12 Best Flea Markets in New York For Shopaholics

By Neha Kapoor on Nov 08, 2016
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Feeling melancholic or tired after your hectic schedules? Then there is nothing better than shopping that can uplift your mood for a better tomorrow. A good shopping spree sometimes acts like a catharsis to vent out your problems, tiffs and monotony that life keeps challenging you with. And if you are in New York for your shopping this time, believe me the city will just spoil you with its array of malls and centres that let the devil of indulgence have its full play and leave you insanely happy. While brands might find themselves clubbed together in dazzling malls of New York, it is the string of flea markets that will make you fall in love with city rather than just marques.

So here is an index of some of the best flea markets in New York that will leave you dazed with this happening city:

1. Brooklyn flea - Must visit market in New York

Flea Markets in New York 

Image source: Commons.wikimedia

Location: 1 Hanson Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11243, USA

Timings: Saturdays and Sundays: 10am to 6pm

Housing the vibe and character of New York, the Brooklyn Flea remains an essential place to visit while you are in this delightful city. The market spreads itself under the radiant sunrays during summers and snuggles under the former Williamsburg Savings Bank at One Hanson Place during the winter. By now, you must be getting impatient to know what all you can hoard here. From antique items to furniture, collectibles, trendy clothing and handmade jewelry, art, and crafts by local artisans and designers, this market spoils you with choices.

2. East 67th street market - Nicest flea markets in Manhattan


Image source: pixabay

Location: 419 E 66th St, New York, NY 10065, USA

Timings: Saturdays: 6am to 5pm

When it comes to defining the effervescent New York city, East 67th street market acts like a tradition, one that needs to be visited to understand the city better. So if you are visiting the city for first time shopping at East 67th street market is one of the best things to do in New York. Every week the 67th street market becomes enlivened with vendors, dealers and hundreds of visitors bustling and finding their way. In its huge area, you can find everything from antiques, handcrafted items, old memorabilia, vintage clothes, to delectable food items that includes fresh farm produce and baked goods. 

3. Green Flea - Oldest flea market in NYC


Image source: Newsday  

Location: 100 W 77th St, New York, NY 10024, USA

Timings: Sundays: 10am to 5:30pm

The oldest and largest market in New York City, Green Flea will offer you a romance with the local culture. As per the latest reports, the market has been completely revamped and has been rebranded as "Grand Bazaar”. Thus, there will be new vendors, trendy crafts and other alluring stuff making it one of the most coveted outdoor flea market in New York. There is something else for which you would like to visit this 1985 founded market- it continues to be the funding source for four public schools in the surrounding neighborhood making it serve its altruistic purposes.

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4. Queens International Night Market


Image source: The New York Times  

Location: Queens, NY 11368, USA

Timings: Saturdays: 6PM to Midnight

The queen of all markets, the Queens International Night Market infact acts as one of the attractions of New York alluring a lot of vendors, buyers as well as tourists. This open-air night market adds a certain zing to the vibe of the city, making it more appealing. Housing a range of international grub, art and merchandise, this market sets up the trends of the city to be adopted. There is more! From Hawaiian to Bollywood dancers, you will find everything to entertain you here.  


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5. Artists & fleas - hangout place of New York


Image source: Time Out  

Location: Williamsburg 70 North 7th St. and Chelsea Market 88 10th Ave. @ W. 15th St.

Timings: Chelsea Market: Monday to Saturday:  10AM to 9PM, Sun 10AM to 8PM, Williamsburg: Saturdays and Sundays: 10AM to 7PM

One of the most eclectic flea markets of NY, Artists & Fleas is honest to its name. From vintage items ranging from the 1950s-1990s, to downtown-cool jewels by Wicked Heathens and hats from ALIENS of BROOKLYN, this market has a certain aura, unique to its own. Art, fashion, design pertaining to both contemporary and the old world find an ample space here to showcase. Hip crowd makes it one of the best places to hangout even without the purpose of shopping. The market is set up on various locations such as Williamsburg and Chelsea Market, each of which exude a certain energy. 

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6. Lic flea and food - Weekend market in New York


Image source: QNS.com

Location: 5-25 46th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA

Timings: Saturdays and Sundays: 11am to 6pm

The lineup of Lic Flea and food market will offer you exciting deals and great shopping experience. Spread over a huge area, this weekend market remains vibrant with food and drinks, antiques, collectibles, art, crafts, and fashion. Many vendors think of it as a platform to gain unparalleled exposure from the market and all the publicity associated with it. From exotic to regional and from vintage to new, everything is on display here. Some of the best mouth mouthwatering dishes make their way to this market and then to the tummies of people.

7. Hell’s kitchen flea market - Amazing shopping experience


Image source: buildabetterburb.org  

Location: 519 9th Ave, New York, NY 10018, USA

Timings: Saturdays and Sundays: 9am to 5pm

One of the antique markets in New York, Hell’s Kitchen Market sees top-notch hagglers including fashion hunters, designers, celebs, tourists, coming to look out for antiques, vintage clothing, home decorations, ephemera, jewelry, and more. There are n number of things that will find a space in your shopping bag as you take a stroll along this market. For those looking for Oscar de la Renta and Versace, this is an ideal place to be. 

8. Bushwick flea - Small place to shop at


Image source: Bushwick Daily  

Location: 52 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA

Timings: Saturdays and Sundays: 10am to 6pm

A recently set up market, Bushwick Flea is the best place to be if you wish to avoid the crowds and indulge in some serious shopping. To add a hip vibe, there is live music every Sunday to enliven your market experience. There are many things to unravel here that include vintage clothing, one-of-a-kind tchotchkes, antique furnishings and the occasional vinyl record. For your growling hunger, there are many local specialty food stalls located on-site. This market is small yet pretty.

9. Hester street fair - Famous street market of New York


Image source: NYU Local

Location: Essex St, New York, NY 10002, USA

Timings: Saturdays: 11am to 6pm

This Grub street market is famous for its trend setting food, fashion, and design. Hester Street fair also specializes in handmade goods, artisanal food and offering space to independent businesses and artists. There is a certain dynamism that defines the contours of this market making it an ever-gleeful place. Highlights include merch from the home goods store Coming Soon, clothing by Cmy Look, and The Series.

10. Antique World and Flea Market - Vintage Shopping in New York


Image source: pixabay  

Location: 11111 Main St, Clarence, NY 14031, USA

Timings: Open 6 Days: 11am to 5pm, Closed on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays: 8am to 5pm

Antique hunters can go to any place to find their loot. So, here comes a street market that offers them an array of antique items for a vintage experience. You will also find a fair selection of toys, housewares, old postcards, jewelry, and collectibles like baseball cards. It embraces the traditional antiques trade (fine china, silver, jewellery, paintings), collectors (stamps, coins, postcards), the fast-growing vintage crowd, fans of rustic, primitive and everyday objects, and decor and design types, looking for unusual bits of furniture or quirky accent pieces.

11. Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market - cultural shopping in New York


Image source: Columbia Daily Spectator  

Location: 52 W 116th St, New York, NY 10026, USA

Timings: Daily 10am to 9pm

Looking for something different in NY city? Rest assured that Malcolm Shabazz Harlem market will offer you one of its own kind experience in cultural shopping. This market is populated with colorful and imported African items that include textiles, leather goods, oils, clothing, drums and sculptures collected from countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. Symbolic of Harlem renaissance in America, this market demonstrates African identity striving for its place in this nation. Feather earrings and wrought iron products also line the vendor’s tables. For music aficionados, there are bongo drums ranging in size, style, and price available here.  

12. Fulton Stall Market: Indoor Flea Market


Image source: pixabay  

Location: Indoor Fulton Stall Market: 207A Front St, New York, New York 10038, Outdoor Sunday Market: Water St. between Fulton St. and Beekman St.

Timings: Indoor Fulton Stall Market (Year-Round): Monday to Wednesday: 12pm to 4pm, Thursday to Friday: 12pm to 6pm, Saturday 12pm to 4pm, Sunday 11am to 5pm, Outdoor Sunday Market (Spring, Summer & Fall): Sunday 11am to 5pm

Gourmet food, farm-fresh produce and handmade crafts are some of the many reasons why you will be drawn to this colorful flea market in New York. Its weekly outdoor market operational in summer, provides an opportunity to connect neighbors with local farmers and food producers. This market also exhibits Seaport District’s art installation, "Organic: Farmers and Chefs of the Hudson Valley” by Francesco Mastalia, featuring portraits of over 100 farmers and chefs living and working in the region. Most of these artworks delineate the spirit of the farmers selling their wares at the Fulton Stall Market.

Hope this list of best flea markets in New York awakes the shopping aficionado in you!

Some of the pictures have been put in for representational purposes only.*

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