Top 10 Hidden Gardens In London

By Reshma Dewda on Jan 08, 2019
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Whether you are looking for a quiet place to have your lunch or want a serene ambience for a few meditative breaths, London has a number of hidden gardens that very few people know about. 
These secret gardens offer the much needed respite from the chaos of city life. From verdant vintage parks to leafy nooks, here are favorite hidden gardens in London -

1. Phoenix Garden

Image Source: Uri Baruchin/

Where: 21 Stacey St, London, Greater London WC2H 8DG
Run by local residents and volunteers, this petit garden reflects the love of this community abundantly. A gorgeous leafy space, you’ll have frogs and pretty ladybugs for company at this alleyway surprise. Their agricultural shows have become quite a hit amongst city slickers especially as they provide a stark contrast to the choc-o-bloc concrete of the West End.

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2. Skip Garden

Where: Tapper Walk, Camden N1C 4AQ
Wildflowers, vegetables and herbs bask in their healthy glow at this community garden that was started as a moveable garden in skips. Its endearing and reassuring to see how this garden uses all kinds of recycled materials that form a weird but charming picture. The adjoining Skip Garden Kitchen is a darling place where you can sample the produce and revel in the pretty picture surrounding you.

3. Bonnington Square Garden 

Where: Bonnington Square, SW8 1 London, United Kingdom
A tribute to the weird and wonderful Pleasure Gardens that entertained huge crowds until the 19th century, Bonnington Square Garden is a little paradise in Vauxhall that reminds us of the beautiful bygone era. Made by reclaiming a wasteland, this hidden garden in London is the culmination of a community’s unending passion for a good cause. Just that coupled with the glorious fruit of labor merits a visit to this garden.

4. Royal Garrison Church of St.George

Image Source: StGeorgeWoolwich 

Where: Woolwich, London SE18 6XJ, UK
This historic church that was bombed during the World War II now provides a beautiful setting for the adjoining garden. You’ll find wondrous greenery here which against the somber backdrop of the Victoria Cross Memorial and St George mosaic is a moving sight. The roses and wildflowers that brilliantly maintained are a delight to watch.


5. King Henry’s Walk Garden

Image Source: Khwgarden
Where: King Henry's Walk, Mildmay Ward, London N1 4NX, UK
Developed since 2005, this community garden has been built by the people, for the people. This garden accommodates hobby gardening by providing growing pots for cultivation. It is also the venue for some very interesting events that engage the whole community. The gate, a masterpiece of Heather Burrell hides behind it a flourishing biodiversity that thrives in the woodland area and pond.
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6. Temple Gardens

Where: 1 Harcourt Buildings, London, Greater London EC4Y 9AY
A place full of character and mysteries, the Temple Gardens is conserved beautifully. The whole place has a medieval feel to it and takes you back to a London that was pleasantly free of traffic and noise. The Inner Temple Garden especially is a three acre wonderland full of rare trees and herbaceous borders that flirt with the river. There are a variety of fruit trees and a vintage sun dial that adds to the dramatic historic personality of the space.

7. The Chelsea Psychic Gardens

Image Source: Chelseapsychicgarden
Where: 66 Royal Hospital Road, London, Greater London SW3 4HS
Founded in 1673, this garden was created for the study of apothecary plants. The rock garden within it is the oldest rock garden dedicated to alpine plants. The rocks at this garden are Icelandic lava that were shipped through the Thames to get to this garden. A wonderfully whimsical place, this garden is resplendent. The adjoining café is charming and serves hearty refreshments. A great find, this!

8. Sunken Garden

Where: West Carriage Drive, London, Greater London W2 2UH
Planted in 1908,  this classical ornamental garden is truly one of its kind. Fashioned after similar gardening styles of the 18th century, this terrace garden boasts of magnificent flower beds and a cute little pond that is adorned with fountains. A must visit for the vibrant colors on display every season, there is a lovely walk surrounding the garden that makes for lovely strolls. Check out the famous ‘Nanny Walk’ that was a favored meeting point for nannies of that time.

9. Kyoto Gardens

Where: 97 Abbotsbury Rd, Kensington, Greater London W14 8EP
This small garden is full of tranquility and beauty and this coupled with its proximity to the crux of the city makes it a magical oasis that ironically remains hidden in the shadows of the bigger gardens. A tiny pocket of Japan in the middle of an English setting, this secret garden in London is sensibly designed and boasts of Japanese elements that add a certain zen quality to the whole place. Watch out for the prancing peacocks while you’re there.
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10. Postman’s Park

Where: St Martin's Le-Grand, London, Greater London EC1A 7BX
This shady respite is almost too perfect to be real. A pathway weaves through from the east to the west end of the park. A popular lunchtime park, you can often find high rolling city slickers catch a bite and a breath here. You can also find a sundial here that is surrounded by beautiful flowers. Carefully landscaped and cleverly maintained, this truly looks like a labor of love.
Where vibrant colors mesmerize and endless greens entice, London’s hidden gardens are just what the doctor ordered for a tired city soul. Have you found a leafy nook that we don’t know about? Tell us in the comments!
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