10 Best Delicious Food Festivals In The World

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During the pre-historic times, food was just something that man ate to keep his heart beating. However, the scenario has changed a lot today. Food has achieved the status of an exotic art and science. Do you agree that the best part about being human is being able to devour delicious food?! If yes, this blog is for you! This world is a wondrous place, especially for food lovers.

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There are several food festivals in the world that will leave your belly full and your taste buds dancing! Some festivals have strong historic roots while some are budding but no doubt each and every festival is delightfully delicious. Numerous countries across the world celebrate food in different ways.

 1. Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

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Considered to be a hallmark event of Victoria, the beginning of Melbourne Food & Wine Festival dates back to 1993. The main motive behind this not-for-profit festival is to promote the exemplary food & wine culture of Victoria and Melbourne as well as to promote talent, produce and the lifestyle of the city. Some remarkable events at this festival include Langham Melbourne Masterclass and World’s Longest Lunch, Cellar Door at South Gate. The festival is usually held in March. It is revered as one of the best food festivals in the world. While you are there don't forget to visit these best places to eat in Melbourne.

2. Mid Autumn Festival, China

This is a harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese especially in full vigour. The earliest celebration of this festival dates back to 10th century BCE.  Mainlad China has listed this amazing festival in the list of intangible cultural heritage in 2006. It is a public holiday in China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In the Vietnamese culture, this festival commands second place in most important holiday traditions.  The festival gets its name from the time of its celebration that is during mid-autumn (between September and October).  It is also known as the moon festival as it was celebrated as a thanks giving to the moon by the Chinese people. The moon cake is the special delicacy for this festival.

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3. Pizzafest, Italy

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If you are a crazy pizza lover, there is no way that you should miss this amazing festival. This pizzafest is as grand as it gets. This fair takes place in Naples every year for 5-7 days usually in September. The first pizza day was held in 1995 with the backdrop of Maschio Angioino and since then there has been no looking back. The highlight of this festival is the incredible cook-off between most famous pizzeria from across the globe and a renowned local pizzaioli,. People can sit and taste different pizzas at the tables set up here. At the end of the week, the best pizza is declared after taking into account the opinions of the people who tasted the pizza at the pizzafest.

4. Maslenitsa Pancake Festival

This festival is also known as the Butter Week, Crepe Week and Cheesefare Week. There is archaeological evidence that this festival dates back to 2nd Century AD, making it the oldest surviving Slavic Holiday. Originally being a holiday based on religious grounds, during this week of Maslenitsa, meat is forbidden and it is the last week to eat dairy products for orthodox christians  and hence the fare of pancakes, cheese, etc. There are many stories behind the celebration of the festival, some say it is celebrated as remembrance of the dead. Highlight events include fun games, puppet shows, feats, etc. Undoubtedly the oldest food festival in the world. 

5. Salon du Chocolat Festival, France

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The second half of October is probably the best time to be in France as the yummilicious Chocolate Fest is held here during this time.  This chocolate-y festival was started in 1993. Both young ones and adults have a lot to be starry eyed about as there are several exciting demos by Chefs, workshops for children and adults, live performances, conferences, etc. This festival sees participation from many cocoa producing countries.  As many as 250 stalls present products from different countries here.

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6. Oktoberfest, Germany

Who doesn’t know about Oktoberfest right? It is one of the most famous food festivals around the world. This 16-day festival held in Munich , is the ultimate celebration of beer.  As the name suggests the Oktoberfest begins in the late September and goes on until the first week of October. The origins of this festival dates back to 1810.  Highlight events of this festival include Beer barrel tapping, costume & rifleman parade, etc.

7. Savour, Singapore

If there is a list of food festivals in front of you and you ony get to choose one, choose Savour. The culinary journey offered by Savour is touted as one of the world’s best food festival.  At Savour, you can create your own tasting trail and choose from more than 50 award winning signature dishes such as Mark Best's Parmesan Gnocchi, Hong Kong Michelin genius Alvin Leung's 'Xiao Long Bao' and French chef Alain Passard’s super-famous ‘hot-cold egg’. Apart from this you can visit the gourmet market and learn from star chefs. Savour is a relatively new festival and 2016 will be its 5th year. Usually the festival is spread out over May, September & November.

8. Thai Pongal, Sri Lanka

This four-day festival is usually celebrated in January by the worldwide Tamil community, especially in India Sri Lanka. Thai Pongal corresponds with Makar Sankranti which is a harvest festival celebrated all over India. During this festival family decorate their homes, get together, gifting, feasting, etc. The festival has been passed down from generations to generations.

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9. Maine Lobster Festival

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This festival is held in the honour of the state’s main export Lobster. The festival that began in 1947 and takes place during the first weekend of August from Wednesday to Sunday.  The festival attracts visitors from Asia and Europe.The highlights of this festival include local lobster dinners, cooking contests, renowned entertainers, carnival rides, etc. Being a non-profit organization, the Maine Lobster Festival donates all proceedings back to the Midcoast Maine communities each year.

10. Humungus Fungus Fest

This wonderfully weird festival is celebrated in Michigan, USA and is probably the only one that celebrates Mushrooms, and a rather humungous one to be specific a Armillaria gallica fungus colony that stretches across 37 acres, weighs in at 21,000 lbs aged around 1,500 years old. During the 3 days of the festival, revelers enjoy hearty pancake breakfast, volleyball and golf tournaments, Fungus Fest Parade, Pie Eating contests, etc and ofcourse the making and devouring of the humungous 10 by 10 ft pizza! Tops the list of the unusual food festivals in the world.

Pheew! So much food, so little time!

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