50 Best Hill Stations in India - Part 5

By Akshata Mishra on Mar 21, 2016
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hill stations in india - part 5

If you have been following this series, you’d know by now that India is just as varied in its culture as in its cities and hills. Though each hill station has a snowy mountain and pleasant weather, there's always something distinct that sets it apart from other hill stations, even surrounding or nearby. Here's the last list of hill stations in India, offering the most exclusive of experiences.

41. Chirmiri

Chirmiri hill station

Image Source: Panoramio by Kailash Mohankar

Hailed as the heavenly abode of Chandigarh, Chirmiri is green and beautiful. Famous for its coal mines, it is reputed as the second largest crane of Asia. The religious bendings of the people here is reflected in the many temples that are encrusted in the hills and visited all throughout the city. The town is replete with beautiful landscapes and pretty natural beauty that the tourists will enjoy and cherish. It is located at the banks of one of the tributaries of Mahanadi River and is in the heart of an old city with modern civilization.

How to reach Chirmiri

Raipur Airport is the nearest airport to this place.

Regular bus services to Renukoot ply from Chirmiri, which is very near to it.

Chirmiri has a railway station of its own and regular bus services proceed from it.

When to visit Chirmiri

The best time to visit this place would be in the winter months of October to February. These are the winter months when the weather is cool and ideal for sightseeing.

Must see in Chirmiri

  • Amrit Dhara Fall
  • Chaiturgarh
  • Shramvir Stadium
  • Saluja Market
  • Pandava Shopping Centre
  • Herbal Garden
  • Hasdeo Club
  • St. Peter’s Church
  • Ram Mandir
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Durga Pandal
  • Kalibadi
  • Birla Mandir
  • Sheetla Mata Mandir
  • Maa Jwalamukhi Mandir Prangan

Famous delicacy in Chirmiri

Jalebi is a favorite sweet dish for the inhabitants of this place. Made up of yeast, sugar, water and saffron with the base coatings of lentils, it is a syrupy delight.


42. Umrangso

This region is located in Assam and is an important industrial town. There’s hill sides, valleys and tall trees overlooking clear blue rivers. There’s mountains visible from a distance afar, some of them snow-capped and one scenic beauty to look at. The place is replete with beautiful bird in all kinds of colors and woman folk in the traditional attires hopping around. This small town has a lot of hidden jem and beauty to offer.

How to reach Umrangso

The nearest airport is the Silchar Airport to this place.

Umrangso can be reached by road from North Cachar Hills and other nearby cities. It is well connected to all the neighbouring cities.

The nearest railway station is Haflong Hill Railway Station.

When to visit Umrangso

April to September is the best time to visit this place. It experiences temperate climate at that time and the weather only gets warm and better.

Must see in Umrangso

  • Khandong Power Station
  • Kopili Power Station
  • The Umrangso Reservoir
  • Khandong Dam
  • Garampaani Spring
  • River Kopili

Famous delicacy in Umrangso

Nariel Laddu is a very famous sweet dish of this region. It is made up of milk, sugar and coconut. It is fibrous and healthy and at the same time a treat to the taste buds.

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43. Yumthang Valley

Yumthang Valley

Image Source: Flickr 

It is a breathtaking place with the sheer beauty of the overlooking mountain taking away the credit for all its charm. It not just adds to but extends its beauty too. The lone monastery there is the sole perpetrator of all the peace and tranquility in the environment around there. The alpine flora blooms magnificently to spread across the valley floor, making it a beautiful colored imagery. The art and culture around here is highly influenced by Tibetan and Sikkimese culture and its imprint and relics can be seen and found everywhere. As you walk past the valley, it opens up to the jagged and raw peaks, lush green meadows and sensei bridges with colorful flags on them. The foam like white icy waters of the Yumthang river, gargle past, heralding in the morning glow before those heavy clouds border the entire place. Renowned as the "valley of flowers”, it is framed beautifully with snow capped mountains to add to its appeal.

How to reach Yumthang Valley

One has to reach Gangtok and take permission to visit the Yumthang Valley. Everyone must take permission to do so, owing to its proximity to Indo-China border.

The nearest airport is the Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal. From there one can get a prepaid taxi to Gangtok.

The valley is just a few kilometers from Lachung and the best way to reach it is through cab.

The nearest railhead is at New Jalpaiguri in West Bengal. It is at a distance of 148 km from there and can be reached via hired cab or taxis.

When to visit Yumthang Valley

To experience the colorful scarlet beauty of this place, visit it in the months of April to July.

Must see in Yumthang Valley

  • Valley of flowers
  • Rhododendron niveum trail
  • Rhododendron ciliatum trail
  • Lachung
  • Lachen
  • Thanggu & Tsopta
  • Zero-Point
  • Sikkim Crabapple Orchard

Famous delicacy in Yumthang Valley

Red Himalayan Strawberries found in the Valley of Flowers is a sweet, juicy and fresh sweet fruit that people of all age groups savor.

44. Ziro

Boasting of the most fertile plains in the country, this is perhaps the most blessed place in India in terms of scenic beauty. The awe-inspiring mountains of this place give the impression of a mystic old world state, with the sliced landscape of rivers, paddy fields and postcard like villages. The most stunning beauty of this place are the people themselves. With tribal art tattoos and studs and typical ziro valley attires, they are an indigenous treat. Hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is revered for its beauty and sheen.

How to reach Ziro

The nearest airport to Ziro Valley is at Tezpur.

State Government Bus services ply from the state capital Itanagar to Ziro Valley.

The nearest railway station to Ziro Valley is at Tezpur.

Best time to visit Ziro

The best time to visit Ziro Valley would be in the months of February to October. The winters here are cold while summers are warm and cool.

Must see in Ziro

  • Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Meghna Cave Temple
  • Kile Pakho
  • Midey
  • Ziro Puto
  • Dolo Mando
  • Hapoli
  • Dilopolyang Maniipolyang
  • Pine Grove
  • Tarin Fish Fam
  • Bamboo Grove
  • Tipi Orchid Research Centre

Famous delicacy in Ziro

Khapse is a very famous sweet delicacy of Ziro Valley. It is a sweet biscuit and high on calories very energising and delicious.

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45. Yelagiri

Yelagiri hill station

Image Source: Flickr

Located between four mountains, emanating a healthy environment, this place is as exotic as it gets. The whole place is architectured by nature, as human settlement started just 200 years ago here. Surrounded by colorful fruit orchards and lush green valleys, it is placed beautifully at the foothills of the Eastern Ghats. It is the most perfect hill station for nature lovers and explorers. It is just as developed as the other surrounding hill stations, except it is exalted through its preservation of nature. There’s paragliding and rock climbing to appease the adventure bug in you too. The whole place is designed specifically to cater to and provide adventure sports activities to the tourists by the tourism department.

How to reach Yelagiri

The nearest airport to this magnificent hill station is the Bangalore International Airport. It is well connected to major cities in India and abroad.

This hill station is well connected to major cities by road. KSRTC buses will take you from all the nearby places to Yelagiri.

The Jolarpettai Railway Station is the nearest railway station at a distance of 21 km from this hill station. From there one can easily take taxis to reach this place.

When to visit Yelagiri

Due to its moderate climate, this place can be visited throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Yelagiri would be in the months of November to February. It is during this period that one can enjoy the natural glowing beauty of this place.

Must see in Yelagiri

  • Velavan Temple
  • Jalagam Parai Waterfalls
  • Swamimalai Hill
  • Punganur Lake
  • Nature Park
  • Children’s Park and Boating
  • Government Fruit Farm
  • Government Herbal Farm
  • Sandhai
  • Vainu Poppu Solar Observatory

Famous delicacy in Yelagiri

Rewa Kesari is a sweet made out of cream of sugar, wheat and clarified butter. It has orange hues and looks rich and delicious just at the sight of it.

46. Bomdila

The road to this place would be wobbly but once you arrive at the destination, you’d be stunned with the views of blue mountains and beautiful landscape. It is an ideal break journey spot once on a road trip to places in this part of the country. The tribal people here are closer in tradition and culture to Tibet than the others in the lower lying regions. The town is known for its Buddhist Monasteries and apple orchards. For fun, you can go for long nature trails and trekking to energise your adventurous streak. This place is a tiny quaint beauty but extremely rich in culture and heritage.

How to reach Bomdila

The city is closely linked to the Tezpur Airport from where it is just a cab ride away.

Bomdila is well connected to various cities around the state through private and state transport bus services, along with cars and cabs.

Rangapara is the nearest railway station where from you can take various trains to different locations.

When to visit Bomdila

The best time to visit Bomdila would be in the summer months, when apart from the naturally cool weather you can also enjoy the various festivals. The place is most suited for a visit in the months of March to May.

Must see in Bomdila

  • Sessa Orchid Sanctuary
  • Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Dirang Valley
  • Bomdila Monastery
  • Apple Orchards
  • Bomdila Viewpoint
  • R.R. Hill
  • Craft Centre and Ethnographic Museum
  • Tipi Orchidarium
  • Upper Gompa
  • Lower Gompa
  • Middle Gompa

Famous delicacy in Bomdila

Kakinada Kajalu has a special place in the list of desserts for this state. Made up of thickened milk, it is rich and sweet with a crisp exterior and a lighter interior.

47. Kasauli

Image Source : Panoramio

Kasauli, the charming little hill station studded in the upper side of Himachal Pradesh and at an angle distance to Chandigarh, seems to be one of those preserved places. The cutting and meandering roads of Kasauli slither through the city and offer magnificent views, usually shrouded in a blanket of fog and mist. A bird's eye view from the top of Kasauli gives a peek to the lower plains of Punjab and Haryana. It looks absolutely stunning at night when the mantle of darkness peels it over to unravel a splendid spectacle of the twinkling stars. Kasauli is one of those places which has encrusted and perpetuated its rich history and inklings from the colonial era. It is aptly displayed in the grandeur of its churches and chapels. There’s tall drenched trees, misty fresh mountain air and wobbly criss-cross roads, which give you the peaceful feels. The place conceals in itself a lot of charm and mysterious aura. It’s just as perfect to explore on foot as it is to roam around on a bike. There’s the insoluble woodlands where one can get a first hand experience of the exotic enchantress that Nature can be.

How to reach Kasauli

Kasauli does not have an airport of its own yet. The nearest airport is at Chandigarh, Punjab at a distance of 65 km. It is well connected to all the major cities in India.

The nearest bus stand is at Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh. The other nearest and relatively well connected bus stand is at Kalka, Haryana.

The most widely linked railway station to Kasauli is at Kalka, Haryana.

When to visit Kasauli

The best time to visit this beautiful hill station in India would be in the months of March to August. Summers and monsoons are the most inviting seasons to visit this place.

Must see in Kasauli

  • Monkey Point
  • Baptist Church
  • Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple
  • Central Research Institute
  • Gurkha Fort
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir
  • Kuthar Heritage Resort
  • The Mall Road
  • Kasauli Brewery
  • Sunset Point
  • Kasauli Club
  • Anglican Church

Famous delicacy in Kasauli

Mittha is a famous sweet dish of Himachal. It is made up of sweet rice, dry fruits and generous helpings of juicy sweet raisins.

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48. Saputara

This one is an encrusted beauty in the Gujarat-Maharashtra border. It is a serene secluded place, far away from the din and crowd of the city. It is so tiny in size, that it probably qualifies as a hamlet. It’s beauty is magnified with a piddly little lake, which just adds to its quaint feels. It’s as fresh and celibate as it can be. Situated in the Dang district it has as much to offer in it as outside it. Literally meaning "The Abode of Serpents", it has snake images on its bank to validate it. It’s a picture postcard perfect destination with hills, mountains, rivers and lakes to beautify it. It is very soothing and embracing throughout the year. The monsoons see this place blooming and green, with waterfalls coming out everywhere. Stunning pieces of jewelry, key chains, pottery, vases, paintings, pen stands etc., all made of bamboo and other locally found materials can be bought here.

How to reach Saputara

The nearest airport is in Mumbai.

State run buses and private luxury buses connect the state of Maharashtra end to end.

The nearest railways is at Waghai, at the Western Railways section.

When to visit Saputara

The best time to visit this place would be between April to early July. The weather is pleasant and extremely cozy and comfortable at this time.

Must see in Saputara

  • Sarpaganga River
  • Chimney Ropeway
  • Pushpak Ropeway
  • Ambapada
  • Vansda National Park
  • Purna Sanctuary
  • Sunrise Point
  • Boating Point
  • Tribal Museum
  • Gopipura Gandharvapura Artists’ Village

Famous delicacy in Saputara

Mohanthal is a sweet dish, very famous for this place, rich with ghee and dry fruits, melt in mouth and delicious.

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49. Ranipuram

Image Source: Flickr

Located in Kerala, the place itself is just as beautiful as the drive to it. Dotted with rivers and lush greenery, it is a sight and drive to behold. The trek along the unchartered hills of Western Ghats is as thrilling as it is tasking. You could take a longer route and explore more maybe, or a shorter more thrilling one, wherein you can actually be introduced to new flora and see a lot. There’s stunning scenery as a backdrop to the rich animal and wildlife there. There's exotic sights like mushrooms growing on dead trees and other rare sights which are completely enthralling.  In the backdrop of mystic hills, the trek on these lush green hills is refreshing and soothing. Home to evergreen forests, they are perfect for trekking and hiking.

How to reach Ranipuram

Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport to Kasargod.

There’s jeep and regular bus services available to this place from Panathady linked to Kanhagad.

The nearest railhead is at Kanhagad on the Kozhikode-Mangalore-Mumbai route.

When to visit Ranipuram

The best time to visit this hill station of Kerala would be in the months of October to March. The trekking season is however the rainy season.

Must see in Ranipuram

  • Talacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Madiyam Kovilakam Temple
  • Palakkunnu Bhagavathy Temple
  • Bharani Maholsavam
  • Anandashram
  • Nityanandashram
  • Kottanchery Hill

Famous delicacy in Ranipuram

Payasam is a famous sweet dish of this place and is world renowned too.

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50. Chail

This little mountain town was essentially modelled out to be a hill station by a king in the 18th century. It is bordered by three hills which are adjacent to each other. It rests safely amongst the green forests of the Shivalik range, surrounded with virgin forests and untampered hills. Considered as the royal resort in the past, it has a rich pristine history and is a centre for army. There’s beautiful orchards and Sylvan pine valleys, portraying one of the many wonders of nature. The snow capped peaks of the Shivaliks just add oodles to the appeal of the background. Chail offers a magnificent view of the valley too. With the Sultej river flowing by and the stunning view of Shimla and Kufri from top, it is a rare sight.

How to reach Chail

The Jubbarhatti Airport of Shimla is the nearest airport to Chail.

Chail is very well connected through roadways. Kufri and Shimla are the nearest bus stations to this place.

The railway station nearest to Chail is the Kalka railway station.

When to visit Chail

The best time to visit Chail is from April to early June and then from September to November. Summers see warm days and cool nights.

Must See Chail

  • Chail Palace
  • Chail Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gurudwara Sahib
  • Siddh Baba ka Mandir
  • Kali ka Tibba
  • Cricket Ground
  • Sadhupul Lake
  • Maharaja’s Palace
  • Lovers Hill
  • Vansh Arena
  • Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir
  • Shiv Mandir
  • Ram Mandir
  • Punchmukhi Hanuman Mandir
  • Maa Kali Mandir

Famous Delicacy in Chail

Ankalos is a famous sweet dish of this state. Cooked with gram flour, it is a warm sweet cake.

The mysticism of the hills continue and we are yet not over its aura and charm. The more we explore the deeper we wish to go. Almost all hill stations have an amazing history and backstory gracing its past. It’s as if there are more to the towns with hills than meets the eye. Like an unspoken unheard story, waiting to unfold. Like a blooming flower in the caves dug deep, which can only be seen but never uprooted. There’s honestly so much that these hills offer that nature itself designs and moulds it, according to the beauty and setting of the place.

It is amazing how our Motherland beautifully harbors so many hill stations in various small and large pockets. They are all beacoming and waiting to be explored and caressed.

What’s keeping you now? Go grab those boots and woollens and have the time of your life!

Happy Journey!

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