15 Best Flea Markets In Virginia

By Veronica Delacruz on May 31, 2018
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 Virginia- Where earth feels like heaven, again! 

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Graciously decorated lanes that divide the valleys teeming with life and mountains that overflow with snaking rivers and crystal lakes, Virginia, is where love resides. Peace and love. Two words which when touched together speak about nothing but rejuvenation, and this is exactly what Virginia is. Kissing both the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains, it blushes along the Southeastern territories and the Mid-Atlantic shores and shines brightly as the Commonwealth of the United States. Rich in history, beaches and mountains, Virginia stands as a tough competitor, summoning love from the corners of the earth. Known as the "Old Dominion" in the burnt pages of history, Virginia was primarily recognized as a colonial hub for English, giving birth to a total of eight Presidents in America which is why it is also referred to as the "Mother of Presidents". Hence, enclosing the terrains of mountains and the beauty of heavy water ridges that drain gold into the Bays and extracts administrators out of it, Virginia, is where America was born in true essence.

Virginia is a dream to many, and it waits for the visitors like a mother does for her child. Summoning the adventurers as well as the nature lovers, it has henceforth emerged with innumerable places famous for their unique and explicit beauties. However, when talking about Virginia, one thing that deters to leave the room of memories is the scenic flea markets, which it is especially famous for. Hence, to make your journey memorable, let us list down the 15 best flea markets in Virginia and why people are so crazy about them.

1. The Shen-Valley Flea Market 

One of the largest Virginian markets, the Shen-Valley flea market is the life of Virginia studding the streets of Double Tollgate at White Post, every weekend. It had evolved back in 1985 and was known as the Clarke County flea market with a handful of shops to serve the English colonials in the locality. However, the market has presently spread its wings to enclose more than 300 shops over the decades. Such is the grace of Shen-Valley, that it summons thrifty bargainers from as far as Florida every weekend. Brimming with shops and outdoor stalls, it has everything from antiques to decoratives as well as baked food to lip-smacking delights, covering the entire span of which might easily take an entire day!  

2. The Virginia Bazaar 

Across the broader side of the Ruther Glen is situated this huge flea market of Virginia Bazaar, which stands as a treat to the eyes. On both days of the weekend, visitors are welcomed to get a hand on the local textiles which unfathomably accentuates the glamour of every beholder. Besides the antiques and the stationaries that unfold history, an excellent hall has been carved out for the tourists to indulge in their favorite cuisine and continental dishes. 

3. The Jefferson Flea Market

Tourists are often seen to flock to the prestigious Jefferson Market which is known as the one-stop hub for every kind of collectibles. Furnished with hundreds of stalls which are visited by uncountable heads, Jefferson blows life into the Newport News area every week from Thursday to Sunday. From BMX bike building to mobile shops, custom tees to computer repairing centers and coin shops to herbal medicines, Jefferson is rightly one of the major flea markets in Virginia. 

4. Shenandoah Valley Flea Market 

Located in the Old Valley Pike region, the Shenandoah Market is a place of regular hustle throughout the year. The market is the storehouse of books, records, comics, kitchen, home decor, glassware, gardening, kids-toys and a lot more than you can imagine. If lucky enough, tourists might also hop into stunning events like "Yard Crawl" which invites thousands of vendors from across the world, stretching it to as long as 40 miles of distance. 

5. Craft Cville

Also known as the FleaVILLE, this exceptional market is Charlottesville’s icing on the cake of Virginia. The market often hops around the area at regular intervals and has ravishingly crafted pieces of antiques, homewares, jewelry, paintings and many more. To know about the location of this specific market, tourists are requested to follow up to the site mentioned below. 

6. The Factory Antique Mall 

Enclosing a total area of 1,21,000 sq.ft., the Factory Antique Mall located in the Shenandoah Valley is known as the largest in entire America. Except for Sundays, people from all over the world mandatorily visit this huge gallery of antiques from 10 a.m every day and return back to their homes with polished furniture or tokens of antiquity. 

7. Warren County Fairgrounds 

The Warren County Fairgrounds Antiques & Collectibles Flea Market welcomes visitors every Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. in the morning. Probably known as the busiest flea market, it has greater chunks of CDs, DVDs, electric and leather goods and is also a profitable hub for wearables and accessories of every kind. 

8. Supreme Flea Market

With more than 30 vendors that sell both fresh and secondhand charms of antiquity, this vintage flea market is the pride of Richmond, Virginia. Besides the ravishing collection of historical tokens, one might also stumble upon the newest additions collected from the house of ex-English personnel, in this unique colony of Virginia. 

9. Lake County Indoor Flea Market 

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Located at the Peterson Road, Grayslake, this flattering market is large enough to accommodate everything from cameras to furniture, books to Christmas shops, glassware to vinyl wraps, and many more year-round collectives. Teeming with shops and vendors regularly from Wednesday to Sunday, tourists often spend an entire day grasping in the scenic views after bag full of bargained victories. 

10. Arlington Civitan Flea Market

Known as the oldest in Virginia, this explicit market decorates Arlington on the first Saturday of every month. Keeping the ambiance of ancient Virginia intact, the Arlington Civitan Flea Market has emerged as a storehouse of vintage toys, electric goods, jewelry, books, handmade crafts, and gifts, etc. However, this family treat can be enjoyed only between the months of April and November. 

11. Reston’s Indie Arts Market  

Garnishing the streets of Lake Anne Plaza from May to November, this flea market summons vendors on every Saturday from across the globe. People mostly flock here to pick up the best organic skincare products and handmade crafts and decor at the cheapest price in Virginia. 

12. Stagecoach Flea Market

This unique market, stalled up every weekend in Gloucester, is a treasure trove for history divers. From the rarest junks to vintage art and paintings, the place leaves every history lover loaded with uncountable antiques from the 150 vintage stalls available here. Besides, visitors might also come across unique gardening accessories, car equipment as well as electric tools and many more. 

13. The Flea Market, Edinburg

One of the smallest flea markets in Virginia, this place is the last resort for all kinds of gardening accessories. Besides, it is also a hub for home decors, glassware, and crockery, the quality of which happens to be the favorite of the locals here. Apart from flattering lightings available in the local shops, one can also find handmade crafts to adorn in their collection. 

14. Hillsville Flea Market

Standing proud in the Stuart Drive, Hillsville, this flea market is solely famous for vintage style Christmas garment, organic tokens from Silver Maples Farm, Turkish oils and herbal tea and is the last call for locals as well as tourists alike.

15. Massaponax Flea Market  

One of the very small flea markets in Virginia, Massaponax is a gem in Jefferson Davis, Hwy, Fredericksburg. Also the oldest, it summons regular buzz of hundreds, punctually from 8 a.m. in the morning. Tourists mostly flock here to witness the rich heritage which is stored in the form of pristinely beautiful original art from vintage artists.

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