12 Indian Pickles To Spice Up any Mundane Meal

Pickling is the favorite summer pass time of mothers all around India. Traditional recipes are handed down generations and lots of memories and nostalgia is attached to this humble preparation. Across the many states of India, there is a huge variety of pickles that are made by households every year.

Here are few of the distinct types of pickles across the country:

1. Kair Pickle- Rajasthan

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This pickle is made of small berries called kair. It is made particularly in the winter season when kair is in abundance.

2. Prawn and Fish Pickles: Kerala

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Fish and prawn pickles are a specialty in Kerala. These pickles are even made of dried fish and taste brilliant with the subtle curries of the state.

3. Balchao Pickle : Goa

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Balchao is actually pickle in Portuguese. These pickles are made of seafood and are a traditional accompaniment with every meal.

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4. Chundo: Gujarat

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Gujaratis relish chundo, a sweet pickle made of mango, on their theplas and khakras. The chundo is left in the sun for days to let the sugar in it melt naturally.

5. Avakkai: Andhra Pradesh

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The Avakkai and the garlic pickle of Andhra Pradesh are fiery and hot. The mango avakkai is made by cutting the mango pieces in a specific way. The spiciness will get you for sure!

6. Narthangai Pickle: Tamil Nadu

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Narthangai is bitter orange or citron has a lot of medicinal value and is great for the digestive system. It is a staple in every Tamil household.

7. Mixed Pickle: Punjab

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Made in mustard oil, Punjabis make this pickle out of seasonal vegetables like carrots, and radish. It goes very well with hot, buttery parathas.

8. Apple Pickle: Kashmir

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Apples grow aplenty in Kashmir. Its little wonder then that they are pickled for preserving. This sweet and spicy pickle is great on bread or just by its own.

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9. Tok Misti Aamer Achar: West Bengal

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This sweet and sour pickle is made of mangoes. It is sweetened with jaggery instead of sugar.

10. Baah Gaaz & Bhoot Jolokia Achar: Assam

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Baah Gaaz,or bamboo shoot pickle is a must try from the state of Assam. The Bhoot Jolokia is made of a special chili found there called ghost chili.

11. Beef and Pork Pickle: Nagaland

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The people of Nagaland love their meat. Their beef and pork pickle is testimony to this. It is a part of every traditional Nagaland meal.

12. Stuffed Chili Pickles: Bihar

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Although many states make this pickle, Biharis are especially fond of the stuffed chili pickle. The chili loses its extreme heat after the pickling and what is left is a lovely spicy taste that goes well with any meal.

My favorite is the chundo from Gujarat. What are your pickle memories?

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