20 Best Indian Souvenirs That You Must Buy!

  • UPDATED Feb 16, 2018

When you visit India, a riot of colors, smells and sights welcome you. India has the ability to touch you and move you in a whole new way that you never imagined possible. How then, can you ever do justice to this magnificent land in the form of a few small souvenirs?

In this blog, we list the best Indian souvenirs that make excellent gifts for your friends and family. These products are native to India and are difficult to find anywhere else in the world. So update your shopping list with these things to buy in India:

1. Tanjore Paintings - The Best South Indian Souvenirs

Dating back centuries, the Tanjore form of painting is intricate and rare. The vivid colors and glittering gold will remind you of all the temples and palaces you visited in India.

Tip: Tamil Nadu is the best place to buy these paintings

Tanjore Paintings

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

2. Authentic Indian Curry Powder - A Traditional Indian Souvenir

Sure, you will find many packaged ones where you come from. But none of them will come close to the aroma, freshness and taste of the ones you can buy in India. Get ready to be puzzled by the variety of curry powders available here!

Tip: Take the garam masala powder as opposed to any other curry powder. It is versatile and goes with many meats and veggies.

Authentic Indian Curry Powder

Image Source:Foodista/flickr.com

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3. Kutch Embroidered Cushions - Best Gift From India

The embroidery from the Kutch region of Gujarat is vibrant and detailed. These cushions will look vivacious against the backdrop of your monotone sofa back home.

Tip: Buy from small boutiques rather than handicraft emporiums.

Kutch Embroidered Cushions - a must buy for your home

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

4. Indian Pickles - An Inexpensive Souvenir From India

What you know as pickles is about to change forever. Indian pickles are spicy, tangy and sweet all at the same time. From cucumbers to chicken, there isn’t an edible thing that we haven’t yet pickled. If you like a kick to your food, pickles are great to carry back.

Tip: Check with your airline if they are allowed entry in your country.

Indian Pickles

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

5. Ayurvedic Products - Must Buy Items

Ayurveda needs no justification. It has cured small to big diseases for millennia and draws its knowledge from ancient scriptures. Take along some ayurvedic products for your hair, skin or body. 

Tip: Check with your dermatologist if you suffer from any allergies.

Ayurvedic Products - for your good health

Image Source: Pixabay.com

6. Indian Classical Music - Best Indian Souvenirs For Foreigners

Indian Classical music is unlike anything you have ever heard. The flute and sitar instrumentals will pull at your heart strings every time you hear it. Buy a CD for yourself or a close friend. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even buy a typical Indian musical instrument as a souvenir. 

Tip: Don't forget to listen to a sample of the music you are buying. Fusion sounds good too.

Indian Classical Music instruments

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

7. Masala Tea Powder - Small Gift To Bring Back From India

You've loved Indian tea since before you visited India. Here is your chance to replicate it at home. Buy the spice powder that is usually used in making tea by most households in India. A great way to tread through a winter day!

Tip: There are various types available. You can choose the one that smells the best to you.

Masala Tea Powder

Image Source: Pixabay.com

8. Assamese Silk - Popular Gift Item From India

Assam is very well known for its silk production. The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous and are often woven with gold and silver threads. Buy a scarf or a jacket made of Assamese silk to make an impression back home.

Tip: Buy some fabric and get your outfit tailored to your liking.

Assamese Silk

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

9. Kondapalli Toys - A Cool Thing To Buy In India

These colorful toys have been around for many years. The toys are made of wood and ceramic and have carved a niche of their own in the beaten souvenir market. They generally resemble gods or goddesses and are traditionally made by women during festivals.

Tip: Buy the bobble-head dancing women.

Kondapalli Toys

Image Source: Balamurugan Natarajan/flickr.com

10. Eucalyptus Oil - For Good Health

The next time you have a dreaded cold, don’t pop a pill. Do it the Indian way sniff some eucalyptus oil from a handkerchief or put it in steaming water and take a nice big whiff. The benefits of eucalyptus oil are far too many to list here. From playing an anti-depressant to the remedy for dental plaque, eucalyptus or nilgiri as it is called has been used for many years in Indian science.

Tip: Consult your doctor if you have any allergies.

Eucalyptus Oil

Image Source: Pixabay.com

11. Handloom Carpets - A Typical Indian Souvenir

Indian carpets are radiant, rich and way too cheap for something so pretty. There are a number of shops selling them and the competition only means that you will get a good bargain if you fight for it. 

Tip: Buy traditional Indian colors and prints

Handloom Carpets

Image Source: ali reza/flickr.com

12. Indian Sweets - Top Souvenir To Bring Back From India

Indian Sweets are nothing like the desserts you will try in any other part of the world. From mango to pistachio to cottage cheese, they are made of many ingredients and the variety you find here is simply baffling. Take home a box of authentic Indian sweets as the perfect, inexpensive gift for your friends.

Tip: Buy sweets that have high shelf life, like the ones made of cashews. Confused about what to buy? Read our blog on Traditional Sweets in India.

Indian Sweets

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

13. Indian Puppets - A Rajasthani Souvenir

Katputlis as they are called are incredibly cute and chances are that you caught a show or two of these on your visit here. They usually come in couples and make for great wall hangings. The best ones are from Rajasthan.

Tip: They sell for very cheap on the street side markets in Rajasthan.

Indian Puppets

Image Source: Roberto Faccenda/flickr.com

14. Terracotta - The Most Attractive Gift

Terracotta takes many shapes and sizes in India. From pots and pans to toys, terracotta souvenirs are very Indian and rustic. You can even buy wall hangings and chimes made of terracotta that can be bought at really reasonable rates all over the country.

Tip: The big malls and shops will rip you off for these. It is best to buy them on the street.


Image Source: Pixabay.com

15. Kerala Whole Spices - Perfect Souvenir To Gift

Nowhere in the world do spices smell so fresh and aromatic as in India. Kerala still produces the best whole spices in the world and it will be a shame if you didn’t take some back with you.

Tip: Spices stay fresh for a long time if stored well.

Kerala Whole Spices

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

16. Dhokra Art  - rustic Jharkhand contrasted in sophistication

Dhokra Art

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Expand your collection of artworks from the country by adding some Dhokra art products. These brass objects, often in the shape of animals and graceful figurines, are very catchy and exclusive to the tribal art of Jharkhand. You will find Dhokra objects in the form of metallic animals, bowls or even religious images.

Tip: Try and catch the making of these artefacts. It is this process that makes them unique.

17. Bidri Items - Relics of Karnataka

Bidri Items

Image Source: Ashley Van Haeften/flickr.com

Splurge in the gorgeous black and silver metalware made in the town of Bidar in Karnataka. These Bidri objects are perfect for gifting and can add a special glow wherever you place them. Each of the items are crafted by hand and cast a royal feel in any normal setting.

Tip: Bidriware is also available in day-to-day use objects like lockets, paper clips, pen stands, envelope openers etc.

18. Pearls - the Shine from Telangana


Image Source: Pixabay.com

Apart from diamonds, pearls also have a strong fascination for women all over the world. Check out the beautiful colours incorporated into these shiny beads. You can either buy the pearls or various pieces of jewellery made using them.

Tip: You can check the quality of the pearl by holding it against light. A good quality pearl will reflect a sky-blue colour light.19.

19. Stone Carved Products  - Traditions of Manipur 

Stone Carved Products

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Stone carved vessels and household objects from Manipur are extremely sturdy and beautiful, yet very hard to find even in India. Despite being made from stone, these objects are shiny and decorated with crazy patterns. 

Tips: Stone vessels impart a wonderful taste to food cooked or served in them.

20. Pashmina - the warmth of Kashmir

Pashmina - the rich clothing item to buy

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Popularly known as cashmere in the rest of the world, Pashmina is the fabric woven in the cold environs of Kashmir. The warmth brought about by this fabric is unbeatable, and so is its softness. You may find cheap replicas of this fabric in the world, but Kashmir still holds the patent for the most authentic Pashmina.

Tip: Choose from shawls, scarves, and wraps made from Pashmina. They supply the best warmth.

Although memories are the best souvenirs to take back from a trip, these gifts will make thoughtful souvenirs for your home and friends.

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