12 Best Flea Markets in New Jersey

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Flea markets are a major attraction because of its rich collections of various products like clothes, shoes, accessories, antiques and so on. These are available at much cheaper price in the flea markets than what the stores offer. So it’s quite justified why people like going to these seasonal markets. Not all places have such great markets but in New Jersey, you will probably fall in love with the flea markets. You will get everything right from the handicrafts and sophisticated gift items to sumptuous food and lively music. So when you are in New Jersey, you ought to visit all these popular flea markets listed below:

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1. New Egypt Flea Market

New Jersey is widely known for its pristine beaches, blueberries and great shopping hubs. So when you are in New Jersey, you must visit New Egypt Flea Market which is one of the best flea markets at Cream Ridge. This market opens early in the morning at 7 am on every Wednesday and Sunday. This flea market houses over fifty shops and stalls where you will find rare and antique pieces to decorate your home.

2. Berlin Farmers Market

This is one of the most popular family-owned flea market in New Jersey. They started out as a livestock auction in the year 1940. Today the flea market is set across 1,50,000 sq.ft  with eight hundred stall vendors and over ninety stores.

If you are a foodie, you should head to Berlin Farmers Flea Market to munch on baked foods, fresh fruits, dairy and meat. Their stock is not limited to foods but they also sell different products like accessories, clothing, antiques and furniture and so on.

3. Collingwood Flea Market

Collingwood Flea market is located at Farmingdale, New Jersey. It opens at every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. This flea market definitely worth a visit for the tourists who are visiting for the first time. The market is spread across 60,000 sq.ft housing around 500 outdoor vendors and over one fifty indoor stalls. This market is perfect for those people who knows how to bargain to get their things. Collingwood Flea market is open all round the year and brings in a huge range of items from stationeries and tools to jewellery and antiques. You will find yourself occupied all the while as you check each and every stall in this flea market.

4. Columbus Farmers Market

Columbus Farmers Market opens early in the morning every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The business goes on in the market from dusk till dawn uninterruptedly. The flea market is easily accessible from all parts of the city and the tourists can avail public transports to reach the spot. 

The flea market offers some great collection of household items, clothing, seafood and baked foods. So if you are wondering to get mementoes for your friends and family, then pick up some unique items or figurines from this biggest and oldest flea market of Delaware Valley.

5. Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

When you are in New Jersey, you should add Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market on your list! You will spot some interesting stuff in this flea market. The market is themed on the founder Joseph Kuzemka’s who first started this flea market. His requisite love for punk rock, tattoos, art and coffee stills now gets a major importance among the visitors. Here you will find everything from vintage clothes to rare artistry. If you are an admirer of art and culture then you should check all the unusual stuff that are available in those stalls.  In conjunction with those exceptional stalls, the market is also popular for its delicious food items and live entertainment of several celebrities. Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market is organized thrice in a year with a plethora of events and functions, so before you head to this flea market we would recommend you to check their website.

6. Route 70 auction and Flea market

This flea market in New Jersey is literally a treasure trove for all shoppers. From a range of antiques and collectables, you can pick anything at a much reasonable price than other flea markets. Route 70 auction and Flea market is a family run market which is running from last 35 years and is located in a beautiful location called Lakewood. The market is stalled with six hundred outdoor vendors selling the product of various budgets and quality. It has two separate section, but the indoor stores are exceptionally good for satisfying your appetite.

7. New Meadowlands Market

New Meadowlands Market is another popular outdoor flea market located in Bergen County, New Jersey. It is open for the visitors on every Saturday from the morning and continues till the sun goes down. The flea market invites several tourists and locals all-round the year. The main attractions of the New Meadowlands Market are the wide range of food booths, takeaways, live performances and entertainment. And in case if you don’t know, they don’t charge anything for parking, which means you can spend long hours without worrying about the parking fee!  It is a great day out plan for those who are on a limited budget.

Apart from having a package of entertainment, you will get everything you can think of starting from fresh vegetable and fruits, home appliances, tools, pet goods, decors and much more.

8. Manahawkin Flea Market

Manahawkin Flea Market is located at 657 E Bay Ave, Manahawkin, New Jersey. This is perhaps located in a beautiful location and is well connected to major parts of the city. It started out decades back and now its popularity is straddling manifold. It is spread across four acres of land housing both indoor and outdoor stalls. Since last few years, it has opened its door to over eighty vendors. The indoor stores in Manahawkin Flea Market are open to the public round the year. They allow vendors to sell fresh cultivated vegetables and fruits and also figurines or any artwork. You will find plenty of attractive items in this market and that too at a very reasonable price.

9. English Town Auction

Started out over eighty years back in Manalapan Township, this family-run Flea market has got things to grab your attention! It is one of the largest and oldest Flea markets in New Jersey. With perks like no parking and entry fee, the English Town Auction is a great crowd puller! You will find everything under one roof in this market. From furniture to clothing, gifts, baked foods, kitchen and garden supplies and what not! It is indeed a perfect place to spend a lovely weekend with family. The Flea market opens at 8 am in the morning on every Saturday and Sunday.

10. Cowtown Farmers Market

Like other Fleas in New Jersey, Cowtown Farmers Market opens at 8 am in the morning on both Tuesdays and Saturdays. Cowtown Flea Market is now home to over five hundred vendors and has ample space to for indoor and outdoor stalls. If you have plans to visit, try to reach early to grab some great deals for antiques, classic goods, collectables, homemade goods, fresh fruits and so on.

11. Pacific Flea

Pacific Flea opens on every second Saturday from the month of April to October. It offers a wonderful collection of vintage items for the people who understand its value. You will find several unique stalls with rare items. Right in the morning, around 11 am the market draws in visitors and in just a couple of hours you will find the stalls fully packed and you will find people hovering here and there in search of great deals to buy rare accessories, antiques and sculptures.

12. The Grand Marketplace Flea Market

The Grand Marketplace Flea Market in New Jersey is one of the most popular and modest Flea markets. It is open from 10 am on every Thursday to Saturday and closes at 9 pm. The Flea market provides everything to its visitors from fresh foods and dairy products to antiques and vintage goods. You will hardly get a chance to complain about any of its products.

New Jersey has several key tourists’ attractions but the Flea markets have always overpowered other destinations as the visitors can buy a wide range of items at much cheaper rates from these markets. So, next time when you are visiting New Jersey don’t forget to check out all the popular Flea markets around you.  Make some time to get there and I promise you will end up loving the entire shopping experience in Fleas!

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