15 Best Flea Markets In Ohio

By Heena Singla on Jun 01, 2018
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It's never late for something that interests you especially shopping at any flea markets where you can get a price for all the things you want in your good and bad days. Ohio's flea market is a hub for all the 'bargain' people.

There are many flea markets open around the year, and you can pick unique stuff for you and your home. Ohio has so much to offer that you can select many things or can take away souvenirs for your loved ones.

1. The City Flea 

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It is the best flea market in Cincinnati. The market opens every month from April to December and has over Three Hundred vendors. The Washington Park of Cincinnati is flooded with people from the native as well as neighboring states. In 2011 market opened with just a few merchants but today it has 300+ vendors with goods ranging from clothing to food and everything one can ever ask. If you are good at bargaining, then this is the right place for you. You can get a handful of things on meager prices which are not usually available in markets. The markets benefit a lot of small and local businesses, particularly the small-scale handicraft industry.

2. Traders World 

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30 years ago Lebanon opened 'Traders World' market for everyday people. It is a full complex in itself having its museum, antique shops and art centers including the hanging wall American Memorabilia.

There are as many as 850 vendors inside the complex and 250 outside the complex. New vendors are adding each day for gaining business in art & craft, second-hand clothing swaps, antique handicrafts, and much more. You can even find a hair salon with various creativities.

Visit anytime you want.

3. Treasure Aisles Flea Market

It is amongst the largest flea markets. If you are the one seeking a treasure hunt, Treasure Aisles is just the place for you. Every Saturday and Sunday visitors flood the market and Hunt down their things. Formerly known as Turtle Creek, the market now hosts a large number of vendors over a 64 acre of area. It is the best market for computer games, first-edition books, and much more. You can also come here for a family day out and enjoy the time here.

4. Tiffin Flea Market

The event is not celebrated on a large scale but sees much love from its visitors in Seneca County Fairgrounds. The market is opened between April and October and visitors from all over the state and its neighbors' visit.

The market is 38 years old now and looks out for more than 250 vendors every weekend during its season. As the admission and parking are free, the market is loved by every budget friendly person. You can visit many festivals like Tiffin-Seneca County Annual Heritage Festival, and learn about art in its art and music events.

5. Holmes County Marketplace and Flea Market 

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It is situated in Berlin and is one of the best flea markets in Ohio. Since 1989, the Marketplace is gaining love. In 2008, the market shifted its pace from Walnut Creek to Holmes County (Current location). The ownership changes in 2008 but there was no change in the visitors and its unique item range reflecting regional Amish Community.

From March to December market opens every Thursday to Saturday continuously. The primary focus of the market is handmade goods and local production of the products. The market also sees the events for charity and fundraising which adds an appeal to Ohio's best Flea Market.

6. Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market

CNN and County Living Magazine named Springfield Market as America's Best Flea Market. It has been drawing people for over 40 years. It runs nine weekends in a year and has an entry of only $3. It hosts 2000 vendors and 20,000 visitors every year who gather here to witness & buy the antique material the market offers.

7. Hartville Flea Market & Marketplace

Founded in 1939, Hartville marketplace is amongst the historic places in Ohio. The initial market included vendors of eggs and livestock. Since the market saw growth in its visitors each year, it shifted to 1289 Edison St.

The marketplace has the local food second to none. The variety of stores include Children's Boutique, Food Courts, and much more.

8. Jamie’s Flea Market

A family owns the market for over 50 years. The market was started in South Amherst, and only a few vendors were showed interest for their furniture and auction house. But now it features over 200 vendors indoor and 400 vendors outdoor. More than 25000 bargain hunters visit the place. You can find here everything ranging from musical instruments to books and much more. Visit with your family and enjoy every kind of Pizza and other local culinary. 

9. Westland Flea Market

For over 20 years now it hosts more than 300 vendors. It is located near Hollywood Casino in Columbus. The market has one of the latest high-end picks for electronics. You can find here some handmade jewelry, clothes, food stalls and everything else you can ask for before being lost in the techy-paradise of Westland Flea Market. The market is open every Friday and Saturday so that you can enjoy your weekend at a budget-friendly area with more fun.

10. Four Seasons Farm & Flea Market

In the Youngstown of Ohio, the market opens every Wednesday to Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm. It is just 3 miles away from Pennsylvania border and covers over 88 sq. ft. of indoor area and 22 acres for outdoor stalls. The parking and entry are free, and visitors can enjoy local food, baked products, and more. It has been housed in the old airport and makes it the largest flea market in the area.

11. Rogers Flea Market & Auction

It is always a family day out here. The vendors cover the area as large as 5 miles. It is located in the Columbiana County hills of Ohio. Since years it has been voted as the best flea market in the region, repeatedly. Rogers Flea market sees many events throughout the year like music concerts and others year-round. The market opens every Friday throughout the year. The delicious food, Scavenger hunt, open shopping market, and much more is the reason people visit here frequently.

12. South Drive-In Theatre

The markets open every Wednesday to Sunday year-round. The South Drive-In Theatre not only has a flea market for bargain hunters but also features movie halls with latest movies, the open yard sale including playing the hit movies in Historical Theatre Building. The market houses over 200 vendors who sell local fruits & vegetables, clothes, electronics and more. Come here to make your weekend fun with small budgets. 

13. Rinky Dink Flea Market

The market opens every Friday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. New handicrafts and unique hand-crafted pieces are the major attractions. 75+ vendors sell here almost every single thing ranging from gifts to furniture for your home. The market has been self-proclaimed as Premier Flea Market. 

14. Fisher’s Flea Market

Over 27,000 sq. ft. of vendor space, Fisher's Fleamarket is located on the stunning coast of Indian Lake. There are many undiscovered gems in the market which only a bargain hunter can look for and buy. The market opens from April to September every Saturday & Sunday. If you've had enough of the market, you can visit the campsite located beside the market.

15. Hocking Hills Fleamarket


The only market having a mini golf course, Hocking Hills Flea Market opens year-round every Saturday and Sunday. It houses over 100 vendors who sell unusual gifts, collectibles, food, and more. When you are done with Spring Street Antique Mall, grab a bit at Hocking Hills food stalls. You will love the experience here.

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