Best Islands Of Canada

The friendly locals, the scenic beauty, and the vast expanse of ocean waters are a few reasons why tourists from all over the world flock to Canada. The country boasts of its stunning coastline that stretches 200,000 kilometers and more. That means Canada features several islands. Yes, you will find islands where you can tee off on verdant golf courses, explore rainforests, dog sled, or take a tour of the wineries. Feeling intrigued? Here is a list of the country’s ten best islands for you to explore:

1. Appreciate the Natural Grandeur of Vancouver Island

Do you love natural beauty, rugged landscapes, and history? If so, the Vancouver Island in British Columbia is your kind of place. Explore the jaw-dropping landscapes, scenic splendor, shops, restaurants, hotels, and galleries. Enjoy the glorious hikes on land, and offshore you can take delight in spotting the ocean whales. The scenery is spectacular, and whether you like to take a tour of the island on foot, boat, or kayak, you’ll be spoilt for choices. The island has to offer than just hiking. Go sailing, salmon fishing, or visiting the picturesque wineries. Heading to the island is comparatively easy no matter where you live. You can reach the place by ferry, air, or coach buses. Flying, however, is the quickest way to reach Vancouver Island. 

2. Take Delight in the Breathtaking Beauty of Cape Briton Island

Cape Briton in Nova Scotia is the coveted tourist destination for its stunning mountains, bucolic setting, ocean cliffs, and sea-faring villages. If you are not much of an outdoorsy person and love a laidback vacation, then this island is perfect for relaxing or unwinding. The scenic drives are a sight to behold, and this includes the Cabot Trail, a road stretching for 185 miles passing thru Cape Briton Highlands National Park and downward Margaree River Valley. Pristine beaches, mountains, and meadows are some of the special attractions of the island. You can get there by flight, car or shuttle, bus, or ferry service.

3. Bike, Hike, and Kayak in the Gulf Islands

Blessed with a mild climate, these islands feature many holistic farms and wineries. The archipelago between Vancouver Island and British Columbia mainland, this place is for those travel aficionados who are more into biking, hiking, and kayaking, and less into tanning. However, you can take a dip in the island’s sheltered waters. If you are an adventure-seeker and want a bit of an adrenaline rush, go for sailing, fishing, and scuba diving. Most tourists take the ferry service to reach this island. Water taxis also make traveling to Gulf Island, British Columbia a tad convenient. The island is also well-connected by floatplane companies for both charter and scheduled flights. 

4. Bird Watchers Visit Bonaventure Island

Extending a little more than four square kilometers, the Bonaventure Island in Quebec is one of the rarest gems of the Gaspé Peninsula, popular for its 293-bird species and 120,000 gannets. So, if you love birding, explore the place known for the world’s most significant seabird colonies. The island shelters 300,000 or more seabirds including gulls, razor-billed auks, Arctic puffins, cormorants, and kittiwakes. The other activities include exploring the forest trails and spotting whales from the observation tower. The Federal Government selected this island as a bird sanctuary in 1919. Nature lovers will love its rich nutrient waters surrounding the island, which is the nesting ground for fish, a means of sustenance for the diverse bird species. You can reach the island availing regular boat service from Percé. 

5. Experience the Island Experience at Prince Edward Island

Popularly called the ‘Garden of the Gulf, this place is sure to delight you with the real island experience, making your trip a memorable one. The warm waters, sandy beaches, the casual island ambiance, and lively fun parks are enough for this island adventure. Lighthouses, unspoiled beaches, shopping locales, art and crafts, picturesque drives, scenic trails, and parks are just some of the attractions of Prince Edward Island (PEI). The activities include biking, hiking, walking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and parasailing. Do not miss out the Confederation Trail, featuring 270 miles rolled, flat stone dust surface, gratifying your hiker’s or cyclist’s dream. Cycling is one of the best ways to get around PEI. 

6. Watch the Untamed Horses at Sable Island


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Sable Island in Nova Scotia is one of the coveted tourist destinations in Canada, especially for its 600 feral horses roaming freely with no restrictions. If you are contemplating to explore this place, you are one of the lucky ones to be there. It is a protected place, as many unique animal species inhabit the island, you must obtain special permission from the Canadian Coast Guard. It has now become a national park, and therefore, lacks the amenities. If you are an animal lover, this island has loads to offer including 350 or more bird species, grey seals, and 18 species of sharks. Shipwrecks, a solitary, gaunt pine tree, and freshwater ponds are the other attractions. Take an aircraft, book a cruise ship, or sail on a boat to reach Sable Island. 

7. Adventure Seekers Explore Manitoulin Island

It the largest island in the world and Canada’s 31st largest, seated on a freshwater lake in Ontario. For outdoorsy and adventure-seekers, this island is their best bet. Known for its incredible landscapes and scenic beauty, Manitoulin Island is perfect for those looking for some outdoor adventures. Stunning hiking trails are one of the major attractions of Manitoulin Island. The place has loads to offer when it comes to outdoor activities including skiing, ice fishing, animal and bird watching, cycling, skating, snowmobiling, hunting, and golfing. If you love fishing competitions, witness one on this island. You can reach the island by bus, air, car ferry, or car. 

8. Enjoy the Serenity of Queen Charlotte Islands

If you like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some ‘me-time’ and peaceful moments, then this island is just for you to explore. Also known as, Haida Gwaii, in British Columbia, the place is also a coveted tourist hotspot for its cultural richness. Native art and culture attract many tourists to this island. The major attractions of the place are Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida village Heritage Site, weathered totem poles, SGang Gwaay UNESCO World Heritage Site, and ancient forest areas. If you love the peace and tranquil environment of an island, head for this exotic island to relax and unwind with your family or friends. On the contrary, if you are an adventurer and a real sports fanatic, Queen Charlotte has many adventure activities including hiking, surfing, cycling, fishing, camping, kayaking, hunting, and wildlife viewing. You can get here by air, ferry service, taxis, shuttle service, and bike rentals. 

9. Explore Baffin Island for its Northern Lights

The island located in Nunavut is home to diverse wildlife including polar bear, Arctic fox, Arctic wolf, and Arctic hare. It stretches 507,451 kilometers and is the largest in Canada and fifth largest in the world. Though remotely seated between Greenland and mainland Canada, this sparingly populated attracts tourists for its wild environment and stunning northern lights. The activities include dog sled, kayaking, ski mountaineering, and wall climbing. Baffin Island is ideal for bird watchers. You’ll find 100 or more species of birds inhabiting the place. The best time of the year to spot birds is May to August. Expect to spot snowy owls, rough-legged hawks, many falcons, ravens, ptarmigans, and seabird species like gulls and puffins. Do not leave this island without savoring your taste buds with local delicacies like Arctic Char, mussels, scallops, Bannock, caribou, and musk ox. Getting in and around Baffin Island is easy with air and boat transport. 

10. Explore Historical Sites in Oak Island

Seated in the Lunenburg County, off the Nova Scotia coast, this island is your best bet if you love to explore some of the most interesting historic spots in the country. The island stretching for 140 acres was the preferred trudging ground for the pirates. People believe that the sea bandits buried their historical object d'arts, wealth, and treasures that they stole from the seven seas. The island has a mystery surrounding it. So, if love stories, you can hear about the hidden treasure and inexplicable objects found in this place. Many attempts have been made to locate the treasures since the nineteenth century. The activities include sunrise and sunset watching, spotting baby sea turtles, climbing the Oak Island Lighthouse, watching playful dolphins, kayaking, and golfing. Tourists can reach the place by rental taxis and beach taxis, and air travel.

Canada is one of those places gifted with numerous beautiful islands. Therefore, those who want some peace, relaxation, and adventure, these islands are just for them to explore. Whether you want to relax in nature’s lap or seek some adventures, the country has it all. The friendly locals, rich culture, lip-smacking delicacies, white sandy beaches, and outdoor activities make Canada the perfect holiday spot for travel enthusiasts.


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