10 Best Homestays in Goa Under 2K

By Ketki Hanamshet on May 02, 2019
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Who doesn't love to make those colorful Goa trips, it becomes a daunting task to hunt for the perfect stay to make your trip all the more memorable. While you can go ahead and plan for those party places, we are here to ensure that your stay there is taken care of. We know how you wish to stay in Goa forever and make it a vacation for 365 days. Although, this thought seems like a distant dream!

When you are in Goa you really don’t want to care about anything else but the beaches, the streets, and those wanderlust rides. So here’s a list of 10 most awesome homes in Goa that will help you make the most of your trip. (Psst.these are just under 2k! How awesome!)

1. Charmaine’s Beautiful Garden View Studio Apartment

media_gallery-2019-05-2-10-Charmaine123_45a318182e329d0c9658d4139714aa6c.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

With a glimmering pool and the lush paddy field around, this garden view apartment in Siolim is exactly where you want to stay in North Goa. The nearest beaches being the Morjim and Vagator, this one's a score for solo travelers, couples and families looking for their ideal Goa retreat amidst palm trees and blue waters.

Where? - Siolim, North Goa, India

What's coolest? - Swimming pool, the fabulous location

How much? - INR 1474/- Per Night

What's free? - Wifi, kitchen, gym

When's the check-in? - 12 PM - 2 PM

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2. Joeanna’s Hideaway:

media_gallery-2019-05-2-10-Joeanna___s123_9bbda81eb5862b4a498f6cc4fb5f9535.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

This beautiful 1 bedroom apartment is a hidden treasure of South Goa. This place is an interesting exploration of the pastoral Goa. You can spot water buffaloes and paddy fields which are an absolute bliss if you are here for a relaxing getaway. Lounge beside the pool and enjoy a book or take a ride to the beaches around which are just 15 minutes away. The owner would be available to help you around with the locale. This place is surely a box of pleasant experiences.

Where? - South Goa, Goa, India

What's coolest? - Swimming pool, clubhouse, cafe, pet-friendly

How much? - INR 1542/- Per Night

What's free? - kitchen, gym

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3. Deepak’s Goa Deeps Beach House

media_gallery-2019-05-2-10-Deepak___s123_267b63988bc4e6892c63f1d27df03449.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

If you are in for a leisurely Goa trip, Goa Deeps is the perfect abode for you. It will be just like stepping from one home to another. The owner has made every facility available in this beach house to make your stay absolutely warm. It's peaceful, clean and the owner is there in case you need help to get by for groceries, conveyance, and restaurants. Just 3kms away from Baga and Calangute, this place is a stud in the beckoning greens of Saligao, Goa.

Where? - Saligao, North Goa, India

What's coolest? - Swimming pool

How much? - INR 1602/- Per Night

What's free? - wi-fi, kitchen, parking

When's the check-in? - Post 2PM

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4. Sana’s Spacious Panjim Apartment

media_gallery-2019-05-2-11-Sana___s123_6befb9ee996d54e8c12633816efd4dc0.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Located just across the Marriot Resort in one of the posh areas of Goa, this place is a perfect holiday home for couples, family, and friends. A spacious 3 BHK apartment, this place is just 2 minutes walk from the Miramar beach famously known as 'the Chowpatty of Goa'. The family caretaker Gokul is available for you in case you need help to get by. You have access to the lovely churches and art galleries and if you are a foodie, there is a choice of great eateries like Fisherman's Wharf, Mum's Kitchen and Thai and Wok, to name a few. 

Where? - Panjim, Goa, India

What's coolest? - The place is just 5 mins away from Casino Royal.

How much? - INR 1407/- Per Night

What's free? - wi-fi, kitchen, parking

When's the check-in? - 11 AM - 10 PM

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5. 'The Pereiras`s' Goan Villa

media_gallery-2019-05-2-11-The_Pereiras_s_123_e3bfabc0e53e907cbc2a0d83b485b147.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

'The Pereiras', a French look-alike Villa located in the heart of Goa, is exactly the vibe you want in your Goan house. The beautiful villa has two bedrooms, with one bedroom having access to a private verandah overlooking lush gardens. There is a quiet lake nearby and its location amidst a lot of greenery and surrounding hills is absolutely perfect for those tranquil holiday moments.

Where? - Vasco da Gama, Goa, India

What's coolest? - Home cooked meals for that extra delightful taste of Goa available on request. (Good things in life sometimes are not free like this meal. ;) )

How much? - INR 938/- Per Night

What's free? - parking

When's the check-in? - 2 PM - 11 PM

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6. Kingsley’s House In A Quiet Goan Village

media_gallery-2019-05-2-11-Kingsley___s123_511d52cf6f92ae48d319c3d14a884afb.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

If you are a bunch of friends visiting Goa and are on a lookout for a spacious Goan house, this is certainly the one you should go for. It accommodates around 10 people and the owner is pretty cool to provide extra mattresses just in case there are extra guests. Clean, calm and close to nature, this place provides a great value for money.     

Where? - Guirim, Goa, India

What's coolest? - Pets allowed, Wheelchair accessible

How much? - INR 1072/- Per Night

What's free? - parking, kitchen

When's the check-in? - After 11 AM

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7. Gitane’s Cozy Old Goan Room In Calangute

media_gallery-2019-05-2-11-Gitane___s123_229cef4e47ae58c64c2cd9c2a098fee4.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

This place is a cozy little bedroom with a double bed, an attached bathroom, and a really cute private sit-out. The owners have friendly dogs, so if you are dog-lovers, you are in for a fun treat. The owners are kind enough to show you around the quaint hidden Goan places that very few people are aware of. Cool, isn't it?  

Where? - Calangute, Goa, India

What's coolest? - The Calangute beach just 5 mins away. A 10% discount to the owner's micro-brewery restaurant.  

How much? - INR 1474/- Per Night

What's free? - parking

When's the check-in? - 2 PM - 10 PM

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8. Kirsty’s Plush Studio Near Calangute Beach

media_gallery-2019-05-2-11-Kirsty___s123_70c21bc60c72a45e10c320f00d3e941b.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Sometimes, the best way to experience a holiday is to live in a studio apartment all by yourself without worrying about the housekeeping knocking at your doors at wrong hours. If you are on a holiday like this, Kirsty's studio apartment is the place to go for. This furnished high standard place ensures a comfortable stay for the guests. The Calangute beach is just 10 mins away and is connected to all the local shops you'll need during your stay here. What more? You'll have easy access to Anjuna Flea Market and Arpora Saturday Nights which will give you one more reason to opt for this place.

Where? - Calangute, Goa, India

What's coolest? - Swimming Pool, garden and a roof terrace.

How much? - INR 1809/- Per Night

What's free? - kitchen, wi-fi

When's the check-in? - After 2 PM

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9. Sujeet & Jolyn Sea-facing apartment in South Goa

media_gallery-2019-05-2-11-Sujeet123_86c3e231d47b4212efef4a7f8d5e0766.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Sujeet and Jolyn's sea facing apartment is one of the best choices in Goa, especially if you are planning to explore South Goa on your trip. Located at just a 10 mins walk away from Benaulim beach, this fully furnished apartment gives access to the lavish of the amenities you'll want in your house in Goa. There is a 5-star restaurant named Cavatina just below the apartment and the Taj Exotica and Joecons resorts just down the lane make for a wonderful location in the city. You can hire a bike and explore the area around in your own leisure time.

Where? - Benaulim, Goa, India

What's coolest? - Pets allowed, wheelchair accessible. 

How much? - INR 1541/- Per Night

What's free? - kitchen, wi-fi

When's the check-in? - After 2 PM

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10. Sue’s Pretty Apartment With A Private Sundeck

media_gallery-2019-05-2-11-Sue___s456_78e1d23951351e8d6b7a1527a4226c16.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Nestled within lush forests and surrounded by green hills, this premium 1 BHK is a European style complex built by the very famous builder, Acron, of Goa. The place is owned by a 70 years old retired couple and they make the best host if you ever plan to stay here in Goa. You'll be able to spot beautiful parrots and blue kingfisher and occasionally, even monkeys make their way to entertain. The Baga and Calangute beaches are just 15 mins away and you'll have access to the world famous night markets like the INGOs and Mackies. This place is a perfect rejoice in nature's lap and you would not ask for more, for you are in Goa.

Where? - Siolim, Bardez, Goa, India

What's coolest? - The house's private sundeck offers the most beautiful panoramic view of Goa. There is a clubhouse with sauna and jacuzzi, just in case!

How much? - INR 1206/- Per Night

What's free? - kitchen, gym, parking, swimming pool

When's the check-in? - After 3 PM 

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They say that the tan will fade but memories will last forever. So we hope your stay in these beautiful places becomes the best part of your memories in Goa and when you come back you’ll happily yell, "Mau zo gao Goa!”.

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