Best Gifts for Valentines Day in San Francisco

valentines day gifts from San Francisco

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It’s been said time and again that no number of gifts can ever replace that feeling of being love with the right person at the right time. But hey! It’s Valentine’s Day and a perfect opportunity to shower your beloved with gifts that are more than just cards and ‘I love you’ 

Before you seal it off with a kiss, here are some of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day in San Francisco that will guarantee a lifelong mush!

1. Chocolates from Poco Dolce

Hand-crafted chocolate bars and seasonal truffles will take your romance to a new high! San Francisco’s long-standing romance with chocolate dates back to the mid-nineteenth century when Domingo Ghirardelli opened a chocolate shop here. Some of the best places to pick chocolate in SF for your beloved are Dandelion Chocolate, XOX Truffles, and Poco Dolce.

2. Indulgent Teas from Numi’s

Innovating and indulgent teas make for a perfect gift for your health-conscious better half! Numi’s teas are a perfect blend of many intermingling flavours like mint, citrus, cocoa, and of course pu'er tea. Pick up a gift bag from their store in Oakland. 

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3. Sensual jewellery from Crave Vibrators and Jewellery

Crave is known to bring some of the most sensual jewellery to the market. Stylish and sleek toys are quite a hit at this store. Their ‘classy-as-hell’ pleasure products make for a perfect valentine gift.

4. Books from Kepler’s Books

He sure looks cute with those geeky glasses on, but a gift from Kepler’s Books will get his literary taste buds aroused for real.  A Menlo Park landmark, Kepler’s is an excellent bookstore where you can buy him the book he craves. 

5. Surprise gift from Bulgari

This legendary Italian luxury house markets several indulgent products like fine jewellery, watches, fragrances, accessories, and even hotels. Bulgari’s Union Square boutique is iconic with some of the finest pieces of coloured gemstones in the market. Surprise her with an eye-popping piece this Valentine’s Day.  

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6. Flowers from Farmgirl Flowers

From classic to exotic blooms, you can never go wrong with the flowers. An arrangement of seasonal tulips, or a Pixley bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers will only get her ready for what lies ahead. Couple it up with a doughnut, or a brownie and kick start the most romantic evening of your life.  

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7. Sports merchandise from San Francisco Giants

You known how crazy guys can be about their favourite sport! If the Giants are his favourite, he will love them as much as he loves you, there is no denying that. Surprise him with the authentic Giants gear from the San Francisco Giants Official Shop. Trust us, he will not forget this for a long time. 

8. A brown bag from Macy’s – Duh!

Retail giant Macy’s has a store smack in the middle of downtown SF! Home to ‘just about everything your guy needs’, Macy’s has fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, homeware, boy-toys, and the list goes on. The Macy’s big brown bag is sure to get him excited! 

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9. Gift bag from Glassybaby

Their handmade glass votive, Glassybaby glasses are beautiful and make for a perfect gift for any occasion. The glasses come in more than 400 colours and each one of them have a unique name like hope, joy, and wings among many others. You can even take you special someone for a glassblowing class at their San Francisco store. 

10. DIY at WorkshopSF

Engage her in the world of craft, art, and design by taking her for a DIY class at WorkshopSF. If she is a candle person, she will have a gala time making a custom scented candle. Later, you can buy her a nice set of candles which you can light up during a romantic dinner at home.

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11. Get a puppy from SF SPCA

Let her know that you are in this for a lifetime to come by adopting a pup together. Provide a loving home to a young pooch and bring home a basketful of happiness. The look in her eyes when she sees the new family member would be unparalleled, that we promise! 

12. Hot air balloon ride over the Napa Valley

Riding into the sunrise is one of the most romantic ways to express your love. A hot air balloon ride over the lush Napa Valley, followed by a post flight champagne breakfast will surely make her go weak in the knees. 

Of course, nothing can ever replace your love for each other, but these gift ideas would surely make your valentine feel extra special.

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