10 Best Islands In Thailand For Honeymoon

By Seema Nande on Jan 31, 2019
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There are more reasons than one to choose Thailand as your honeymoon destination. While splendid beauty is obviously the primary one, what makes Thailand the go-to destination for couples from all around the world? Factors like easy on the wallet, the soothing Buddhist culture, safety in spite of chaotic politics, spectacular wildlife, exotic islands, warm and sunny weather, great accommodations, superb shopping and a pulsating nightlife, attract global tourists. All this together makes Thailand a smooth blend of serenity along with vivacity. Additionally, visa on arrival, super rejuvenating spa treatments, some really whacky activities, and many charming places to visit in Thailand for honeymoon make it a popular destination for newly weds.

A honeymoon couldn't get better with the amalgamation of these factors! If you seek something off the mainstream jazz, we list for you the best islands in Thailand for honeymoon, so you can adhere to the much-needed TLC.

1. Hua Hin - The paragon of romantic places in Thailand

Hua Hin - the best island in thailand for honeymoon

Essentially a beach resort town, Hua Hin is a magnificent melange of architecture, culture, shopping, and food. A national favorite, the Thais holidayed here much before the commercialization of the country as a tourism hotspot. Undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Thailand for a honeymoon. just surrender and let Hua Hin take over you two. Checking in one of the resorts will leave you with the opportunity to just unwind and take time off before you venture out to explore the night market, Sam Pan Nam Floating Market, Cicada Market Cha-am, and the Spa Patcharapat. Some great watersports on the 5-kilometer long beach, are fun to undertake with your better half. For those who like to take the off-beaten path, boat rides to other nearby islands are available too. Fishing trips and the Sam Roi Yot National Park are some good ideas as well.

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2. Krabi - Quintessential 'Honeymoon in Thailand'

Voted as one of the best islands in Thailand for a honeymoon, over and over again. With ample of things to do in Krabi, the island doesn’t cease to surprise visitors, new and old alike. Look forward to beautiful vistas of limestone hills, mangrove swamps, and rubber plantations. A total of 130 big and smalls islands build the Krabi region. The smaller islands are good for day trips, while the bigger ones are great for water sports and leisure. Less popular than Samui and Phuket, Krabi benefits as a not-very-crowded destination. Love-struck couples are Adam and Eve in their own right here, given the pristineness and picturesque landscapes of caves, coral reefs, and untouched beaches.

3. Chiang Mai - an epitome of serenity

Chiang Mai - famous honeymoon destination in Thailand

Bequeathed amidst high range mountains and tribal villages, Chiang Mai is one of the most romantic places in Thailand. Being North Thailand’s capital, it is the epitome of serenity complete with temples galore. Blissfully calm and laid-back, this is easily one of the best places to visit in Thailand for honeymoon. With numerous activities for one to do here, you can choose to not do anything and just stroll around the backstreets. Also referred to as "the rose of the north", this once sleepy area is today's hotspot for tourists.

4. Koh Lipe - An intimate honeymoon on a hidden island

Thailand has so many islands, that many of them are still undiscovered. As much as we would like to keep it that way, we also want you to experience the best and so Koh Lipe one of the many secret islands of Thailand, finds a place on this list! Afloat in the Andaman Sea, the island is situated in the Satun Province of southwest Thailand, close to the Malaysian border. Lined with vibrant green rainforests and teeming with fauna, Koh Lipe is encompassed by healthy coral reefs and radiant white beaches. Having a good assortment of budget, standard and luxury accommodations to suit every requirement, this destination is perfect for a honeymoon in Thailand.

Visit these Hidden islands of Thailand on your honeymoon.

5. Similan Islands - the much-needed respite from the wedding frenzy

honeymoon island in ThailandPC: pixabay.com

Counted as among the 10 most interesting dive areas in the world, Similan is located 84 kilometers from Phuket. Not open throughout the year, these islands are an exquisite sight. Generally, open from 15th October until 15th May, the actual dates, however, vary annually. Less popular than the Krabi and Phang Nga Ba, Similan is distinctive with low-lying formations covered by thick forest. Huge boulders and white coral-sand beaches form the panoramas of this destination. The rich underwater marine life takes the experience, a notch higher.

Check Hotels Near Similan Islands

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6. Koh Samui - Ultimate luxury honeymoon destination in Thailand

Previously a backpacker’s verdant favorite, given its cheap beach shacks and full-moon parties, today Koh Samui is the luxury honeymoon destination in Thailand. Excellent world class hotels, one-of-its-kind spas, lip-smacking global cuisine, yoga retreats, and great adventure activities make Koh Samui the picture-perfect honeymoon spot. Painting a picture of an idealistic Thai beach holiday, are great accommodation options like super-luxe hotels, beach clubs, and Michelin-starred restaurants! Revel with your better half on the white sands or go crazy at one of the many full moon parties, only to amplify your memories of the honeymoon.

7. Koh Phangan - For that cozy honeymoon in Thailand

If you want to skip Koh Samui’s commercialization for something more laid back, yet not miss the moon parties. This is the place to be. Koh Phangan is a sleepy sweet spot perfect for cozy cuddles with your spouse. Upscale resorts to bungalows-on-rent, you will be spoilt for choice. The ideal thing to do here perhaps would be, dance the night away at one of the parties and follow the day up, with some lazy sunbathing on the pristine beaches as a Thai masseuse works on your sore body! The Sadet-Ko Pha Ngan National Park is a great attraction here. In the interiors of the island are some beautiful lakes and waterfalls, you should absolutely visit.

8. Koh Chang - One of the best islands in Thailand for honeymoon

Thailand's second largest island and the biggest in Eastern Thailand, Koh Chang offers a pleasing mélange of relaxation and social activity. A ‘low-key’ party destination, you can also indulge in a quiet, romantic dinner with your spouse here. This archipelago literally means Elephant Island, so you can expect a rich wildlife here. Beautiful waterfalls lace the interiors of the island, as well as The Mu Ko Chang National Park. Water sports are plenty too. The Lonely Beach has some great dining options, where you can just chill. Watch the sunsets, as you sip on some beer with some lip-smacking Thai food, post your dip in the swimming pool. Book your own private villa or one of the many resorts, the choice is yours.

9. Koh Lanta - Not just a single island

PC: wikipedia.org

The Koh Lanta is quite a large island province consisting of four island groups. Boasting of stunning white beaches and mountainous interiors clad with dense rainforests, this island province is indeed one of the best places to visit in Thailand for honeymoon. Picture a day spent swimming in the warm seas followed by a lazy nap on the hammocks; this is the perfect destination for it! Shrimp farms and historic villages around are great places to explore. Taking a scuba diving session here with exotic marine life and grand coral reefs will give you the best memories of your honeymoon. This hidden island can be reached by flying to the nearest airport of Krabi.

10. Koh Lao Liang - One of the best places to visit Thailand for honeymoon

The quintessential tropical haven, Koh Lao Liang lies untouched in slumber amidst the Andaman sea. Leave the cares of the world as you immerse yourself in serenity with your loved one. Tranquility, relaxation, and adventure are the only three things you will experience at this island. Could it get any more perfect? Yes! tunning scenery of towering limestone cliffs and quiet, pristine beaches, add to this larger-than-life experience. The word ‘paradise’ will not be clichéd once you see this place!

Thailand sure does have a plethora of islands, many still undiscovered. What keeps the inquisitiveness and excitement still alive is the many experiences one gets here, and a honeymoon is just right for this!

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