12 Best Flea Markets in New Hampshire

By Veronica Delacruz on May 31, 2018
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Apart from the picturesque landscapes and scenery, New Hampshire has many other things to leave you in complete awe! One of them is the flea markets that attracts tourists from all over the world and it is also popular among the locals. With their unique collections, gaudy colors and engaging ambience, they will surely lighten up all your senses.

Some of the flea markets in New Hampshire started decades back and they have interesting histories weaved around them which is mostly heard from the natives of the country. So when you are visiting New Hampshire you should never miss out these ten beautiful flea markets.

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1. Hollis flea market

Hollis is a small town in New Hampshire, United States, with a population of 7668. The place has several histories but it is largely known for its flea market which opens every Sunday at 7 am and closes at 4 pm. The market is about eleven miles from Manchester. So, if you are wondering to pay a visit then you better head off to 436 silver lake road, NH or you can ring them at 603-465-7813.

2. Davis Ville Flea Market

This is probably one of the oldest flea markets in New Hampshire. It started out years back and since then it has gained huge popularity. Right from the dusk till dawn a wide array of events takes place. From delightful dishes to lively music, Davis Ville Flea Market has, even more, to offer to its visitors. It is located about twenty-four miles from Manchester. To know the day's event call them at 603-746-4000.

3. Festival Flea market

Artisans from all over the world set-up stalls to sell a wide collection of accessories, handicrafts, clothes, shoes, bed sheets etc. So even if you are not a shopaholic you can’t resist yourself from buying all these glitzy stuff. Festival Flea Market is based approximately twenty-six miles from 

Manchester and it is already acclaimed as one of the best Flea Market in the United States.

4. Londonderry Flea Market

This is a seasonal outdoor flea market open from the middle of April to October only on weekends. Like other flea markets, it opens at 8 Am in the morning and closes at 3 Pm in the afternoon. Visitors and buyers get enough time to move around and check every stall that are put up with unique items. Londonderry Flea Market is strategically located in order to attract various tourists and locals. From Manchester, it takes approximately two hours or even less to reach the destination. To check their day flow you can call them at 603-883-4196.

5. Salem NH Flea Market

Salem NH Flea Market is little different from other flea markets. They sell a wide variety of products especially tools, jewellery, T-shirts and so on. The whole market is divided into outdoor and indoor section and is spread across a large area which will take a couple of hours to visit the entire place. You will bag some great items if you have good bargaining skills and yes you should stay steer clear of creepy statuettes or it will scare the hell out of you! Salem Flea market is about twenty-seven miles from the main city so it won’t be that hectic if you are planning to visit the market on weekends. The market opens at 9 am and closes at 4:30 pm on every Saturday and Sunday.

6. Shirley’s Flea Market

Shirley’s Flea Market is located at 446 Silver lake road in Hollis, New Hampshire.  It opens in the morning like other Flea markets and offers a wide range of item to the visitors. From fresh fruits and vegetables to aromatic flowers and antiques you will find everything that one can think of. Don’t be surprised if you get yourself good deals for furniture or other uncommon items. In this shopping spree state if hunger kicks in, you will get plenty of food stalls at your rescue.

7. Todd Farm Flea Market

If you are someone with an eye for intricacy then this place should be on your list. Todd Farm Flea Market is comparatively less crowded from its counterparts and you will be stunned to see some fine handcrafts and vintage objects, which you can buy to adorn your living space or study room. The products at this market are pretty reasonable and they also give you the chance to negotiate. While visiting the stalls you can munch on delicious local food. This market remains open until the last week of November. So plan according to that if you are willing to visit this place. And yes the parking is free here, so stay as long as you want!

8. Rochester Flea Market

Rochester Flea market another recommended tourist destination in New Hampshire! It is located at Milton road which is well connected to all parts of the city. So you can resort to public transports or hire a private car to reach your destination. Rochester Flea Market offers you some great collection of antique as well as classic jewellery pieces. Besides shopping, you can nibble on some tasty local cuisines. Rochester Flea market is open on Saturday and Sunday every week from 8 am to 4 pm. So head off from your place to have to a great time!

9. B’s Treasures and Flea Market

For all shopaholics, this is indeed a great news!  B’s Treasures and Flea Market is open on all days from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays and on weekends it is usually open from 10 am to 4 pm. You will probably get everything in one place. B’s Treasures and Flea Market is popular for antiques, vintage furniture, tools, sculptures, dresses and so on. I can bet, you won’t regret coming to this place to shop. But you should definitely plan a way out in case you like some furniture and want to take that home!   B’s Treasures and Flea Market is located at 679 W Swanzey Road which is about an hour ride from Manchester.

10. Boston Auctions and Antiques

Boston Auctions and Antiques is based on Andover Street, MA. It is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and remain closed on weekends and on Monday.  The flea market has some awesome collections of fishing items, antiques, bookcases, tools, fine arts, box sets and much more. They also have to mouth watery dishes to offer like mac and cheese, hot dogs, choupsey to the happy shoppers.  So dig into the delicious dishes while bagging excellent deals. Try to arrive early if you want to pick the best from others!

11. New England Amateur radio festival

It is located at Stage Road Deerfield New Hampshire. New England Amateur radio festival is also known by the name Near fest held twice a year during spring and autumn. This old-fashioned Flea market is popular among the locals of New England, Canada and New York.  The near fest flea market would surprise you with delicious foods and buying and selling of distinctive stuff.

12. The Grand Stand Flea Market

The Grand Stand Flea Market is unique for its extraordinary offerings of vintage furniture, antiques and handicrafts. You can’t take your eyes off from the intricate art works on all the antique items. So brush your negotiation skills a bit to bargain for the items you like. There is no harm if you could get something at a much reasonable price. The Grand Stand Flea Market is located in Lafayette St Rochester, New Hampshire. So if you plan to spend an entire day in the Flea Market, then call them up at 603-312-0188 to know their daily schedules.

New Hampshire has a lot to offer to its locals and tourists. So when you are travelling to the United States, keep plenty of time in your hand to visit Manchester since all the popular Flea Markets are easily accessible from that part of the city. There will be no dearth of accommodation or transportation when you are staying there. So prior to your visit plan your itinerary wisely, so that you don’t have to skip any of the major interest of that particular place.  Flea Markets are fun to explore and is a wonderful way to spend leisure time! You just have to drop in and do things that you love most. Be it shopping or tasting various cuisines, you will find yourself busy all the while.

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