Top 10 Food Trucks In Los Angeles

By Niraj Kakade on Aug 04, 2016
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Who doesn’t like comfort food? Pair that up with cheap prices and healthy menu what more can you ask for in life? Today we are going to take you all over LA to find the best fast food truck. So hop along on our delicious journey!

1) Kogi BBQ

No food trucks list should start that doesn't include The Kogi BBQ truck. It has been a staple of the Fast Food truck in LA for years. Mainly founded to quench midnight cravings on thanksgiving the Kogi BBQ now serves delicious Korean BBQ for just around $2! 
What to order - Spicy Pork Tacos, Kimchi Quesadillas, Short Rib Sliders.

2) The Lobos Truck

Are you in a mood for a good old fashioned Burger? You don't need to look anywhere else than The Lobos Truck. This is the go-to place for pure American comfort food ranging from a Burger to Mac cheese. And if you're feeling bit experimental you can always try their fusion of Waffle fries with Nacho toppings knows as the 'The Wachos'.
What to order - The Wachos with the signature angel sauce or if you have a sweet tooth it is highly recommended by the foodie circle to opt for the Caramel Bacon Brownie

3) Del Solar Fish Taco Truck

Keeping on track with our experimental comfort food list it'll be a cardinal sin not to include Del Solar's Fish Taco Truck. Not only it has the best fish tacos around, they only serve 100% fresh food. 
What to order - Their famous Fish & shrimp tacos

4) Plant food for People

On the drive to become a 100% vegan fast food truck in Los Angeles, PFFP not only serves the tastiest but also the healthiest fast food. Founded in 2011 due to the lack of healthy and tasty vegan options it aims towards changing the face of vegan fast food industry.
What to order - Pico de Gello, Chipotle Mayo or the spicy New Mexico Hot Chile

5) The Grilled Cheese Truck

Already established in 5 major cities this truck of yummy cheesy deliciousness was started in LA in 2009 by veteran chef Dave Danhi. This multiple award-winning truck boast a menu of cheesy delicious goodness with superb service. You can customize your order with stuffings like French Onion, Mac & Cheese, BBQ Pork and much more!
What to order - Cheesy Mac Melt with pulled pork and caramelized onions. 

6) Lobsta Truck

Nothing is better in life than having some delicious Lobster for dinner. And it's even better when it's cheap. The freshly served lobster comes all the way from New England daily. Their signature Lobsta Rolls cooked with buttery goodness and served with mayo will please your taste buds. 
What to order - Lobsta Roll with butter or Mayo, Crab rolls, Cape Cod chips and some freshly squeezed lemonade to water it down with.

7) Wafl Truck

Getting tired of eating tacos and burgers? Want to treat your sweet tooth? Drive down to the Wafl truck. A wide selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner will await you. The delicious Morning glory or The Ice Cream sandwich will devour your hunger in no time! 
What to order - The Classic which consists of a Nutella waffle tucked with fresh fruits or The Bacon which consist of grilled applewood smoked canon strips with Swiss cheese and Wafl fill sauce. 

8) Ta Bom Truck

You don't have to go to Rio de Janeiro to try authentic Brazilian street food, as this truck comes straight from the streets of Brazil serving delicious original Brazilian food whose names are too hard to pronounce. Their extensive menu will leave your taste buds begging for more beef-filled pastel or a linguica frista. You can finish your lunch with the deliciously dense Fudgy Brigadeiro. 
What to order - The Hamburgao or The Coxinha 

9) Coolhaus Truck

Summers in LA can be brutal. But what better way to cool off than eating an ice cream sandwich at the coolhaus truck? It is also one of the few trucks who serve authentic dairy products. They offer unique blend of ice cream combinations made to perfection. Due to the rising popularity, these odd looking silver trucks have now expanded to multiple cities. 
What to order - Nutella Chocolate chip or the Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich 

10) Urban Oven

Who doesn't love a hot pizza from a wood-burning oven? Well, this truck carries an actual wood-fire oven inside it. But the big bulky truck pushes out uncompromisingly delicious wood fired Pizzas out of it's windows. They are served in less than 5 minutes. Pizza connoisseurs all over the city rave about the amazing crust of their pizzas.
What to order - Go for the famous The Margherita Pizza
Don’t forget to try out these foodgasmic dishes and if you know any other scintillating food trucks be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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