Top 10 Hill Destinations for Your Next Holiday - Part 3 of 5

By Akshata Mishra on Mar 07, 2016
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This post is  a part of series Best Hill Station in India

If you have been following our series, by now you’d be well versed with the most popular hill stations of the country. In due continuation to that we extend this ride to more such snowy glowy hill stations. As the sun wears its glares, you must do so too!


Hill Stations in India - Part 3


21. Panchgani: Hill Station with Rich Fresh Air

Panchgani - Best Hill Station

Source: Photo by Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

This hill station is becoming a popular hub for education. As is apparent from the name, it derives it from the fact that it is surrounded by five hills, overlooked by mountains and fringed by coastal plains. The place is perfect for anyone who is a lover of aesthetics and enjoys the finer beautiful things in life. It’s a cool and serene place with scenic spots and fun exciting places. The popular spots are all calm and quiet and resplendent with pretty locations. It is said that the place is very rich in fresh air, in terms of the fact that the oxygen content around here is more refined. It is thus the ideal place for people to unwind, destress and breathe.

When to visit Panchgani

The most popular time to visit Panchgani is in the winters, when you can go for a stroll or sightseeing and do so without getting dehydrated, in a comfortable environment.

How to reach Panchgani

Pune Airport is the nearest to Panchgani. It is well connected to Goa, Bombay and other major cities.

Regular bus services are available from Pune and other major cities to reach Panchgani.

Wathar is the nearest railway station to Panchgani. You can hail a cab or taxi from there to reach Panchgani.

Must See in Panchgani

  • Table Land
  • Sydney Point
  • Parsi Point
  • Dhom Dam
  • Kate’s Point
  • Lingmala Falls
  • Harrison’s Folly
  • Devrai Art Village
  • Sherbaug
  • Bombay Point
  • Chinaman’s Waterfall
  • Natskies Observatory
  • Tapola

Famous delicacy in Panchgani

Do try the Makhai Patties and Rose Ice-cream at Bagecha. It acts as the perfect snack after a day of strolls.

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22. Patnitop: Charming Locations

Patnitop - Famous Hill Station

Source: Photo by Vinayaraj

This plateau is situated at a plain in the Shivalik Range. It is graced by the magnificent Chenab river. The snowfall and avalanche here in winters are so intense that one of the two highways that it is connected to get blocked. The place derived its name and literally means "Pond of the Princess". The beautiful place is well garnered for tourists, with charming locations and landmarks. As is customary, the place is surrounded with pines and circled with meadows and hills. You can visit this place with both friends and family too.

When to visit Patnitop

The most suitable time to visit Patnitop would be in summers, May-June and autumn, September-October.

How to reach Patnitop

The nearest airport to Patnitop is the Jammu Airport. You can get down there and take a road trip to Patnitop.

Travellers can easily get bus services to Patnitop from Jammu, Kashmir and Pathankot.

The nearest railway station is located at Udhampur and the other one is located in Jammu. A roadtrip from both these places will take you to Patnitop.

Must See in Patnitop

  • Nathatop
  • Sanasar lake
  • Naag Mandir
  • Sudh Mahadev
  • Baglihar Dam
  • Shiva Garh
  • Kud Park
  • Skiing
  • Madhatop
  • Billo ki Powri
  • Nature Walks

Famous delicacy in Patnitop

Patisa is a highly revered famous delicacy of this place. It’s warm, moist and melt in mouth and absolutely delicious, so much so that everyone wants to make a stop for it here.

23. Munnar: The Most Wonderful Hill Station in South India

Munnar - Top Hill Station in India

Source: Photo by Ben3john

This place is so beautiful, studded in God’s own land that it’s picture cannot be painted in one canvas. There’s widely spread unending expanse of green plantations, aroma of tea and spices brewing in the air and the most scenic of picture to gaze upon. The most mysterious and exotic of places, it’s got the descending hills, the captivating mist, the sparkly flowy streams and the rare striking flora and fauna. The scented air will charm you as much as it would keep you engaged for long at Munnar.

When to visit Munnar

In lieu of its pleasant climate throughout the year, Munnar could be frequented and visited throughout the year. Winters are the best time to take up adventure sports and other fun activities.  Summers are the best time to enjoy visits tea estates and enjoy sightseeing in the warmth of the city. The monsoons are the best time to visit if one is looking for solace and a quite vacation.

How to reach Munnar

Munnar does not have an airport of its own. The nearest airport is at Cochin, which is 110 kilometers away from it by road.

The services provided for commuting to Munnar by road are all state run. Buses ply from the neighbouring states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The closest railway station to Munnar is at Aluva. The other closest is Ernakulam railway station and then is the Madurai Railway Station.

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Must See in Munnar

  • Eravikulam National Park
  • Anamudi Peak
  • Mattupetty
  • Pallivasal
  • Chinnakanal & Anayirangal
  • Top Station
  • Tea Museum
  • St. Anthony's Statue
  • Thirumeny Cultural Centre
  • Mount Carmel Church

Famous delicacy in Munnar

Vattayappam is a famous sweet dish of this place and it literally means round sweet bread. It’s basically a tea cake made with fluffy rice, soft and moist inside.

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24. Lonavala: An Ethereal Hill Station in India

Lonavala - Most Beautiful Hill Station

Source: Photo by Arjun Singh Kulkarni

Here is an ethereal hill station, which is just as pretty at the destination as towards the journey. The major reason you'd want to visit this place is because of the caves, amazing viewpoints and easy going locales. It feels like meandering all the way from the greens to the small villa like city, with city life slowly sprawling and youth finding means to have fun. The most beautiful of scenic backdrops topped with pleasant weather, the classic most perfect setting to enjoy a weekend getaway.

When to visit Lonavala

The best time to visit Lonavala would be in the month of September to March. The most preferred season is the monsoons, when both the journey and the place look pretty and scenic.

How to reach Lonavala

Lonavala does not have an airport of its own. The nearest airport is the Pune Lohegaon Airport.

Regular bus services are available from other cities and major routes of the country to Lonavala.

Catching a train from the nearby cities to Lonavala or from cities throughout the country is quite feasible. Lonavala (LNL) is the nearest railway station.

Must See in Lonavala

Famous delicacy in Lonavala

Lonavala is world famous for its chikki. It’s made with groundnuts, jaggery and quite a few other ingredients. It’s a slab of solidified hot batter to be consumed at ease as a snack or sweet dish.

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25. Coorg: Most Visited Hill Station in Karnataka

Coorg - Most Popular Hill Station

Source: Photo by Pixabay

It is located at the border of Kerala, amidst timeless emerald greens and mesmerizing mountains. It’s spread across acres of plantations and the aroma of coffee to go with it. The audacious terrain make it a perfect place to trek or go hiking or just plain lazing around like there’s no tomorrow. The green frilly decked hills make it a perfect spot to casually watch birds and soak in the ethereal beauty of this place. Stud in a strongly ethnic environment, this place is a perfect for a nice holiday of rejuvenation and relaxation. It’s a balanced land of adventure and beauty, wherein the whole place gets covered with white flowers and pleasant vibes.

When to visit Coorg

For trekking, visit this place during October to March. If you wish to explore he natural beauty of the place, visit it in the months of March and April.

How to reach Coorg

The nearest airport to Coorg is the Mangalore international Airport. The closest international airport is in Bangalore.

The K.S.R.T.C. Deluxe bus runs daily from Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore.

The nearest railway station is in Mysore.

Must See in Coorg

  • Madikeri
  • Bylakuppe
  • Kakkabe
  • Tadiandamol Trek
  • Mallalli Falls
  • Barapole River
  • Coffee Plantations
  • Dubare Reserve Forest and Elephant Camp
  • Golden Temple
  • Pushpagiri Trek
  • Votecad Camping
  • Brahmagiri Hill Trek
  • Omkareshwar Temple
  • Abbi Falls
  • Nishani Motte
  • Kumar Parvatha Trek
  • Gonikoppal
  • Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Raja’s Seat
  • Talacauvery & Bhagamandala
  • Nagarhole National Park
  • Cauvery Nisargdhama
  • Iruppu Falls
  • Madikeri Fort
  • Chelavara Falls
  • Gaddige
  • Harangi Dam
  • Nishani Hills
  • Tribal Village
  • Farm Stay

Famous delicacy in Coorg

Kadambattu is a very famous sweet dish of Coorg. It is basically sweet rice dumplings, that crumble and melt in mouth giving a grainy sweet texture and a lasting flavor.

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26. Shillong

Shillong - Famous Hill Station in India

Source: Photo by Masrur Ashraf

Hailed as the capital of Assam since the British Era, this beautiful town, tucked away in the seven hills is a misty ethereal beauty. Shillong developed gracefully into a modern town but still retains its colonial charm in pockets. There’s impeccable gardens and lush green beauty with the most pleasant down to earth people and weather. It boasts of the feat of being the only hill station in the county that is accessible from all four corners. The place has gorgeous waterfalls and stunning vistas to grace your eyes and please your senses. The beauty and charm of this place is revered by both tourists and locals. It is perhaps because of its peaceful and serene environment that it is home to quite a few educational institutions and boarding schools in the country.

When to visit Shillong

Shillong is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year. You could visit anytime and get awe struck with its varied beauty and charm.

Summers offer a lot of scope for sightseeing and adventure activities. The temperatures soar, but it still retains its spell.

It is seen as a popular destination for honeymooners and lovebirds in the winters as the temperatures go down and it gets cozy indoors. It’s still preferred for outdoor sports in this season though.

How to reach Shillong

Shillong does not have an airport within the city. The nearest airport is at Barapani, the Umroi Airport. It’s not very far away from the city though.

You can also hail a cab from Guwahati to Shillong or take a bus. Both government and private buses ply here. There’s taxi services also for a more comfortable journey.

The closest railway station to Shillong is at Guwahati. It is connected to all the major cities in the country.

Must See in Shillong

Famous delicacy in Shillong

Pitha is a popular snack of this place. It is had for breakfast or supper or any other time too. There are various types of Pitha, sweet, fried, roasted or barbequed. The sweet Pitha is naturally more famous. Consumed with jaggery and yogurt, it’s bound to leave your taste bud thrilled.

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27. Cherrapunjee: Scoatland of East

Cherrapunjee - Best Hill Station

Source: Photo by Pankaj Kaushal

Laid out on the ridges which are sharp, overlooking the flat pancake like plains of Bangladesh, it was once the wettest place on earth owing to its monsoon downpours. The path through Shillong to this beautiful little villa is graced with picturesque scenery that becomes dramatic at points, but extremely soothing and pretty. Also known as "Scotland of the East”, it owes its name to its grassy terrain and scarring due to quarrying. There’s plunging valleys that are dotted with tropical forests and the most pleasant of scenic views. Overall, it is one hell of a soaked beauty, with all of nature’s blessings and gifts.

When to visit Cherrapunjee

January to May and September to December are the best times to visit Cherrapunjee. These are essentially those times when the temperatures are not too high and the rain Gods are also considerate.

How to reach Cherrapunjee

Guwahati Airport is the nearest airport to this place. This place can be reached via taxi from there.

Buses ply for Cherrapunjee from Bara Bazar Bus Stand of Shillong.

Guwahati Railway Station is the nearest railways to Cherrapunjee.

Must See in Cherrapunjee

  • Double Decker Living Root Bridge
  • Mawsmai Cave
  • Nohkalikai Falls
  • Mawkdok Dympep Valley
  • Seven Sisters Falls
  • Ka Khoh Ramhah
  • Nohsngithiang Falls
  • Sai-I-Mika Falls
  • Eco Park
  • Kynrem Falls
  • Mawmluh Cave
  • Thangkharang Park
  • Dain-Thlen Falls
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Khasi Monoliths
  • Wakaba Falls
  • Ka Kper Syiem Sohra
  • Wah Kaba Falls
  • Tombs of Welsh Missionaries
  • Don Bosco Shrine
  • Nongsawlia Church
  • Krem Phyllut

Famous delicacy in Cherrapunjee

Pukhlein is a popular sweet delicacy cooked with jaggery and powdered rice. It’s a popular Khasi recipe with the most exquisite of sweet taste of powdered jaggery and crumpled smooth grainy rice.

28. Kalimpong

Kalimpong - Coldest Hill Station

Source: Photo by Anuj Kumar Pradhan

Spread across the mountain shaped saddle ridge, this splendid town is overlooking the flowing Teesta River, crowned by the Khangchendzonga range. This quaint town is humble in its offerings and views, in terms of charismatic Buddhist Monasteries, Himalayan views, colonial architecture and awe inspiring nurseries. There’s a unique cactus nursery here too. The town remains an important educational centre for the whole of Eastern Himalayas. This place shows us the vividity and diversity of nature. The beautiful fact that beauty can spring anywhere and in all shapes and sizes. The fact that thorns do not alter or diminish the beauty of a place.

When to visit Kalimpong

Kalimpong is accessible to tourists throughout the year, due to its pleasant weather. This place is surprisingly most suitable to be visited during winters, when you can go out for sightseeing and enjoying the various activities that it has to offer. You can indulge in a lot of outdoor activities, without having to bear the brunt of the heat.

How to reach Kalimpong

The nearest airways to Kalimpong is at Bagdogra near Siliguri. It is an important domestic airport, which is connected to quite a few major cities of the country.

Siliguri is said to be the gateway to reach Kalimpong through roadways. It is connected to amjor cities to Calcutta, Guwahati and Patna.

The nearest railway station to Kalimpong is at New Jalpaiguri, which is again connected to most major cities of the country.

Must See in Kalimpong

  • Durpin Gompa
  • Dr. Graham’s House
  • St. Teresa’s Church
  • Himalayan Handmade Paper Industry
  • Lepcha Heritage Museum
  • MacFarlane Church
  • Deolo Hill
  • Nurseries
  • Neora Valley National Park
  • Thongsa Gompa
  • Tharpa Choling Gompa
  • Himalayan Eagle
  • Lark’s Provision
  • Pineview Nursery
  • Haat Bazaar
  • Nurseryman’s Haven
  • Dal Bahadur Statue

Famous delicacy in Kalimpong

The cheese and butter of Kalimpong is quite famous throughout the country. It’s sold fresh in the market and savored with hot crepes, stuffed within which is the salty or sweet buttercup yellow chhurpi.

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29. Kohima

This one is a beautiful picturesque town, studded in the green lap of nature, among the lush green hills and wealth of it. It is a typical Naga town, which exquisitely displays the tribal culture. With panoramic views of the Naga hills and the exotic tribal culture, it is one revered tourist destination to treat your senses with. It is thus because of its exquisite beauty that it is the most favored of all tourist destinations of the North East. It is home to the Naga tribes and beautifully preserves its cultures and traditions. The Naga tribes are strong and resilient and yet innocent, humble and simple.

How to reach Kohima

The nearest airport to Kohima is at Dimapur. It is connected to Guwahati and Imphal, apart from other cities.

Nagaland State Bus Transport runs bus services from Dimapur to Kohima. From Guwahati one can find a number of luxury private buses to Kohima too.

The nearest railhead too is at Dimapur. Guwahati is well connected to the rest of the country.

When to visit Kohima

The best time to visit Kohima is between October to May. The weather here in those seasons is pleasant enough for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Kohima experience bitter cold and receives a healthy annual rainfall too.

Must See in Kohima

  • War Cemetry
  • Zoological Park
  • The Catholic Cathedral
  • Kohima Village
  • The State Museum
  • The Market
  • Flaming Wok

Famous delicacy in Kohima

Koath Pitha is a savory fried crisp and delectable sweet delicacy of this place. It is basically deep fried rolls of dough with goodness inside.

30. Lavasa: Hill Station Near Pune

Lavasa - Best Hill Station in India

Source: Photo

This one is a well planned, recently curated well planned city, built near Pune. It is designed and based on the Italian town of Portofino. It was instantly hailed as a hill station due to its cool weather and frequent drizzles. It has readily gained popularity as one the most popular weekend getaways for people of all age groups. Located between the two major cities of Pune and Mumbai, it has become a hub for business activities and a major centre of hospitality. It is most famous for its landscapes and serene environments. Revered for its scenic beauty and the gorgeous view of the dam, it is picking up fame and popularity quite soon.

How to reach Lavasa

Pune Airport is the nearest airport to this hill city and the commute in between can be done by road.

The city of Lavasa has its own bus stand from where both state and private bus services ply. The roads are well connected too.

Lonavala Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the hill city.

When to visit Lavasa

Owing to its pleasant weather, Lavasa can be visited throughout the year. The best time to visit this place would be however in the month of September and March, as it is in these months that a vacation can be planned here.

Must See in Lavasa

  • The Waterfront Shaw
  • Fortune Select Dasve
  • Temghar Dam
  • Waterfalls

Famous delicacy in Lavasa

Lavasa is a relatively hipster and modern town and hence, the creamy, cool and sweet softy ice-cream is the most famous sweet delight that it offers.

The motherland is bejeweled with hills and peaks in all parts of the country. It’s amazing the way our country is extremely hot at one end and freezing at the other. It is this diversity in the weather that paves way for different cuisines, cultures and traditions. Almost every state has a cooler region to give you respite from the heat and humidity of the plains. There’s many more off-beat hilly destinations to follow in the list.

So, until next time, stay tuned!

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