Best Islands in Illinois To Visit in 2018

Illinois is located in the Midwest, and has several small and big cities including Chicago. It has thick covers of forests, greenery and is a very beautiful place for any tourist. The city is full of museums and cafes. Even the islands are extremely popular. Here is a list of the best islands in Illinois.

1. Beaver Island

One can reach this island by taking a ferry. In the middle of vast expanse of beauty, this island is where you can rest your weary soul. It has many small shops, and bicycles and skates are the major means of commute within the island, and therefore bringing cars can make touring easier. White fish stars are a very common food item here. They are caught and cooked freshly and is a delicacy in almost every restaurant.

2. Stout’s island

The wealthy Stout family bought this island in 1903. They called it the “island of happy days.” This family still owns a mansion there with over 43 rooms. This mansion has numerous old pictures and shinning hardwood floors. The food is mouth watering. Tourists can chose from a wide range of options including stakes, burgers, soup and salads.

3. Republic island

Guests can enjoy “camping” in the truest sense of the word, in this island. The island is covered with tall trees, wood cabins, boat rides and fences. One can stay in this island for the weekend and enjoy barbeques and grilled food, while lying around on a hammock, in true country fashion.

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4. Ludlow island 

This island has multiple resorts and eating places. Taking a ferry is the most convenient way to reach this island. One of the most popular resorts of this island is the dream catcher cabin. It is a tall wooded building, and is said to be one of the most attractive cabins across. It is very popular with the tourists, who love its unique exteriors.

5. Mackinac island

This island is very popular with the tourists due to its facilities. It has resorts and cabins, that offer opportunities to play golf, or get a spa treatment and unwind, amongst other things. One can even go for horse riding, buggy rides or shopping. There are four five star hotels, along with a number of family restaurants that serve the choicest of delicacies. One can chose any, depending upon one’s budget.

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6. Xanadu island

This island is the perfect place if you enjoy boating activities. One can lay out and spend leisure time fishing and talking. There are multiple places to eat, and one can enjoy the local dishes at any restaurant. The menu is wide, and the prices are affordable. This island is the best plae for yu if you want to sit back and enjoy.

7. Nicollet Island

This island has a romantic feel to it. It is covered with purple and white blossoms, and the air is fragrant and sweet. It has a number of trails and parks, where one can enjoy a stroll with a loved one. There are many stores here, which sell antiques, and the streets have an old Victorian look to them. It is a perfect romantic getaway.

To conclude, these islands are the epitome of beauty and serenity, and are a must visit for anyone who tours to the city.

8. Rock Island

Rock Island is a place with diverse community that is filled with a plethora of cultural activity. it covers mostly the rural group of people who take pride in maintaining their ethnicity. There are a plenty of day trip locations that can turn out be quite adventurous.

This island is popular for shopping antiques and other items. The fooding options are in numbers and it is not just about the variety, they are delicious too. 

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9. Blue island 

Blue island has a diverse group of people with their traditional festivals, which make this place a must visit. Also, with people from different culture and location interpersing together accounts for an array of restaurants and hotels offering delicious cuisines pertaining to their traditional likings.

There a lot of places for exploration and adventure and the lake Katherine nature center is a perfect place to begin with. The calms and serenity of the lake takes individual to a different zone altogether.     


Coming to Illinois and visiting some of its best islands can be a perfect escape from the regular painstaking life. It demands you to be on your feet all the time and gives almost no chance to relax. But let the truth be told, all of us somewhere deep inside crave for that perfect getaway to relax and just assimilate our thoughts on life and ourselves amidst the beauty of nature.


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