10 Best Islands In Europe

By Rohin Raj on Mar 06, 2019
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Here are 10 best islands in Europe that any traveler can’t possibly afford to miss out on!

1. Santorini, Greece: The Volcano Island

Arguably one of the most popular European destinations, Santorini has been ranked as the world’s top island destination so many times, that now probably all travel magazines are tired of stating the obvious! Because of a massive volcanic eruption that occurred in the ancient times the whole island is abundant with a plethora of astonishingly beautiful natural attractions like a giant rectangular lagoon surrounded by cliffs from 3 sides, black textured beach and cave-houses. The island is a wonderful mix of historical, cultural and natural beauty and offers a very relaxed and serene atmosphere to all visiting tourists.

2. Capri, Italy: The Trend-Setter Island

Capri is a legendary tourist island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the coast of mainland Italy. It has enjoyed the status of being a tourist hotspot since the Roman Era and continues to be one of the most visited holiday destination in Europe till date. The island is so popular that a popular type of pant has been in fact named after it! Places to visit in Capri are one of the most beautiful in Europe, especially the strikingly, clear blue water, gorgeous natural caves and the spectacular harbours. All these reasons ensure that thousands of tourists visit this gorgeous island every day throughout the year.

3. Jersey, Channel Islands: The Land of Adventures

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The Jersey Island is a part of the Channel Islands, in fact the largest one, and is a haven for tourists who are looking out for a holiday destination which has more adventurous things to do than just simple sightseeing, sunbathing and swimming. The year-round temperate weather, rich history and avenues for a number of watersports make Jersey perfect for thrill-seeking vacationers. Apart from these natural attractions, structures like the Jersey War Tunnels from World War II, museums and other historic buildings also make up for great sightseeing opportunities.

4. Majorca, Spain: Beachgoer's Delight!

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Boasting of some of the best beaches in Europe, Majorca or Mallorca as it is also called is the biggest island amongst the Balearic Islands of Spain. It is also one of the best islands in Europe for vacation and is so spectacular that even the Spanish Royal Family prefers spending their summer holidays here. The magnificent coastline is inundated with countless number of beach resorts and there are various opportunities for pursuing a number of wonderful water sports. In the very centre of the island, tourists can also find a number of wineries which have still stuck to traditional Spanish wine-making techniques.

5. Corsica, France: The Isle of Beauty

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The island of Corsica has a particular charm associated with it that has attracted visitors to its sandy shores from all corners of the world since times immemorial. And with its incredible geographical features, diverse terrains and plethora of breathtaking attractions, Corsica has something or the other to offer to even the pickiest tourist. Some of the incredible gems of Corsica that are a reason for its undying appeal are the pristine beaches, mesmerizing valleys, lush green forests and charmingly rustic villages. 

6. Gozo, Malta: A Rendevous With History

Gozo is an island in the Republic of Malta, which is itself one of the island countries in Europe, and is home to some of the best beaches and luxury resorts in Europe. The weather here is excellent with a lot of sunny days throughout the year and spectacular, clear blue water all around. Another reason for Gozo and Malta’s high popularity amongst tourists is its ancient history which dates back to thousands of years and the signs of which can still be found spread over the various islands. Visit this island located in the Mediterranean for a blast of colors, culture and unfathomable sights!

7. Gran Canaria - Canary Islands, Spain: The Mini Continent

Gran Canaria is just one of the many magnificent islands that form the gorgeous Canary Islands and is inundated with mesmerizing geographical features, wildlife habitats and luxurious resorts. The unique feature of Gran Canaria is that each part of the island has a different terrain and its own particular features. The eastern portion is reputed for its beaches while the western side has a rocky terrain. The beaches here are especially popular and have white sand with crystal clear water flowing in waves to the shore. Definitely what paradise on Earth would look like!

8. Rhodes, Greece: The Island of Roses

The largest of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes is a major crowd puller and an extremely popular holiday destination, thanks to its sandy beaches, gardens, mountainous terrain and the presence of a number of resorts and clubs spread over the entire island. The reason Rhodes is such a popular tourist hotspot is because it one of those island vacation destinations that can cater to any kind of audience be it a family with kids, college youths or just a couple looking for a honeymoon in Greece. The island has a multitude of options ranging from historical sites, secluded resorts to awesome nightclubs that are sure to make your visit to Rhodes super special!

9. Ibiza, Spain: Where The Party Never Ends

Ibiza is one island destination that hardly needs any introduction. The island is synonymous with partying, nightlife and electro music. For these express reasons Ibiza has gained a formidable reputation of being the biggest party destination in Europe! Various artists and bands have recorded songs detailing their personal experiences or the island’s effect on them, further solidifying and glorifying the Ibiza lifestyle. Some of the biggest and most popular DJs are regular performers at the many nightclubs spread over the entire island! But don’t let this discourage tourists who aren’t much into partying, as the island has a multitude of attractions, both natural and historical that is sure to make your visit a memorable one.

10. Madeira Islands, Portugal: The Golden European Islands

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The Madeira Islands lie southwest of Portugal and are famed far and wide for their exquisite natural beauty and wonderful tropical climate that doesn’t vary much throughout the year. The island has a number of must visit, delightful gardens, jaw-dropping landscapes and fascinating varieties of wildlife. Excellent beaches with glittering, golden sand mark the entire coastline and have great water-sport opportunities. The panoramic views, diverse flora and fauna and the spectacularly blue water are overwhelming experiences for even the most seasoned travelers!
Do you agree that these are probably some of the best islands in Europe that one can visit? Did we miss out on some of your favorite ones? Do tell us by writing in the comments section below!

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