15 Best Flea Markets In Nevada

By Veronica Delacruz on May 31, 2018
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Nevada is a dry state in the United States of America located between Utah & California. Though most of the foreign tourists get attracted to the high nightlife scene offered by Las Vegas, Nevada is known for attracting the tourists with western frontier experiences and beautiful landscapes all over.

Beyond the amazing nightclubs and neon lights of the spectacular Las Vegas nightlife scene, Nevada is also hidden with some secret treasures that are awaiting your presence in some of the best flea markets in town. You can unveil some of the best shopping deals of the hidden treasures in the local thrift shops & flea markets of Nevada. Here are some of the top flea markets in Nevada that you must look out for:

1. Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet

It is quite easy to spend your entire afternoon at the famous Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet. Located towards the west end of Las Vegas, the flea market consists of a series of goods ranging from a wised array of toys, handbags, watches, and so more right in front of the showroom. One of the best things about the Swap Meet is the back section of the market wherein you can come across an attractive plethora of furniture & classic artwork vendors. The overall market is quite cool and quiet. As a visitor, if you wish to take a little break from the hustle & bustle of the main city, then you can visit this market for having some fun shopping quietly. 

2. Deseret Industries 

Here, you can come across thousands of high-quality items that are available at amazingly, unbeatable prices. If you are lucky enough, you can find some items that might still have tags upon them. One of the best parts about shopping in the Deseret Industries is that with each purchase, you are getting to help someone else. The Deseret Industries runs a successful donation & community program under which you are able to contribute some amount for every purchase that you make at this market. 

3. West Wind’s El Rancho Swap Meet

With several things to observe & do at this high-end flea market in Nevada, there is never a dull moment here. The West Wind Public Market is one of the best places to spend your weekend when in Nevada. As a shopper, you can spend some quality time in the market walking around for several hours and checking out the different goods at El Rancho. Here, you will also be amazed at the unlimited food options that might lure in the food-lovers from across the globe. There are some special events happening around in the market all the year round. Some of the major events include Lucha Libre, Three Kings Day, and Fiestas Patrias. 

4. Madame’s Estate

You might refer to this one as a uo;hidden gem” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Madame’s Estate is one of the best and the most happening shopping places in Nevada if you are looking out for some exquisite antiques, rare artwork, collectibles, and other exclusive items from across the globe. In the current scenario, the Madame’s Estate flea shopping area offers only exclusive private viewing appointments, occasional season markets, and online purchases for the shoppers out there. However, if you happen to be a regular customer, you can hope for a retail store opening out soon in the area. 

5. Broadacres Marketplace

This is yet another popular destination in Nevada wherein you can find shopper from across the corners of the world coming up to shop something exciting and exquisite from the retail stores here. You can enjoy the immense grandeur of the Broadacres Marketplace during weekends. Located in Clark County, Nevada, the Broadacres Marketplace consists of over 1150 vendor spaces that assure the shoppers get what they want out of the shopping place. You will also be amazed by the live bands performing in the marketplace along with wide HD screens displaying famous sports & shows, food & drink stands, famous restaurants, and so more for a fun-filled shopping experience. 

6. Eastern Indoor Swapmeet

 The Easter Swapmeet is an indoor flea market located in Nevada which is a famous hunt-down shopping location for both the locals as well as for the tourists. Here, you can come across merchants from in & around Las Vegas, Nevada. The Eastern Swapmeet indoor flea market is known for offering a wide variety of items & products from worldwide at highly affordable prices. The market remains open every day, except on Tuesdays. The admission to this indoor flea market is free for all. 

7. Goodwill of Southern Nevada

Who claims that you cannot find anything cool & fun at a thrift shop? All you need to do is to just ask Macklemore. In Goodwill of Southern Nevada, you will find tons of products & items that could be purchased at highly bargained prices. As you would be shopping here for a good cause, you will always find reasons to come back to this place for shopping more. 

8. Fantastic Indoor Swapmeet

Here, you can get an everlasting shopping experience like no other in the whole of Nevada. As the name of the market implies, the uo;fantastic” marketplace is an indoor flea market and has been in operation for over 27 years until now. Here, thousands of shoppers both locals as well as tourists, flock the marketplace almost every weekend for seeing long time vendors & meeting the new ones in the market. The Fantastic Indoor Swapmeet marketplace is a great place to try & test new products. With several rows of merchants selling unique & unusual products, you might never want to leave the market. 

9. Antiques at the Market

This marketplace in Nevada is one of the best kept secrets in Las Vegas. With over 70 antique merchants & dealers in the marketplace, you will be showcased a great deal of rare or antique items from all over the world. Here, as a shopper, you can also grab some delicious bites at the local restaurants including Café and the Tea Room. 

10. Tanner’s Marketplace

The Tanner’s Marketplace is the only existing antiques & collectibles show in Reno. Operating for over 40 years, the Tanner’s event has been successful in gathering thousands of shoppers & interested individuals from across the country & worldwide. The weekend event at the Tanner’s Marketplace is usually organized around 6 times throughout the year that attracts thousands of guests from all across the region including states like California, Washington, and Oregon. 

11. Charleston Indoor Swapmeet

 This is another flea market that is aimed at supporting the local businesses that are prevalent in Charleston Boulevard in Las Vegas. The indoor marketplace in Nevada offers a great range of products & services to the shoppers here. The admission is free to the public and the marketplace is open every day, except on Tuesdays. 

12. Boulder City Flea Market

Located in Boulder City, Nevada, the Boulder City Flea Market is famous across the region. Here, you can come across some of the most famous indoor salvage market & vintage shops featuring restyled, vintage, and re-purposed merchandise for the buyers. The market is open throughout the week and is a shopping haven for those who love collecting antique & vintage items. 

13. Carson City Swapmeet

 Located in Carson City, Nevada, the Carson City Swapmeet is another famous flea market that is popular for offering a wide range of items & services at highly unbeatable prices. Right from new & old merchandise to garage sale items, souvenirs, Indian & Western items, and so more you can get it all at the Carson City Swapmeet market in Nevada. 

14. Frontier Village Flea Market

The highly popular Frontier Village Flea Market is located in Fernley, Nevada and is famous for hosting a wide plethora of items that might entice the buyers from all over. Find all your favorite items & products at highly affordable rates at this famous flea market right from new & used products to sportswear, fashion wear, jewelry, Indian trinkets, western collectibles, arts, and so more. Make the most of your shopping time by enjoying some of the local snacks & drinks at the restaurants that you will come across in this flea market. 

15. Odds and Ends Thrift Store

Located in the northern Las Vegas strip, the Odds & Ends Thrift Store, the marketplace offers the extensive collection music for sale, cassette tapes, CDs, and so more. Even when there is a particular tag on the items, the Odds & Ends Thrift Store is known for offering amazing bargains to the customers for particular goods. The operation of the marketplace is from 10 am to 7 pm. But, it might also vary at times. Therefore, it is advised to call ahead before visiting the store. 


Looking for the best shopping experience in Nevada? Visit these top flea markets located in & around Nevada that could leave you with an ethereal shopping experience like no other. Have a great time!


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