10 Best Islands in Australia To Visit in 2018

With the entire continent of Australia lined by water, it boasts of about 8,000 islands. From large to small, he islands of Australia are unique in their characteristics. Some of them are just rocky islets that only show-up when the tide recedes. 

Since there are so many of them, to list the best is quite a task. However, an assorted mix is assembled in this blog to make it easy for travelers. Most of the Australian islands are a package of surprise and therefore are very sought-after all over the world. 

1. Tasmania

Tasmania, AustraliaImage Source: wikimedia.org

This is without doubt the most popular and also the largest island of Australia and also is the only island state of Australia. It is also the most populated among the group of Australian islands. Hobart, its capital has beautiful Georgian architecture to admire. The topography of the island is diverse to include rainforests as well as white-sand beaches. One can spend good many days just exploring the island of Tasmania itself in Australia. Beginning from the colonial mansions in Launceston to the penal-colonial history of Port Arthur, Tasmania has rich heritage and culture to explore. Furthermore, there are around 19 national parks in this island that offers Nature at its best.

How to reach: By air (direct flights available) or sea.

2. Bruny Island

Bruny Island, AustraliaImage Source: wikimedia.org

Just off the southeast side of Tasmania, this island tops the charts being a popular destination for day-trips. There is a thin isthmus connecting South Bruny to North Bruny that is a picturesque characteristic of this Australian island. There is also a memorial in this island strip giving a tribute to the original inhabitants of this island. The memorial is accessible only after you have made a climb of 279 steps. However, this will not seem a tedious task at all when you get to see the panoramic views from the top.

How to reach: A ferry form Kettering will take you there. 

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3. Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island, AustraliaImage Source: wikimedia.org

This is located near to the coastal city of Townsville in Queensland. This island is home to a diverse and unique Australian wildlife. The island is covered with forest area that has turned sanctuary for various species of animals including wallabies and wild koalas. Locally this island is nicknamed as “Maggie”. There place also is home to a good population of coral reefs and hence is a good spot for snorkeling. History says that the island was named magnetic by Captain Cook since it had a certain magnetic effect his ship’s compass. This island is also a popular fishing spot. The island has as many as 20 beaches that can be relax on.

How to reach: By air till Townsville and then taking a passenger ferry.

4. Christmas Island

Christmas Island, AustraliaImage Source: flickr.com

Almost near to Java and Sumatra, this is an island in isolation of the Australian mainland. The island once uninhabited in the 1800s, has a culturally diverse atmosphere now. It is a cosmopolitan home for the Malaysian, Chinese, Indian along with the native Australians. Many unique species of flora and fauna that are indigenous to this very island can be found here. Majority if the Christmas Island is National parkland. The famous Christmas Island red crabs have a mass migration to this part of the sea that can be witnessed by locals as well as tourists annually around November.

How to reach: By air or sea (cruise ships).

5. Phillip Island

Phillip Island, AustraliaImage Source: wikimedia.org

Close to Melbourne city, the location of this island is very convenient. For this very reason, Phillip Island is thronged by millions of travelers most times of the year. The main attraction of this island is the penguins. Other than that, there are wallabies, kangaroos, koalas and fur seals that keep the visitors entertained. Surfing is yet another popular activity of this island for those who love to ride the waves. Biking, hiking, sailing and fishing are things that can be enjoyed here.

How to reach: By road, ferry or a chartered helicopter

6. Bedarra island

Bedarra island, AustraliaImage Source: wikimedia.org

This is located in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area of Queensland, If you are looking for privacy and peace, this secret island of North Queensland is the place to go. Ideal for a romantic date or for honeymoon tourists, this island is seclusion personified. The reefs in this area are very diverse, which can be enjoyed in a day as well as night tours. Aerial tours and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef are other popular attractions of this island. Whale watching and swimming with dolphins also attract tourists to this island. Adventure sports include sea kayaks, paddle boards and snorkeling.

How to reach: By water taxi from Mission beach or helicopter from Townsville

7. Hamilton island

Hamilton Island, AustraliaImage Source: wikimedia.org

One of the most visited islands among the group of Whitsunday Islands is in Queensland, Australia. The sand on the beaches of Hamilton Island is a spectacular white color. Sea-tours to watch the coral gardens and marine life will give you a different experience altogether. Water sports, golf and awesome restaurants define this pristine island. A helicopter or a seaplane scenic tour will let you enjoy the famous Whitehaven Beach. Sea kayak and jet-ski also lets you explore the waters of this island on your own. The golf course of the Hamilton Island Golf Club has a very scenic view along with its 18-hole course. 

How to reach: Hamilton Island has its own airport. Otherwise, ferries from Port of Airlie and Shute Harbour will take you there. 

8. Kangaroo island

Kangaroo Island, AustraliaImage Source: maxpixel.net

This island is a wildlife sanctuary as well. Its wilderness gives the island its very own charm, setting it apart from the rest of its contemporaries. Dense coverage of bush-land lined by cliffs gives makes it a very picturesque spot. From good food to water sports, this island has a lot to offer to its travelers. A simple self-guided Nature walk or a hike in one of the trails can give you amazing views of the island scenery. Other island activities include sand-boarding, quad biking and kayaking, apart from the usual fishing, sailing and diving activities.

How to reach:  It has its own airport. It can also be reached by sea, on ferries. 

9. Lord Howe island

media_gallery-2018-05-30-9-8_59617da5f54789425cb0eac130c0651e.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

From sea expeditions to wildlife adventures, Lord Howe island has something for everyone. This island is also known as a prime bird watching destination of Australia There is a potential of spotting around 130 bird species on the island. The island offers crystal clear waters to spot some exotic marine life when scuba diving and snorkeling. A hike to the highest mountain Mt. Gower is another day adventure that visitors undertake, when on this island. There are also caves that can be explored here. The hike from here goes through mountainous trails and banyan forests.

How to reach: By air.

10. Orpheus island

Orpheus Island, AustraliaImage Source: wikimedia.org

Another one for planning a private escape, this island`s isolated atmosphere is its USP. It is perefect to go for a dive here to discover the reef and the marine ecosystems. A day trip cruising on this island is another favorite on this island. One can also take a swim with manta rays, reef sharks and humpback whales when here. 

How to reach: By air 


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