Best Flea Markets In New Mexico

By Veronica Delacruz on May 31, 2018
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New Mexico is the land of far-stretching deserts and pretty mountains.

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Flaunting one of the world's most scenic yet rugged terrains in the south-western province of the United States, New Mexico has emerged as a popular destination. A part of the territory is marked by the district sand dunes of the Chihuahuan Desert which is interrupted by the majesty of Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Rightly described as the "Land of Enchantment", New Mexico instills a sense of peace and serenity and questions the art of The Creator. The evening basks into the beauty of the sun melting at the horizon when the villagers sojourning at the mountain cliffs are still returning with their horses behind.  

The lanes protected by ancient houses which have survived the heat of lava and canyons, sing the songs of survival and strength. The brick churches dating back to hundreds of years behind offer an exquisite glimpse of the Indian Pueblos which has turned out to be a major tourist attraction. Visitors often fly off from far away lands to witness the beauty of the ancient cultures and traditions which still rules the native territories of this region. After capturing the glimpses of fancy cowboys and the ancient aroma of burnt bricks, tourists often take resort to the extraordinary flea markets here to buy the jaw-dropping collection of various items. Hence, here is a list of 15 best flea markets of New Mexico where you can visit to pack some memories back to home:


1. Expo New Mexico Flea Market


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On the 300 San Pedro NE, Albuquerque, sits the largest flea market of New Mexico. From 7 a.m. in the morning, every Saturday and Sunday the place overflows with visitors who indulge themselves into a rapid session of bargaining for the beautiful and unique items here. Besides, the place is also favored by tourists who want to try “horchata” and take some of the best flavors home.

2. Gallup Flea Market

Stretching far on the N. 9th Street, this huge flea market summons the visitors from all corners, to gaze on the beautiful items available here. Once here, it is almost impossible to return back empty handed. Every Saturday from 7 a.m. the entire street buzzes with the hustle-bustle of hundreds of shops. Tourists also flock here to try the “Frito Pie” dish after an exhausting day of bargaining.

3. Indoor Flea Market, Albuquerque

If you are searching for a place to escape the heat and still get the best, then waste no more time and hop into 11109 Central Avenue NE, Albuquerque. This indoor market is especially known for its collection of stunning furniture and excellent home decor items which are not just the favorite of tourists but locals alike.

4. Big Daddy’s Flea Market

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If you are running out of time and wish to jump into the market that has everything in it, then this is just the right destination for you. Located on the 5580 Bataan Memorial E, Las Cruces, Big Daddy has emerged as a one-stop hub for everything that you need. Taking place on every Saturday and Sunday from 6 a.m. in the morning, the place is also a hit because of the lip-smacking “gorditas” available here.

5. Tesuque Flea Market

On 15 Flea Market Road, Santa Fe, the Tesuque market has emerged as the perfect getaway for the art lovers. Every week from Friday to Sunday the market greets the visitors from 9 a.m. in the morning. Tourists, as well as locals, often visit the market to pick some of the best art and crafts items, beads for own personal crafting use, and exceptional items for home decorations which are hard to be found anywhere else.

6. Farmers & Crafts Market of Las Cruces

Evolved as another favorite hub for craft lovers, this stunning market at the Main Street Downtown Las Cruces, is a must visit if you are in New Mexico. The place thrives with hundreds of vendors selling jaw-dropping art and craft items, food trucks to fuel the exhausted bargainers, as well as musicians whose tunes are known to soothe your souls beyond expectations. Besides, you can also witness a bunch of farmers and artisans acknowledging the visitors with their extremely hard work. 

7. Bien Mur Indian Market Center

If you want to get a hand on the Indian crafts away from India, then Bien Mur is sure not to disappoint you. The extravagantly beautiful market is rich in all kinds of Indian art and crafts may it be the royalty of Rajasthan and Gujarat or the serenity of the northern territories. Noting the beauty of Indian art, the market has evolved with the essence of the ancestral art which is exquisitely famous in the entire world. so if you had always wanted to get a piece of Indian art but never got the opportunity to visit, then surely steer down to Bien Mur. 

8. Lotza Stuff

Located in the Ruidoso Downs area of New Mexico, this exceptional indoor market has something for every visitor. The very beautiful market is spread across two large buildings in the area and is brimming with new as well as vintage merchandise, making it one of the most favorite of the visitors here.

9. The Plaza

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Though not a flea market in true sense, The Plaza is one of the favorite hangout spots in New Mexico. Having a special mention in the National Registry of Historic Places, The Plaza is not only popular for its scenic beauty but is loaded with a fine number of ancient shops and vendors which takes you closer to the history of the place. 

10. Pecos River Antique Mall

If you are in search for a place which is rich with the vintage collection, then schedule a few hours to visit 110 S Canyon St. Carlsbad. The indoor market is especially famous for the vintage glamour one can find nowhere else in New Mexico. If you are a lover of antiquity and want to dig into the past, then this is just the right place for you. Besides, the mall is excessively clean and well-maintained which is also a reason why visitors love spending time here. 

11. Santa Fe Farmers Market

Located in the Santa Fe area, the place is mostly visited to witness the majesty of the beautiful churches which have survived the turmoil of modernity. A fine number of shops located here are known to sell plants, gardening items, books, records and items for decorations. The place is also a storehouse for lip-smacking delicacies in the heart of New Mexico. 

12. Santa Fe Society of Artists

On the popular lane of 122 W Palace Ave, just west of the historic Santa Fe Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico has evolved with this exceptional flea market which is also a popular getaway spot for the visitors here. The place is unique in its idea and probably one of its kind in the country. The visitors are allowed to personally meet and greet the artists r5esponsible for extravagant works. Their art undoubtedly finds a platform in the worldly museums and the fact that they explain how they accomplish every art, is what makes this place everyone’s favorite.

13. The Other Indoor Flea Market

Emerged as a one-stop destination for all the goods you need, the other indoor flea market is one ifs kind. With a proper parking space, this indoor market makes up for a hassle-free visit with friendly staffs. Besides, the shops are completely brimming with innumerable items to buy. From electric good to books and record, one can also find the perfect crockery and home décor items which they might have been looking for all this while. There is also a gallery where you can browse art and get closer to lively paintings. You can also buy the paintings if you want to. Altogether, This sums for a great visit.

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