15 Best Flea Markets in South Dakota

By Veronica Delacruz on May 31, 2018
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Before starting our discussion, we thought that it would be better to start by explaining uo;what Flea markets really are?” if you haven’t been to a flea market, then you should know that a flea market is nothing but simple vicinity where a number of sellers assemble in order to sell their products. The products sold in a flea market are good as well as affordable. Flea markets are often termed as the swap meet. Different flea markets vary from each other based on the items they deal and their specialty. 

If you are in South Dakota then apart from enjoying the popular tourist attractions you can also gain the satisfaction of getting a good bargain on high-quality items at the popular flea markets in this region. The reason because of which we are literally pressing you to visit one of the South Dakota’s flea markets is because of the fact that these places have got an amazing collection of antiques and unique items that will definitely blow your mind. If you are looking forward to discovering your next vintage treasure in South Dakota then you should consider checking out the below-listed flea markets:

1. Four Seasons Flea Market 

Where: 223 Egan Ave N, Madison, SD 57042, USA 

When: 7 days a week   

Time: Monday to Friday 10am-5:30pm/ Saturday 9am-5pm/ Sunday 12pm-4pm  

Accommodating over 1000 vendors in its vicinity this large flea market is spread on two floors and all the shops of this flea market will be full of exciting and unique antiques. You can buy western tack and saddles, home furnishings, toys, glassware, plenty of tools and more from the popular Four-Season Flea Market. Note one thing that the inventory of this market is always changing therefore on your every visit you will discover new and unique items.   

2. Peddlers Market

Where: 109 9th Avenue Southwest Watertown, 57201 

When: 7 days a week 

Time: Monday to Friday 10am-6pm/Saturday 10am-5pm/ Sunday 12pm-4pm 

It is true that Peddlers Market is comparatively the newest market on this list. However, it is gaining popularity and has established itself as a local gem in the beautiful city of Watertown. You will literally find everything including an astonishing collection of home décor.   

3. I-29 Antiques & Collectibles 

Where: 46990 271st St, Exit 73, West 1/4 Mile Tea, South Dakota 

When: 7 Days a week  

Time: 9am to 5pm  

This is a business place for over 100 vendors. You can find jewelry, hunting and sporting items, vintage furniture and more at this epic and astonishing antique mall. In case if you can’t locate what, you have the desire to buy then rest assured that if you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere else. 

4. Benson’s Flea Market

Where: Expo Building, W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 

When: The First full weekend of every month from September to April  

Time: Saturday 9am to 5pm/ Sunday 11am to 4pm

You will find everything that you can expect to find in a Flea Market at Benson’s Flea Market. Apart from offering unforgettable and exiting hours of shopping entertainment this place also caters nostalgic experience which will bring back memories of your childhood. You will find here antiques as well as new items. Every month, this place features about 90-140 exhibitors. Every time you visit this flea market, you will find all the variety to be exciting and fresh. Some of the common things that you can buy from Benson’s Flea Market include books, tastefully simple, vintage jeweler, Mary Kay, Scentsy Candles, antiques, Nascar, furniture and more.  

5. Main Street Flea Market

Where: 216 S. Main Street 57401 Aberdeen, South Dakota 

When: Monday to Saturday (Sunday closed) 

Time: Monday to Friday 10am-5:30pm/Saturday 10am-5pm

If you love bargaining and have a desire to feel the shopping rush, then we would suggest you explore the unbeatable deals available on antiques at the Main Street Flea Market. You can find treasure year around at this great place and in addition to that the vendors at this flea market are creative and have good antique collections.  

6. Yankton Antique Warehouse

Where: 102 W 3rd St, Yankton, SD 57078, USA

When: 6 days a week (Wednesday closed)

Time: 10am to 5pm   

Yankton Antique Warehouse is a popular flea market in South Dakota and is one of the best places where you can find priced-to-sell antiques related to farm. This flea market is popular amongst locals as well as tourists. If you are in search of farm-related antiques, then you should definitely visit Yankton Antique Warehouse. 

7. Vintage Market 

Where: 123 N 3rd St 57004 Beresford, South Dakota

When: opens every weekend 

Time: 8 am to 3 pm

If you are on a trip to downtown Beresford, then you must visit the famous Vintage Market. This impressive flea market features 70 vendors, and all the vendors update their inventory, or you can say booths every week. This place is popular among locals and tourists because of high-quality homemade arts and crafts and impeccable customer service.  

8. Top Notch Flea Market 

Where: 3308 S Lincoln Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105, USA

When: 7 days a week 

Time: Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm/ Sunday 12pm-5pm 

You will realize that the name of this flea market stays true to the character of this place just by having a look at the beautiful and breathtaking collection of antiques. The antique collection here is updated on a regular basis therefore on your every visit you will find the new collection. 

9. Nesmith Ave Flea Market

Where: 217 N Nesmith Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57103, USA

When: 7 days a week  

Time: Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm/ Sunday 1pm-3pm 

Nesmith Ave Flea Market is quite popular among locals as apart from selling antique items this place also offers home goods and electronic items. Rest assured if you are in the locality and visiting Nesmith Ave Flea Market then you will surely come out of this great place with big packages. 

10. Faby’s Flea Market 

Where: 1922 Dakota Ave, Dakota City, NE 68731, USA

When: Monday to Saturday 

Time: 10am to 8pm 

Offering a wide variety of articles, the popular Faby’s Flea Market is one of the best one-stop Flea markets. The best thing about this place is that they have a great collection and in addition to that all the items available here are reasonably priced. You should visit this amazing flea market in order to enjoy the quirky and affordable shopping experience. 

11. Uptown Flea Market

Where: 125 E Kemp Ave, Watertown, SD 57201, USA

When: Thursday to Sunday 

Time: 8am to 5pm 

The popular Uptown Flea Market is spread in the three stories of a historic building in the beautiful Downtown Watertown SD. There are numerous booths in the vicinity which are rented by antique dealers and individuals. This place offers a wide variety of items and antiques to customers. If you are looking for antiques, collectibles or other interesting items, then we would suggest you to visit this place.  

12. ABR Antiques Mall 

Where: 46304 Kelsey Dr, Hartford, SD 57033, USA

When: 7 days a week 

Time: Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm/ Sunday 12pm-5pm 

Spread over an area of 8,000 sq. ft the ABR Antiques Mall isn’t only for shopping antiques and collectables but in addition to that this place also offers a great place to hang out with family and friends. You can also enjoy camping in the beautiful natural setting. Offering great products and antiques since 2004, ABR Antiques Mall will surely have the things that will interest you.

13. Picker Flea Market Antique and Collectable Mall

Where: 27102 Albers Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57108, USA

When: 7 days a week

Time: 9 am to 6 pm 

The unique Picker Flea Market Antique and Collectable Mall is popular among locals as well as tourists because of the wide array of items and antiques that this place has got to offer. You will feel the thrill of the hunt in this mall as you will never know what you will find in the impressive collection that might tickle your interest. The collection here is regularly updated; therefore, you will always find something new and exciting in Picker Flea Market Antique and Collectable Mall.     

14. Dell’s Flea Market 

Where: 712 East 6th Street Dell Rapids, SD 57022

When: Tuesday to Saturday 

Time: 12pm to 6pm 

If you are near Dell Rapids and you have interest in collecting antiques or buying hard to find collectibles then consider visiting Dell’s Flea Market. Here you will find unique products that too at an unbeatable price. The collection of this flea market is regularly updated; therefore, rest assured you will surely find the items that will tickle your interest.  

15. Creekside Flea Market 

Where: 1109 Creek Drive Rapid City, South Dakota, 57703

When: On weekends 

Time: 8am to 5pm 

If you have a desire to enjoy fun laden and exciting shopping experience, then you should consider visiting Creekside Flea market. You will find must-have essentials, hard to find collectibles, toys, treasures, tools, furniture, housewares, antiques, and more at this great place. Apart from breathtaking items, you will also get to enjoy awesome deals and discounts.

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