12 Best Flea Markets in Pennsylvania

By Heena Singla on May 31, 2018
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The scenic panoramas, significant landmarks, and an impressive accumulation of conventional exchanges are the most common sights in Pennsylvania. You can give an entire day, and it will still be less for its exploration. Amidst everything, there are many flea markets which offer a variety of unique things. The markets are so large and vivid that it requires more than a day to explore and learn about the elements. While skimming through these fleas, you can get plenty of good stuff at a hugely discounted price. The showcases are always up for bargaining. The products of the market are unique, handcrafted, vintage, and modern. You can get some good swap-deals and discounted stuff in Pennsylvania.

The markets below are within the radius of 40-minute drive. If anyone wants to spend a day lurking around and maybe buying a thing or two, the flea markets are the best place to be.

1. Hupp's Grove Antique Market

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The market was started in 1962 amongst other flea markets in Pennsylvania. The market set-up is like a workplace having an open-air office, a clean restroom, and a proper functioning chimney. The market is opened every Saturday and Sunday amongst the lush green forest area. The market has a specific theme at scheduled times like Retro Rural, Glasses, Creature Memorabilia, and others. The assets based on ideas are never found anywhere else.

2. The Stubborn Dutchman Flea Market

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The market hosts 500 vendors in at a single time every Thursday to Sunday. The vendors have stalls indoor and outdoor with fixed dividers which makes it easy for anyone to look for the preferred items. Since the area is large, you may require an adequate time to look around and find things.

It is an ideal place for bargain hunters in Lebanon.

3. Antiques Extravaganzas

The event is carried out in Lancaster County three times in a year. The location of the Extravaganza stretches 7 miles on Route 272 in Amish Country. It is the largest flea market in Pennsylvania.

The market is open early for people and has many halts between stores. It requires two days to explore the festival and dig for the antiques thoroughly. It hosts more than 5000 traders at a single time. The products available in the market are the varieties of the postcard, witticism, toys, art & craft, antiques, and others. There is a sense of archaic energy striking all around.

4. Philly Flea

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The collection and variety of this flea market are vivid and runs through 13 discrete areas throughout the city. Philly flea runs throughout the year on every Saturday and Sunday. The market is located at 1301 S. Columbus Blvd, South Philadelphia. There is also a Kimmel Centre of Performing arts if anyone is interested in it. It has so much to offer that you may forget yourself for once and only enjoy the moments.

5. Root's Old Mill

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It was initially opened in 1983 by Lancaster County Farmers' Society. But in 2005 it was acquired by Root's Country Market & Auctin Inc., the name changed to Root's Old Mill. Since then, it is an exclusive family-run market. It hosts 175 vendors every week. The market has varied products relating to Civil War, collectibles, handicrafts, vinyl, and much more. It is opened both indoor and outdoor. Since it is open year-round, it has various food eateries.

6. Jonnet Flea Market

It operates both indoor and outdoor on the route 22 of Blairsville. Even though it is open year-round on every Saturday & Sunday between 9 am to 4 pm, you can find various strange things and some reserved antiques.

7. Willow Glen Flea Market

Every retailer in the Willow Glen Flea Market gives a variety of new creatures, bikes, playthings, and socks. The market is very unusual having eateries which include usual cakes, tacos, and chicken strips

This flea is a 25-year custom which starts every year in April and runs until November. The markets open every Sundays from 5 am to 1 pm. Willo Glen Flea Market is situated in Park Avenue, Sinking Spring.

8. Hazen Flea Market

You can find everything all that you need from latest to vintage. The market hosts more than 300 merchants every year from May to October. The market opens at 9 am to 4 pm on, and 7 am to 3 pm on Sunday.

It is located on PA-28 in Brookville.

9. Root's Old Mill Flea Market

The market is located on Graystone Road in Manheim, and it opens year-round. Every Tuesday, the market hosts more than 175 vendors who showcase their old products and sell at discounted prices.

10. Williams Grove Park Flea Market

The William Grove Flea Market is situated on Steam Engine Hill in Mechanicsburg. The market is open year-round as the area has a pleasant climate. The fair runs every Sunday from 5 am to 2 pm and is only closed on a few occasions like Easter.

11. Jake's Flea Market

In 1980, Jake Treichler began the flea showcase on Route 100 in Barto. Since the vendors and native people were very hostile, the flea became more like a family gathering for everyone including outside visitors.

Every Saturday and Sunday Jake's Flea Market is opened from 6 am to 1 pm. The club of Jake keeps all record of its visitors and improves according to the feedback yearly. The flea market has secured construction and proper restroom facilities.

12. Silver Moon Flea Market (Route 15 Flea Market)

The market is open since mid-1950's which is housed in the former theatre on route 15, Flea Market. The market opens in the mid months of the year. It is also known as 'Highway 15' Flea. The visitors can also watch and appreciate movies on large screens with eateries all around them.

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