15 Best Flea Markets in Minnesota

By Heena Singla on Jun 01, 2018
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Popularly known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, Minnesota has a number of beautiful beaches and shorelines. Spring time in Minnesota calls for the ultimate Flea market season. Although the season might be for a short span of time but it is worth attending and visiting the many flea markets that gear up for the time. Home to the largest discount retailers, Target, Minnesotans are crazy about shopping and love a great bargain. Not all the time you would want to shop from the shelves that hold boring stuff. You’d rather want to dig the treasure at a good flea market. Minnesota has many options for you when it comes to an excellent flea market. Let’s explore some of them. 

1. Rush City Flea Market

One of the most recently opened and newer market on the list is the Rush City Flea Market, which is simply great. The Chi-sago County fairgrounds open up every Tuesday from May through the month of September for goof food, crafts and vendors selling antique items in the market. On a free Tuesday show up at the County Fairgrounds to enjoy the food truck food and to explore the antiques from the local crafters. 

2. Pine City Flea Market 

Held on a Wednesday of each month, the Pine City Flea Market is held at the Pine County Fairgrounds from the month of April through October. 100s of local venders come for the flea market and there are more during the holiday weeks. The market attracts venders from all over the place, so every-time you visit, you’ll definitely find something new and interesting. If you are in town stop by and enjoy a mug of root beer at the A&W Root Beer stand. The weather plays a great role in the flea market being held. 

3. Cambridge Antique Show and Flea Market 

Held once in a year in Islanti County Fairgrounds, the Cambridge Antique Show is an outdoor as well as indoor event. The inside of the building is for antique venders and the outside for flea market venders. Typically the event has 300 venders and they offer a lot of vintage items. This is one of the most loved and popular flea market in the city. The weekend flea market offers you free parking and one can attend it on both days Sunday and Saturday.

4. Gold Rush Olmsted County Antique Show and Flea Market 

The outdoor as well as indoor market is held at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds twice a year. There are almost 9 to 10 buildings that house many antique vendors. While all the flea market stalls are located outside the building. The ground is in a fair area of 52 acres and almost 1500 vendors come at the flea market held. Admission to the market is free and you can find some of the awesome and finest vintage treasures here. 

5. Shady Hollow Flea Market 

It’s been over almost 40 years since the Shady Hollow Flea Market was found and has been around. It is one of the favorite shopping place for people vacationing in the city of Detroit Lakes area. Located in an area of 3-1/2 acres, the Shady Hollow Flea Market has over 23 permanent vendors and about a hundred temporary vendors every year. The market offers free entrance and parking. The flea market is all about vintage and antique treasures. Every-time you visit the flea market you are sure to find something new.

6. Elko Traders’ Market 

Located at a distance of 30 minutes from Minneapolis, Elko Trader’s Market is held on the weekend of Memorial Day, Labour Day weekend and the weekend of July 4th.  There are over 300 vendors in the event and you will get plenty of food/drink vendors to make your time great at the flea market. If you happen to be in the country on these weekends make sure you don’t miss out on these amazing and pretty entertaining flea markets. 

7. Hamel Lions Flea Market 

The Hamel Lions Flea Market is held at the Medina Entertainment Centre Parking lot each Sunday. From May to September the people of Minnesota know what they have to do on a Sunday. You will find lots of crafts, collectible stuff, antiques and unique treasures at the Hamel Lions Flea. This is one of the few flea markets in Minnesota that are open on Sundays. Walk up the hill for more vendors! 

8. Wright County Swappers Meet and Flea Market 

Held every Saturday from April through October, the Wright County Swappers Meet and Flea Market is a huge outdoor market that has an average number of 200-300 vendors and on a Holiday weekend about 500 vendors. With a free admission and parking fee, you will surely come here. The flea market offers a wide variety of antique and vintage items and treasures. Get to the market early so that you can explore the items by all vendors before they start shutting down. The flea market covers a huge area in South Haven and you should attend it to have a great Saturday.

9. Oronoco Gold Rush Days 

The outdoor flea market takes place only once a year which you just cannot miss! The people of Minnesota love the shopping weekend at the Oronoco Gold Rush Days. The flea market looks like an entire town filled with vendors selling antique and vintage treasures. You just cannot visit all vendors in one day. The flea market event is worth attending. Be prepared to walk a lot in the high humidity and high temperature. Make sure you have a lot of space in your vehicle to fit in all the stuff you shop.

10. Minnesota’s Antique Spectacular and Flea Market 

Held twice in the year in the months of April and October, this flea market will surely make your shopping season worth it or it can also be a perfect start to your shopping trip. Held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, the flea includes vendors outside the Grandstand and antique item vendors oitside the Grandstand. With free parking and a $7 admission fee, bring a cart along with you because you will be needing it after you shop a lot at the event. The place has vendors coming from across the regions to set ip their booths in the flea.

11. Stillwater Flea Market 

Held at the Washington County Fairgrounds, the Stillwater Flea Marker is held on the last Saturday and Sunday of the months from May to September. The outdoor flea market is in the pretty St. Croix River Valley area. You can shop from the fun antique stores that are located in Downtown Stillwater that us close to the flea market. Both parking as well as the admission is free. 

12. St. Cloud Indoor Flea Market 

As the name suggests, the St. Cloud Indoor Flea Market is held at St. Cloud from Tuesday through Saturday. The red building by the road holds a secondhand shopper’s paradise. Open five days, this flea market has some well-stocked shops that will never disappoint you. You will always find something or the other new here. If you love a good secondhand treasure, stop by at this flea market once a week and surprise yourself with some great antique items. If you are not in a mood to bargain, the place has a 89 cent shop too.

13. A Gathering of Friends Antiques Market

Taking place twice a year, this flea market is held at the Bachman’s Greenhouse in Minneapolis. The flea offers a well-curated show of unique finds from the gathered 18 fantastic vendors at one location. The flea saves time for you that you might end up with in searching for the right item. A Gathering of Friends is a great stop for antique shopping. The items are of great quality and you will definitely find something that you will love here. 

14. Duluth Junk Hunt 

Held at Duluth, this great market takes place just twice a year. Once in the spring and the second in the fall. Dozens of vendors come together from around the area ar one place for a cool junk hunt of the year. The organizers choose the vendors to ensure that only the best items make it to the flea market. For someone who loves antiques and crafts this is the place to be at. 

15. 100-Mile Garage Sale 

This is technically not a flea market but with the huge number of vendors at the event it looks like a flea market. And yes this shopping heaven is spread across 100 miles along the Lake Pepin towns. With beautiful scenery there is a good opportunity to find the best treasures when it comes to antiques and vintage items. Keep a separate day to attend this event and go shopping with your family. Since it is a garage sale, you will find lots of kids toys, garage items and clothes on sale. 


There you have a great list of flea markets in Minnesota! Make sure you attend them all throughout the year. 

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