11 Best Flea Markets in South Carolina

By Heena Singla on May 31, 2018
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Flea Markets are the ideal place to find that unique thing you had no clue you were searching for – until the point that you see it. On the off chance that you've never really gone to a flea market then you'll rapidly discover that one man's waste truly is another man's fortune. Here are 11 flea markets in South Carolina that are ideal spots for treasure chasing. From vintage finds to sustenance and espresso, these business sectors have something for everybody, regardless of whether it's only a fun place to spend the morning or evening. Works of art like the Massachusetts, brag best level furniture, while more youthful spots like Chicago's Randolph Street Market center around cutting-edge craftsmen. Across South Carolina, these 11 astonishing spots can't be beat for their assortment, excellent settings, and rich history. Here you can get all what you want, be it to fill your tummy or your house.

Regardless of whether you're hoping to discover extraordinary deals, redesign your new home, or you simply need to spend the day eating at amazing nourishment trucks and looking through a wide range of fortunes, these 11 flea markets in South Carolina are the spots to be.

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1. Barn Yard Flea Market

This enormous Flea Market is has more than 100 merchants and is open on the primary Sunday of every month from September through July ninth, 9am-3pm. Notwithstanding the shopping openings here, Flea World is more than an flea showcase. The market includes an amusement structure with carnival acts; enchantment appears, fascinating creatures and gymnastic shows which are performed at whatever point the market is in task.

2. Coastal Carolina Flea Market

The main flea market has a wide range of fortunes and an affirmation charge of $1.50. It's open each other Sunday, aside from in July and August. Bordering the flea market is Funworld, highlighting go-karts, guard pontoons, amusement carts, smaller than normal golf, 15 grown-up rides and eight kids' rides, a 250 diversion arcade, and a birthday party eatery.

3. Hwy 11 Flea Market

This generally indoor Flea Market has huge amounts of awesome collectibles, collectibles, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, from vintage lights to Ouija sheets! The market is close to an Orange Gift Store and vendors offer from 400 stalls. You can get an assortment of products including flavorful ethnic sustenance strengths.

4. The Florence Flea Market

This unfathomable flea market happens once per month, with more than 100 sellers and endless astonishing things to be found! Not exclusively does this flea market have a wide range of extraordinary collectibles and collectibles, it's within a magnificent red outbuilding! This is the first flea market of this zone and you will have the capacity to look over 400 stalls. In the event that you need to get spending plan evaluated trinkets, this is the place to discover them.

5. Laurel Bay Flea

Laurel Bay Flea has two magnificent Sunday Markets for each month with huge amounts of merchants offering furniture, knickknacks, vintage dress, carefully assembled makes, collectibles, repurposed products, thus significantly more! The end goal for any South Carolina-bound vintage sweetheart is this market.

6. North Aiken Flea Market

The North Aiken Flea Market is a huge four day occasion in Baker County with merchants and customers originating from everywhere throughout the Northwest to participate. It happens each Memorial Day, fourth of July, and Labor Day ends of the week. Try not to miss it! 

7. White Horse super Flea Market

This week after week occasion that sprawls both outside and inside the extensive building is held each Sunday at the famous and most visited lodge on white horse road. General affirmation is $1. As its name infers, you will discover new create at this market and 900 corners offering Disney keepsakes and everything else you can envision. Likewise there is a carport deal area where individuals offer their family unit garbage (instead of alternate corners which are controlled by merchants).

8. Rose City Collectors Market

This flea showcase is hung on Sundays once every month at the Airport Holiday Inn's Columbia Conference Center. Show affirmation in $2 or $5 for timely riser confirmation.

9. South Carolina Flea

This month to month market is situated at Rejuvenation and Jacobson Salt Co. at the crossing point of SE sixth and SE Salmon. Hung on the last Sunday of consistently, this flea market consolidates sellers with vintage items alongside nourishment and other handcrafted items.

10. Collectible and Collectible Show at Expo Center

Charged as one of the biggest collectible shows in the nation, this flea showcase happens three times yearly, in March, July and October. It is held at the Expo Center and affirmation is $7. A few people say that you can spare 30% by shopping in the flea markets, instead of the shopping centers of the region. This obviously relies upon what you are purchasing. In the event that you are industrious you will locate some genuine deals and have a considerable measure of fun also.

11. Everything under the sun

Situated in the cellar of the Avenue Street Station, this year round antique store clergymen a wide assortment of things from merchants on a pivoting premise. Comparable in arrangement to a flea market, this store gets a gesture because of vast and consistently changing choice of vintage products.

What can you discover in these amazing all-inclusive flea markets?

You can shop the following in these flea markets.

  • Craftsmanship works: Framed and unframed workmanship can be discovered effortlessly at flea markets. Look through the piles of workmanship, at the back of the heap, to locate the best deals. Purchase just what you totally adore and don't be hesitant to consult as craftsmanship is the most subjectively evaluated thing at a flea market.
  • Texture: Vintage textures can be copious at flea markets. Search for interesting examples to give your home a custom style. Utilize the texture to make toss cushions, bedding, seat cushions or draperies. Make certain to look at the whole bit of texture before acquiring to ensure there are no gaps or stains.
  • Bags/Trunks: Old bag and trunks can be stacked together and utilized as a side or end table in your home. While looking for a few to utilize together, don't stress over coordinating hues or styles as that can be an incomprehensible accomplishment. More imperative is to search for bags that are in great condition, are outwardly engaging, and at an absolute bottom cost.
  • Old fashioned Spools: For just dollars per piece, old fashioned spools and bobbins can be acquired at flea markets. These spools can be transformed into light bases or stacked and utilized as modest and one of a kind flame holders.
  • Table Linens: Old tablecloths and napkins arrive in a wide cluster of hues and examples. The best deals are found on things that are not some portion of a coordinated set. Utilize your imagination to make your own particular set by discovering cloths all on one shading family yet with various examples.
  • Wood Crates: Interesting old containers can be utilized as a magazine rack, or a kindling box, or be set on their side and utilized as a table. Search for cases with composing or logos painted on the sides for a touch of shading. Boxes are normally found in plenitude at flea showcases, and were made as a utilitarian thing instead of as stylistic layout, which gives you heaps of invalidation room.
  • Postcards/Maps: Postcards and maps are vivid, instructive and out and out intriguing to take a gander at. They can be grabbed up for negligible pennies at flea showcases and utilized as a part of your home. Think about surrounding postcards for modest vintage craftsmanship. Huge maps can be utilized as custom backdrop when connected to dividers.
  • Planter: Just about a vessel can be utilized as a blossom or plant pot in the garden, and the decisions at an flea market are really unending. Consider acquiring old cooking dish, serving bowls, espresso mugs, wood boxes, and different kinds of holder to be utilized for visual enthusiasm for the garden or on a patio.

Flea Markets are an extraordinary place to spend the day. You can look for a considerable length of time and experience vastly different kind of stalls that offer a wide range of things. Commonly similar merchants will be there week after week, however some of the time there are new ones that open up. They all commonly have new stock and extraordinary deals in any case.

At the point when to locate the best deals depends a bit on who you inquire. Numerous individuals will disclose to you that shop proprietors or sellers won't give deals until some other time in the day as they need to guarantee a benefit and might not have had a decent day. Others will state that the arrangements are toward the beginning of the day as they need to guarantee that they make the quantity in dollars to take care of their own costs immediately.

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