous and most visited market place of Kentucky. It is a place where you can find the complete solutions from the vintage tables, cabinets, shelf to the bicycles, little gym equipments for kids and what not. 

It is like a Ginnie market where you simply wish for the things and your commands are executed by pleasant and professional staff.  The market has around 15 locations statewide.

7. Fill your bags with some fabulous stuff at Awesome Flea Market, Kentucky

media_gallery-2018-05-30-13-Flea_Market__Kentucky_97cdc0a9e199a8e6404ffaa8945e5014.jpgImage Source: unsplash.com

Get awestruck at the wonderful market place in Kentucky where you can find around 500 vendors under one roof. There’s a big list of fans of one-stop-shop for the Awesome Flea Market. Simply pick up some unique stuff at the most exquisite market place. 

8. Wander, enjoy, lick your favorite ice creams at Flea Land, Kentucky

There’s a lot of fun to be with the kids at Flea Land, Kentucky. They have both outdoor and indoor vendors. The place will surely make the kids with you happy or you might get your inner child alive as you stop to have some mouth-watering ice creams. This is the perfect style of market where you can wander around and pick up some pretty stuff for you and your family.

9. Buy some classics and get to taste the exotic food at Georgetown Flea Market, Kentucky

There are some of the best eat outs at Georgetown Flea Market. It’s the perfect place for all the foodies to be at and it is open on all the seven days till 5:30 for everyone. So hurry, grab some yummy and delicious food at Georgetown Flea Market, Kentucky.

10. Round your list of shopping the antiques at Burlington Antique Flea Market in Kentucky

Burlington Antique Flea Market brings the great opportunity for all the travelers to buy some antiques and exquisite products for their household and living. They put it up as a big show which is open on 3rd Sunday of April month till October.  The place is loved by all the travelers.

11. You can get a mix of antique and new things to buy at Lake Cumberland Flea Market

Cumberland Flea Market located at the Somerset is one of the greatest market place for all the travelers. Go shopping at Cumberland and pick some neat stuff at very affordable prices. You can have the mix of antiques and new items at the market.

12. Have some fun time shopping around Tri-Country Flea Market, Kentucky

media_gallery-2018-05-30-13-Tri_Country_Flea_Market_d5c2a53e12e960861bcf7c813e323120.jpgImage Source: unsplash.com

Tri-Country has very interesting displays in outdoors as well as indoors. The travelers can also enjoy the outdoors as well as the indoors. You can find the fishing tackles, hunting supplies, electronics tools, candles, flowers, new and second hand apparels, accessories, some antique furniture, old and new books and games and a lot more interesting stuff. The market is open on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Kentucky Flea Markets are the most prominent place to buy the antiques. Although they have lot of modern stuff and clothes also but usually the classy and beautiful products were found in these flea markets.

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