Best Ideas for Valentine's Day in London

Best Ideas for Valentine's Day in London

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Many people think of Paris, Rome, or Swiss when it comes to "Romance", but my friend, no place can be as unique as London. From wonderful theatres to glorious buildings, from rose-carpeted gardens to shops laden with romantic gifts, London is, indeed, a great place to celebrate Valentine's Day. Go on a Hot Date, buy some heart-shaped chocolates, or take a romantic walk to masked balls, London is the place where you can give your love-story an entire new height. This alluring city offers you everything to celebrate love: a romantic evening by the river, cozy pubs, and plenty of restaurants for a Valentine’s Day date.

Romantic Restaurants, Events and Date Ideas in London For Valentines Day

1. Start the day with "Glorious Greenwich"

No Valentine’s Day could ever be better than enjoying a romantic boat ride on the calm and fresh waters of Thames. The gorgeous waterways of the famous Royal Borough of Greenwich will make you forget Venice. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Painted Hall to pay tribute to the most loving ruling couple William and Mary. Enjoy the Thames River Cruise Lunch as well! 

2. Propose your partner in Little Venice

So, even after your boat ride in Greenwich if you miss Venice, London has its own Little Venice for you. Proposing your partner in the colorful houseboat surrounded by the tranquil waters is surely the most romantic thing to do in London.

3. Make your romance special in the Richmond Park

The Richmond Park, UK is home to the famous Isabella Plantation and a walk through the ancient Oak trees and the landscaped gardens of this park will make your romantic date a fairytale effect. Having a glass of Prosecco or champagne will add more charm to your date. 

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4. Lunch at St. Katherine's Dock

St. Katherine’s Dock restaurants are the best places to have lunch on Valentine’s afternoon. Every restaurant in St. Katherine’s Dock is a prestigious gem and offers stunning views of the London Tower, River Thames, and other architectural wonders. 

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5. Attend the annual Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens

If you are wondering how to surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend on Valentine Day, it would be a great idea to surprise them by booking the tickets to Prince of Wales Conservatory at Kew Gardens in West London. The colorful flowers will surely make your partner delighted. 

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6. Gift a beautiful bunch of flowers at Columbia Road Flower Market.

After a visit to the Orchids Festival, nothing can be more pleasant than gifting your partner some fresh flowers. Head to East London and visit Columbia Road Flower Market. In addition to flowers, you can also buy jewelry, antiques, cupcakes, or artistic items for your loved one. The Columbia Road flower market opening time is 8 am and it closes at 3 pm. 

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7. Watch a show in London theatres.

If you want your Valentine’s Day 2018 to be unique and special, you can also book tickets to some great shows in London theatres. Watch Aladdin at Prince Edward Theatre or Dreamgirls at Savoy, London theatres are awesome places to spend quality time with your partner.

8. Take a romantic tour of a brewery.

The Valentines weekend packages in London often come with a romantic tour of the breweries. These tours offer a romantic afternoon or evening with your loved one in the fresh fragrance of cardamom, saffron, and basil-infused brews. You can also plan to stay in one of the charming cottages close to the breweries.

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9. Fall in love again at Magical Marylebone.

Marylebone is one of the best Valentines weekend getaways in London. Take a tour of the Wallace Collection, visit the Marylebone Church, or spend some quality time with your loved one in Queen Mary Rose Garden, the romantic vibe of Marylebone will make you fall in love again. 

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10. Whisper loving words in St Paul’s Whispering Gallery.

A visit to St. paul’s Whispering Gallery will make your Valentine’s Day more special. The unique construction of this gallery which has a circular, hemispherical, elliptical or ellipsoidal enclosure makes the walls create a whispering sound. How about whispering “I love you” to your partner here?

11. Enjoy the panorama from the Emirates Air Line cable car.

If you are looking for all inclusive Valentine's Day packages in London, they must surely include a ride by Emirates Air Line cable car. Enjoying the panoramic views of the city of London from a great height is something you both will cherish for long.

12. Spend a night hoping around the Late Museums.

Fresh breeze, a glass of wine in one hand while another one holding the hand of your significant other, and attending a cultural event late night in the Late Museums of London is, without doubt, a great way to end your Valentine’s Day. These museums in London often have wonderful Valentine Day event ideas and offer incredible late night shows. 

13. Explore the dark side of Love and attend the Valentine’s masked ball

Make your Valentine's Day 2018 special by attending this one-of-a-kind party in Coronet Theatre. This wonderful Valentine’s event is going to happen on 10th February 2018 this time and will start at 9 pm. Whether you are love struck or lovelorn, you ill love to be here. The youth from different corners of London gather here to celebrate the festival of cards and masks.

In addition to the things mentioned above, you can also enjoy the panoramic views at the Orbit, make a trip to Hampstead to see what the romantic poet Keats has to say about love, or watch a classic movie in the London cinema. Make the best of your Valentine’s 2018!

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