15 Best Flea Markets In Washington

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 Washington: The state where mountains kiss the sea! 

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Of hazy horizon and misty coastline messing at the foothills of mighty mountain ranges guarding the beauty of contrasting nature, Washington is sure to tease with love! Washington is just the perfect gift of technology and progression thriving blue in the capital city of Seattle and guarded by pillars of the Cascade Mountains, and greenery of Puget Sound islands. Blooming day by day in the Pacific Northwest, it has glorious beauty restored in the east, also excelling in science secretly in cities like Olympia, Bellingham, and Spokane. The eclectic aura of such interjection studded with historical monuments and museums like a gem is what makes every visit special to its land.  

Visitors often cherish the memories of their visit with exhilarating collectibles which they victoriously win after rapid bargaining from the flattering flea markets present here.

Hence, here is a list of 15 best flea markets in Washington where you should surely take a visit:

1. Spare Room Flea Market 

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Occupying a smaller space in 1215 WA 532, Camano Island, this market has exceptionally evolved in a shopping mall style and is facilitated with both indoor and outdoor shopping stalls. Besides possessing the regular collectibles like furniture, gardening accessories, decorations, crockeries, books, etc., Spare Room also runs specific workshops which teaches the art of crafts and creativities to the individuals who are really interested.

2. Packwood Flea Market 

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Started with a few stalls in 104, Snyder Road, Packwood, this flea market has rolled up to miles on the present day. Every week from Thursday to Sunday, tourists from several places are seen to flock to the flea and indulge into rapid bargaining from dusk to dawn and spend an exhausting day hopping between hundreds of shopping corners and food stalls.

3. Pasco Flea Market

This open-air market in 3620 East Louis Street, Pasco, is the largest in Washington with over 600 shops to choose from. The market freely welcomes every tourist from 10 a.m. on Saturdays, whereas charges $1 for every visitor above 10 years old, on Sundays from 6 a.m. With such huge number of vendors and food stalls, this has emerged as a popular getaway for a day's trip to many tourists. 

4. Olympia Flea Marke 

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In 210 Thurston Ave NE, Olympia, lies this exquisite treasure trove which is an 8000 sq. ft. of sheer joy to visitors and locals alike. Any visitor stepping inside the premises surely suffers from an utter confusion of what to buy and what to not. A number of stores are loaded with accessories, wearables, junks and trendy items whereas a majority of them brims with antiques, home decors, furniture, books, records and many more. 

5. Fremont Sunday Flea Market 

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With more than 200 shops in store, this flea market in 3401 Evanston, Ave N, Seattle is a must visit for tourists visiting Seattle. Exceptionally famous for its pet-friendly ambiance and lip-smacking street foods, even the locals make it a point to visit it once in a year. People either return back with accessories, clothing, crafts and handmade gifts or prefer shaking a leg in the bars and clubs found here. 

6. Treasure Harbor Flea Market

Stretching up to 7000 sq. ft. area, this popular flea market is the favorite hangout colony for tourists who want to soak into stunning scenery. The exceptional view at the backdrop, along with numerous indoor and outdoor shops as well as an array of food trucks make up for the perfect weekend getaway every week. 

7. Seattle Antiques Market 

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Spanning a total of 6000 sqft area, in 1400 Alaskan Way, Seattle on the other side of Seattle Aquarium lies the treat for every antique lover. From furniture to raw art and historical coins to necessities dating far back to the 18th and 19th century, this is an exceptional place for everyone who is willing to dive into the past and unravel the history of America. 

8. Pike Place Market

Right across the Elliot Bay in Seattle, this sophisticated piece of land carries the ambiance of history. With a range of permanent stalls and shopping malls, the place happens to be a favorite hangout spot for the locals as well as tourists. Except for the Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, the vendors greet the visitors with fresh seafood and tempting handcrafts and collectibles throughout the year. 

9. A Very Vintage Market 

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Along the 28th Ave NE Seattle, this unique once a month flea market shines brightly in the heart of the city. Loaded with jaw-dropping collections from more than 40 sellers, tourists often indulge in bargaining for new as well as upcycled valuables, by paying a minimum of $3 entry fare, which is worth every penny. 

10. SODO Flea Market

Booking every 2nd Saturday of the month occurs a gala flea in 2322 Utah Ave S. The SODO remains a popular hub for visitors who are in search for Rejuvenation and Atlas Vintage to load their cubicles with. Apart from this, one can also find a stunning painting or a picture from the past, as well as showpieces and furniture for personal keeping. 

11. Apple Annie Antique Gallery

A treat for the hunters of antiquity, the Apple Annie Gallery is a treasure trove of vintage collection. Anyone who is willing to dive into the past of Washington makes sure to pay a visit in this flea market at least once! However, if you are someone who is out for some fun, then worry not! The place is thriving with 200 more shops selling a range of embodiment from accessories to clothing, records, kitchenette, and many more. Oak furniture dating back to the colonial era, extremely delicious native flavors and ancient art of pottery, is what makes the Annie Antique most famous. 

12. 2nd Saturday Market 

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Situated in the Magnuson Park area of Seattle, this flea market in Washington gives a hearty welcome to all tourists only on the 2nd Saturday of every month. The flea is organized and maintained by a group of people recognized as the "Junk Tribe" who have always strived towards making the flea a hit. From mystic chart readers to pretty gaming stations, as well as a whole lot of handmade junk can be spotted in the stalls here. There are special stalls for visitors who would want to fuel themselves with mouthwatering delicacies and relax in the well-equipped parlors here. 

13. Penny Lane Antique Mall 

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Occupying the busy alleys of Bellingham, the Penny Lane Antique Mall is also one of the favorite hangout spots for tourists. Ever since 1990, the market, with a total of 40 shops, is known to serve people between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. Though small, the shops are loaded with every kind of necessity from rare vintage art and decor to antique books, newest editions, handmade jewelry, crockery, and many more. 

14. Funky Junk Northwest

Witness the fascinating creativity of the locals here in all of the 50 shops stalled up in the Bellevue region of Washington. Locate the extraordinary beauty of the stunning handmade decor items made by recycling the usual products spotted around the corner. Besides, the market is also famous for the decorative furniture available here. 

15. Junk Drunk Flea Market 

Organized by the well-known troop of "Forget Me Not", Junk Drunk is not exactly a flea market but is a magnetic concert or event that pulls people from the entire world. Visitors are seen to flock to this week-long flea event every year which calls for a gala occasion altogether. From junk to jewelry and art to artillery, retro to vintage visitors surely gets whatever they are looking for. Believe it or not, the Junk Drunk is never going to disappoint you.

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