21 Best Honeymoon Resorts in India

By Fedora Lobo on Mar 06, 2019
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An idyllic honeymoon destination is something that’s a charming blend of nature and privacy that can immerse the magic in the atmosphere into the blossoming romance in your relationship. A honeymoon destination, especially the honeymoon resort, generally tends to become a cherishing memory for life as these moments can never be lived again, for the first time. The newness of a marriage and the shy in the eyes of your partner are the special some things you’d probably never see again.

The exclusiveness of this occasion demands an extravagant destination aloof from the world known to you, where it’s just you beneath the azure sky and twinkling stars, the flawless moon and the chills of night, staring into the eyes of the love of your life. India is an oasis of the most serene honeymoon resorts that exactly fit the criterion most honeymooners would set while picking an ideal honeymoon destination.

Here are 21 best honeymoon resorts in India for you.

1. Bungalow On the Beach, Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu

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No you’re not going to be entrapped with tourists at touristy spots clicking those cliché attractions and sparkling beaches. The Bungalow On the Beach, Tranquebar will in fact drive you away from all of that. The bungalow on the beach features well mowed lawns with beautiful lush plants on a vast piece of land pretending to be a hideout, considering it is miles away from ‘Trichy’. You and your better half could do your own thing here while you have the place to yourself.

A late evening sail under the majestic sky with shiny diamond-like stars would indeed be a great way to kick start your romantic honeymoon amid the soothing music of water.  You could also go skinny-dipping off the hotel’s virgin beach spending priceless time together exploring the many hidden personality traits in your spouse.

You could dive into a mysterious honeymoon in Tranquebar, at Bungalow On the Beach for just rupees 6,060/-

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2. Rainforest, Athirapally, Kerala

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You have to fight for this one. Ultimate privacy at the single treehouse with panoramic views of the city and exquisite close-ups of the Athirapally Falls. The treehouse is well designed exclusively for couples as it can accommodate only 2 people at a time.

You’d have to early book to enjoy this treehouse at rupees 20,000/- a night in Kerala.

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3. The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

best resort for honeymoon in AgraPC: Booking.com

Celebrate your honeymoon closest to the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal, at The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra. love is in the air at The Oberoi Amarvilas, as the resort features rooms from where you can see the glistening white marble beauty. You can also see the Mahal from the bath tub. To make the best of the honeymoon, book the Kohinoor suite where the views are clear and undisturbed. Otherwise you could also enjoy an ordinary room at the resort with more or less the same features.

The Kohinoor suite is 7.5 lakhs a night while the other rooms can be booked at 65,000 a night.

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4. Butt’s Clermont Houseboats, Srinagar

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The Dal lake presents a honeymoon on a houseboat for those love birds that long for privacy and a romantic set up. Nestled in a corner of the lake are posh houseboats furnished in wood and well carved wooden pieces. The chills of Srinagar and the crystal like waters on which the houseboats rest simply set the romance in the atmosphere. While you stare in the distance you’d personify the snow caped mountains as smiling faces celebrating the budding love between you and your spouse.

You could sail over the mirror like lake at just rupees 13,200/- a night.

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5. Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Darjeeling - some of the best honeymoon resorts in IndiaPhoto by David Edwards

On the banks of a river, in Darjeeling, you have this sumptuous resort in colonial style architecture, lavish and elegant. The views from the resort are spectacular with massive mountains dressed in dense green. A campfire by the river with your significant half would sure make for a romantic time.

You could indulge in the luxury at Glenburn Tea Estate for rupees 33000/- a night with food and nonalcoholic beverages on the house.

6. Devi Garh by Lebua, Udaipur

Udaipur resorts for honeymoonPC: Booking.com

Step into luxury at the lavish palace hotel near Udaipur. Perched on a cliff, the Devi Garh by Lebua, features a sundeck and a black marble pool. The views of sunrise and sunset across the Aravalli mountain range from the sundeck serve as romantic pills to newlyweds especially.

You can enjoy all of the above at approximately rupees 20,000/- per night.

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7. Atmantan, Pune

PC: atmantan.com

If you want to have a honeymoon that will also be a wellness vacation, Atmantan can be your pick. The resort serves as a perfect retreat that will rejuvenate your mind, body, soul after a hectic wedding. With its world-class therapies, spa treatments and well-chalked out itineraries that include all meals planned to suit your and your spouses’ preferences, Atmantan redefines luxury and wellness. As you indulge into its relaxing spas or enjoy dip in the in-house pool overlooking beautiful mountains and the waters of Mulshi, you can have a quality time with your loved one and start an enticing journey to look forward to!

This wellness resort inclusive of stay, meals, spas, therapies and treatments under world-class therapists awaits you at rupees 28,000/- per night per couple. 

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8. The Machan, Lonavala

Lonavala - Best resorts for honeymoon in IndiaPC: Booking.com

What better than a hill station could perfect your honeymoon? Away from the busy cities of Pune and Mumbai is the gorgeous hill station exhibiting stunning views and processing an exhilarating weather. The Machan resort features treehouses with panoramic views overlooking the lush hilly surroundings.

Nature, privacy and a romantic set all for rupees 8000/- a night at The Machan, Lonavala.

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9. Ahilya Fort Maheshwar - Madhya Pradesh

honeymoon resorts in Madhya PradeshPhoto by Bernard Gagnon

A historic destination in my opinion would be an out of the box spot to be honeymooning at. Imagine a royal décor with plush whitewashed walls and thick bougainvillea bushes hugging the courtyard while you take a glance from your wood fenced balcony at the mysterious waters kissing the foot of your fort. While you are already feeling like a king with your queen at this gorgeous resort, you can choose a suite that once was occupied by the Maratha queen Ahilya Bai Holkar and enjoy the royal cuisine cooked in what was a modern style of cooking decades and decades ago.

You can enjoy a king-size honeymoon at Ahilya Fortaheshwar for about rupees18,350/- a night.

10. The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambhore

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Nature beckons in a tent with plush interiors and teak wood floors. The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambhore is adventure and luxury served in one plate. You could live the wild honeymoon at this elegant resort spotting tigers on a drive into Ranthambore at dawn. The sumptuous bathroom is equipped with a luxurious bathtub and of course, wooden flooring. ‘A Honeymooners Paradise’ would easily pass for an alias name to The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambhore.

Step into a lavish paradise at rupees 65,000/- or more at The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambhore.

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11. Barefoot at Havelock, Andaman Islands

Best resorts in India for honeymoon at AndamanPhoto

One of Havelock’s best, Barefoot at Havelock is just a stone throw away from the gorgeous Radhanagar beach. The resort has only 19 cottages and villas designed in tribal architecture. The honeymoon spot is ideal for snorkeling, fishing and a lot more. The isolated resort is stuffed with peace and tranquility showering its guests with a whole lot of privacy. There are hammocks to leisurely swing on while you douse into the romance that shrouds the atmosphere.

Enjoy the privacy at the island at rupees 11,000 per night.

12. Shakti Ladakh


Get romantic in a village with an isolated stay pouring privacy into your room. The gorgeous scenery surrounding Shakti, is an exquisite view. You could stare into the night sky sequenced with glittery stars, sipping on some alcohol with your significant half and the night only gets better from here.

Shakti Ladakh offers weekly packages for 2.5 lakhs a person per night.

13. Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort, Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh


Imagine spas, yoga and meditation on a honeymoon. That’s something off the track, but hey, it is something you should try as well. While you relax the mind, body and soul and focus on the flow of energy, your grasping vibes and enjoying the current moment with a different perception altogether. If, that isn’t what you’d want to try on a honeymoon, the infinity pool bar and pavilion is always there to spice the night for you. The terrace area and the luxury bath tubs will sure woo your senses while the Himalayan sky will serve as a soothing blanket under which you can admire the twinkling starts.

The sumptuous décor and the glorious surroundings of Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort, Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, await you at rupees 16,000/- a night.

14. The Tamara Coorg

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Honeymooning in the dense coffee plantations can be a delightful treat to yourself and spouse. The plantation stretch would feel like a green carpet while the entire area would feel ensnared by nature. The Tamara in Coorg is a line of exquisite, lavish cottages with a sundeck and various luxurious amenities.

Sip on a cup of coffee brewed from freshly ground seeds while you spend a couple of nights at The Tamara Coorg for rupees 18,000/- as tariff.

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15. Wildflower Hall, Shimla in The Himalayas

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Perched on a cliff overlooking the green depth of a valley and the snowcapped Pir Panjal and Nanda Devi mountain ranges. The rooms are furnished in lavish teak wood and a fireplace to keep you and your spouse cozy on those long, chilly winter night. There’s an indoor heating pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi from where you can feast your eyes on the cedar forest and the mountain ranges. You can’t ask for a more romantic set!

Enjoy these exhilarating views in Shimla at rupees 33,000/- a night.

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16. Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

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Feel like you’ve traveled back in time with your spouse at the Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. The marble work, crystal chandeliers, antiques and old fashioned wall paintings, this palace is bound to capture your heart.

Splurge on luxury, while you live a fairytale honeymoon with your better half accompanied by jazz music and candle light dinner at the palace for rupees 40,000 a night.

17. Elsewhere, Goa

Goa is known for its beautiful beaches that are mobbed by tourists for most of the year. However, Elsewhere is slightly different. Where you have beach facing resorts in the state, Elsewhere is enclosed by beaches on all four sides. Not crowded or horded by tourists the fine bungalow is a nest of privacy with the romantic beach side to enhance your honeymoon.

You could spend a couple of romantic nights here with your spouse at rupees 10000/- per night.

18. Ri Kynjai Serenity by The Lake, Shillong


Overlooking the mystic Umiam Lake Ri Kynjai Serenity by The Lake, Shillong, is an ideal romantic resort for honeymooners. You could relax at the spa if you feel like getting yourself pampered or go trek the Khasi hills if you feel adventurous. You and your spouse could simply enjoy the serenity of nature while you comprehend the hidden traits and tendencies in each other.

Drench yourself in a huge splash of nature for rupees 7000/- a night at Ri Kynjai Serenity by The Lake, Shillong

19. The Lalit Resort & Spa Bekal, Kerala

PC: Booking.com

The 26-acre dense green stretch with waving palm trees and the enticing backwaters lure newlyweds as it naturally sets in a romantic space for them. Yummy cocktails to get you tipsy and relaxing massages to get you high on tranquility, is what The Lalit Resort & Spa Bekal, Kerala is popular for. The resort is quite secluded and the natural beauty of its surroundings surely amp the seduction in the atmosphere.

The best of The Lalit Resort & Spa Bekal, Kerala is served at rupees 12,800 per night.

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20. The Serai Chikmagalur, Karnataka

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The prodigal amenities at The Serai Chikmagalur, Karnataka include Jacuzzis, pools, and a lot more. The exuberant rolling plantations, paddy fields and more add to the sumptuous views from the window pane. You can walk the lonely field with your spouse hand in hand or indulge in a deep-tissue massage to ease your nerves, everything feels romantic at The Serai Chikmagalur in Karnataka.

You could dive into the world of natural beauty at rupees 39,000 for 2 nights.

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21. Wildernest Nature Resort, Goa

Meet the calmer side of Goa in a resort up the hills on the Western Ghat pouring nature into your very room. The Wildernest Nature Resort, Goa has beautiful waterfalls on display as you peep out of your window. While there is much to do in the secluded nest, you of course have a lot of time to focus on your better half with no one to invade your privacy. Trekking the hills is something you can enjoy with your spouse away from the tourist hustle and bustle and every time beaches in the city.

You could fall into nature’s lap for about rupees 7000/- a night at Wildernest Nature Resort, Goa

A honeymoon overseas may probably give you a different experience but a honeymoon in your own country away from the familiar faces is something out of the box. Explore the gorgeousness of India while you unleash the hidden romantic gems in the many secluded untouched areas across the country.

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