12 Best Hiking Trails in Washington State

Blessed with a varied topography from forested islands to snow-capped mountains to tranquil beaches, the state of Washington has a special something for everyone and is absolutely not one of the urbanite cities with just parties and loud music! While Washington State has a special something for everyone, it is a bit biased towards hiking enthusiasts as it has the best hiking trails in the country.

So if you are traveling to Washington state or if you are already there, then you should not miss out on these 12 best hike trails in Washington state as they offer you a wonderful experience.

1. Wallace Falls Trail - Wallace State Park Hiking

Image Source: Niccie King/flickr.com

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Moderaterately trafficked out, Wallace Falls Trail inside the Wallace State Park is a primary trail for hiking, nature walks, and birding. Continue on the trail along the Wallace River for amazing views of Skykomish River Valley and distant views of the Olympic national park. And if you are lucky you could see magically colorful rainbow reaching out to you. Wallace Falls Trail is a great picnic spot in Washington.

Bring an empty water bottle and fill it at the trailhead as the trail does not contain drinking water.

Best time to visit: April - November
Length of trek: 7.4 Kilometers
Duration: 2-3 hours

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2. Anderson and Watson Lakes Trail - North Cascades National Park Hiking

Image Source: Murray Foubister/flickr.com

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Surrounded by towering peaks are the back country lakes of Anderson and Watson, unspoiled and inviting, which makes this place as one of the best lake hikes in Washington state. Offering stunning views of Mt. Baker and Shuksan, Anderson and Watson out on the open in a lush green meadow is embraced by the wilderness and is a refreshing trail to go hiking. Painted with a sub-alpine terrain, Anderson and Watson Lakes Trail is one of the family friendly hikes in Washington state.

Carry a bug spray with you, as the trail is populated with plenty of them.

Best time to visit: March - October
Length of trek: 8.5 Kilometers
Duration: 3 hours

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3. Chain Lakes Loop Trail - Mt. Baker National Forest Hiking

Image Source: Peter Stevens/flickr.com

Level of difficulty: Hard

At the end of the Mount Baker highway starts the Chain Lakes Loop trail. Set in close proximity to Maples lake, Chain Lakes loop is on the tougher side & can also be hiked counter clockwise from Artist Point. Hike along the spectacular path of the Chain Lakes Loop trail that leads to the sprawling mountain vistas and a gaze at the stupendous views. Loved by all, Chain Lakes Loop trail is a must do hike in Washington State.

Bring your cameras to enjoy the fall colors to their fullest. 

Best time to visit:
June - November
Length of trek: 9.2 Kilometers
Duration: 4-5 hours


4. Tolmie Peak Trail - Mount Rainier National Park Hiking

Image Source: Jonathan Miske/flickr.com

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Covered in old hemlock groves, Tolmie Peak Trail is a family-friendly hike and if you are on a lookout for a trail that will suit your family and kids, then Tolmie Peak Trail will suit you perfectly. As you make your way through the Alpine meadows to the fire tower of the volcano, the surrounding peaks and the unparalleled views of Mount Rainier take over, offering you one of the most beautiful hikes in Washington State.

You require a National Parks pass to get inside the park.

Best time to visit: Late July - October
Length of trek: 8.4 Kilometers
Duration: 3 hours

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5. Cascade Pass Trail - North Cascades National Park Hiking

Image Source: Curt Smith/flickr.com

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Nestled amidst jaw-dropping glaciers and decorated with steep and rugged mountains on its sides, Cascade Pass trail is a premium hiking destination in Washington State. Make your ascension slowly along the trail to come in a face with the peaks of Johannesburg, Eldorado, McGregor, Magic, and Mixup. Fully occupied during the summer weekends, Cascade Pass trail also features a lake and offers best summer hikes in Washington state.

Bring an Ice axe to travel safer through the Cascade pass trail.

Best time to visit: August - October
Length of trek: 26.7 Kilometers
Duration: 10-11 hours

6. Mount Ellinor Trail - Olympic National Park Hiking

Image Source: faungg's photos/flickr.com

Level of difficulty: Hard

Mount Ellinor in Olympic National Park is one of the hardest hikes in Washington that caters to professional hikers who love to take up the challenge of hiking rough trails. It comes with grueling elevation gains that will test your limits, pushing you over the edge. But the forested trail also comes with fantastic viewpoints that will make you forget totally about the effort. Awe at the snowy peaks at the top which looks as if it is from a postcard!

You require a Northwest forest pass to park in the Upper trail.

Best time to visit: March - November
Length of trek: 8.9 Kilometers
Duration: 3-4 hours

7. Horseshoe Lake Trail - Alpine Lakes Wilderness Hiking

Image Source: Steve Cyr/flickr.com

Level of difficulty: Hard

Situated just a couple of miles apart Lake Stuart, Horseshoe Lake Trail is adorned with towering peaks, marmots, coyotes, and an alpine landscape. Given the distance of the hike, you can either explore the lengths of the trail in a single day or camp out there in the pasture and soak in the experience. Apart from hiking, there are other activities like cycling, fishing, biking, canoeing, and quiet boating.

Northwest Forest pass is required for the hike and you could make use of the restroom at the trailhead.

Best time to visit:
June - October
Length of trek: 18.5 Kilometers
Duration: 8-9 hours

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8. Tipsoo Lake-Naches Peak Loop Trail - Mount Rainier National Park Hiking

Image Source: Peter Stevens/flickr.com

Level of difficulty: Easy

Tipsoo Lake-Naches Peak Loop Trail is one of the popular day hikes in Washington that offers panoramic views of Mt. Rainier and Wenatchee National forest. Given the nature of the trails, it can be accessed by everyone irrespective of their experience. Go on a hike to Tipsoo Lake-Naches Peak Loop Trail in the peak season of July until October as during that time the entire landscape would be blooming with contrasting wildflowers.

You can ride on a horse and explore the trail on the go.

Best time to visit: July - October
Length of trek: 7.3 Kilometers
Duration: 2-3 hours

9. Shi Shi Beach Trail - Olympic National Park Hiking

Image Source: Scott Neilson/flickr.com

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Looking for a completely unique experience to up your spirits? Explore the Shi Shi beach trail. Fairly easy, Shi Shi beach is one of the hidden gem of a destination in Washington with its tide pools, sea stacks, and caves. Unexplored by many, hike the Shi Shi beach trail during the time of sunset for a picturesque experience. Shi Shi Beach Trail is one of the best romantic hikes in Washington.

Camping is allowed inside the Olympic national park, for more info contact the information center.

Best time to visit: March - October
Length of trek: 10.8 Kilometers
Duration: 3-4 hours

10. Blue Lake Trail - North Cascades National Park Hiking

Image Source: Dan/flickr.com

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Gorgeous in amazing ways, Blue Lake Trail is one of most appealing hikes in Washington. Begin your hike by walking leisurely on the wooden planked boardwalk that leads right into the forest. As soon as you enter the forest, you are cut-off from the noises of the outer world and you are offered with views of endless meadows and subalpine terrain. These lush terrains will take you to the Blue Lake that is dazzling in all its glory topped with its majestic looks.

Bring your swimsuit and pack your bags with snacks to relax by the lake.

Best time to visit: July - November
Length of trek: 8.5 Kilometers
Duration: 3 hours

11. Snow Lake Trail - Snoqualmie National Forest Hiking

Image Source: brewbooks/flickr.com  

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Starting off from the base of the Alpental ski area, Snow Lake trail camouflaged in the Alpine wilderness and numerous campsites is an incredible hiking trail with exceptional views. Meander through the pastures and boulders lined with wildflowers to reach the steep, rocky path of the Snoqualmie mountain. Preferred by many, Snow Lake trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in Washington and it rightly deserves the attention.

Skip visiting Snow Lake trail during the time of winter as there is a huge possibility of avalanches.

Best time to visit: July - October
Length of trek: 10.6 Kilometers
Duration: 3-4 hours

12. Hidden Lake Lookout Trail - North Cascades National Park Hiking

Image Source: Commons.wikimedia

Level of difficulty: Hard

Glistening with snowfields, gushing streams, and boulders, Hidden Lake Lookout Trail is one of the finest hikes in Washington. What starts off as a pleasant hiking experience with cool trees slowly opens up to a vast area dominated by steep pinnacles and rocky terrain, carpeted with wildflowers. Most hikers exploring Hidden Lake Lookout trail make it a backpack overnight trip to get the most of the experience.

Pack your sunscreen, trekking poles, and bug spray to have a pleasant day out.

Best time to visit: March - October
Length of trek: 12.4 Kilometers
Duration: 4-5 hours

Have you already been to one of these hiking destinations? Come on, don't be shy. Share them in the comments section to the help the fellow hikers. Happy Hiking.

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