15 Best Flea Markets in Nebraska

By Veronica Delacruz on Jun 01, 2018
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Nebraska the mid-western town located in the United States is known as the uo;The Great American Desert” in popular terms. Apart from great football and food, people in Nebraska also love their flea markets and which is why you can find innumerable such markets all around the place every once in a while where people from different backgrounds and walks of life tend to put the second-hand products on sale which they have put off as a junk and willing to sell at lower prices. 

If you are looking for some second-hand products for your home at a reasonable price yet of the best quality, then Nebraska has some right places for you to take a visit and get the desired products. Listed below are some of the best flea markets that you can find in Nebraska. Read further to know more about them below:

1. Country Market Days, Pilger

This flea market located in Pilger is a small world in itself with people gathering every first Saturday of July to that of October to sell their products. It is a well-organised event where people hoard out the collective junk from their homes in order to sell them at reasonable prices to the people who might be requiring them. From food, antiques, home decor items, and much more, you would find some exclusive products over here and would not regret visiting this place for the experiments that you can do for the decor of your home. 

2. Mega Flea Market, Omaha

The Mega Market is one of those places which are an amalgamation of the indoors as well as outdoors vendors. Over here, you would find vendors with their stalls for a permanent basis along with other who happen to be seasonal hosts. If you are looking to find something unique and exclusive at a reasonable price for your home, then this probably the best place to find such a product. In this flea market, you can find products ranging from antiques, collectibles, and furniture items to decoration items as well. All in all, visiting this flea market would help you to find some great collectibles to your home and make it a better place.

3. Memory Lane Flea Market

Situated in the Dakota city, the Memory Lane Flea Market is the perfect place to find some of the best designs in furniture products all under one roof. Right from vintage styled units to the modern ones, you would be able to find some exquisite pieces of furniture for your home at this place that would beautify your home. The best part about this flea market is the huge variety of products that you can find at just one place without having to worry about roaming around places for purchasing different things at different places.

4. Imaginarium 

media_gallery-2018-05-30-12-70_a2044d042541523e25e05b43a9c1fc4d.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

This flea market can be located in three regions around Omaha and is a world in itself. This particular market is best to shop for variable size and designs in jewellery. As it is a flea market, you would be able to find some exquisite pieces at a reasonable price than you would rather if you purchase the same jewellery at a store. So, if you are not willing to spend too much on the jewellery, then it is better that you check out this flea market and find the best designs under one roof.

5. Junktion Flea Market

Just like its name, this particular flea market is a junction of the variety of home decoration items that you can find at one place. Within this, you would be able to find handicrafts and vintage toys like no other. And if you are a hoarder to antiques, there is no better place than visiting this flea market for the right products.

6. A Collective Gathering, Potter

Although small in size, you would find some of the best items and accessories for your home at the most amazing prices at this particular place. With them, you would find some unique gifts, collectibles as well as accessories for your home that would add the undulating charm. 

7. Junktober Fest, Bellvenue

The Junktober fest is organised around October in Bellvenue and McCook where people from all walks of life bring their home junk in the form of antiques, furniture, and other collectibles to sell to the people who might need the items more than them. The fest also houses some amazing food stalls where you can refresh yourselves with lip-smacking eatables and shop the best products for your home.

8. Brownville Flea Market, Omaha

The Brownville Flea Market is a vendor’s delight as one get to showcase a variety of products in front of the people who happen to hoard this place in large number every single time. This is one of the most popular flea markets that you would find in Omaha where people happen to present the best of the collectibles that they have to offer at great second-hand prices. Thus, you can find an amazing variety of products all at one place without having to look for them anywhere else. 

9. Junkstock Harvest, Omaha

This flea market is set up in Omaha during the month of October and is filled with days of frolic and fun with some amazing eatables and shops lined up for three days. The place is a perfect one for those looking for some entertainment along with a great shopping experience. Thus, you can head out if you are willing to purchase some great products at the most reasonable prices ever. 

10. Omaha Farmers Market

The Omaha Farmers Market as the name suggests is that one place where the farmers put their best foot forward to sell the produce to the customers at amazing rates. If you wish to purchase fresh and quality food items from some of the best farmers in Omaha, then this flea market is the right place for you to pay a visit. Over here, you can find yearly stock of fresh agricultural at reasonable rates which is a great deal to crack. 

11. Junk Jaunt, Ord

The Junk Jaunt flea market is probably the largest among all the others which covers almost 40 towns during the time it is organised. Strolling in the market is a delight as you can find huge variety of products ranging from furniture, home decor items, to personal grooming accessories as well at the most amazing prices. The speciality of this flea market is that not just the natives, but people from all parts of the world participate in the event to present the items to be sold. Thus, one of the major advantages of visiting this flea market is that you can find a great variation in the products that have been sourced from different parts of the world all under one roof. 

12. Cottonwood Antique, Columbus

Open on all weekdays except Sunday, this indoor flea market is one of the best places to purchase antiques hoarded from people of different backgrounds. Thus, if you are searching for something vintage for your abode, then the Cotton Antique market is rightfully meant for you. Head out to this market for some amazing products for your abode and are definitely going to take home some great products.

13. Nebraska Junkathon, Sargent

Again, this flea market is a great place to find vintage products at second-hand prices. It is organised annually over the Memorial Day weekend. So, if you are someone who is looking for exclusive and classy vintage pieces for their abode, then a visit to this flea market is a must for you. By visiting this place, you would surely be able to find some great products at the most reasonable prices that would suit your pocket.

14. Junkstock, Waterloo

You can find Junkstock flea market full in action during the peak months of spring and fall every single year. Over time, this flea market has seen a huge gathering of people for availing some of the best products at the most amazing prices. Moreover, people also happen to sell off the collectibles and furniture products that are now a junk for them and can be utilised by other people who are looking for recycling and reusing the discarded products.

15. Rural Route Rust, Avoca

This is another vintage market on the list which is organised during the summer months every year. You can find some great antiques all at one place and will have wide variety of options to choose from to decorate your home. Check out this place for some amazing deals and products. 

Well, this was all about the best flea markets in Nebraska and how you can grab the best opportunity to pick up some second-hand products at prices that wouldn’t burn hole in your pockets which might have otherwise cost you much. So, if you are someone who loves to stroll around the flea markets in search of the best home accessories, then you must definitely visit these above-mentioned places for great deals. Have a great day!

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