15 Best Islands to visit in the Caribbean

If one has been searching for an adventure filled island holiday, then the Caribbean islands are the best place to be in. The islands have its own adventurous and yet exotic appeal that attracts many tourists from all across the world. Some of the islands and the beaches of the Caribbean islands are ranked among the best beaches in the whole world. The Caribbean islands can be the best honeymoon destinations as well and thus it is one of the most exciting places in the world. So here is a list that discusses the 15 best islands to visit Caribbean.

1. Puerto Rico

This island is one of the finest islands of Caribbean islands. It is only 2 hours 40 minutes away from NYC. The hotel fares are really cheap which has made this amazing place easily affordable for the travellers. Picturesque nature, as well as over 1000 activities, have made this place number one spot of Caribbean islands. It is a place for history and culture lover as well as adventure seekers. This diversity of beauty helps the island to be ‘island of enchantment’. The average hotel cost is $183 per night.

2.  Dominican Republic 

Dominican Republic is a place to enjoy the nature to the moon and back. It brings a mesmerizing feeling while relaxing there in springs or swimming on the black sand beaches. There is a volcanic terrain in this island which created the amazing sites like champagne reefs. It actually makes people spellbound while swimming in the champagne reefs, bringing a feeling of swimming in a large bottle of champagne. There are over 30 awesome diving sites around the island. It is nearly 6 hrs away from NYC. This island will be absolutely a nature admirer’s first choice. The average hotel cost is $134 per night.

3. St. Martin

St. Martin Island, CaribbeanImage Source: wikipedia.org

St. Martin is only 4 hrs away from NYC. It is an island full of enjoyment and entertainment. Here one can enjoy dashing nightlife on the beach. There are so many shopping centres to keep one engaged all day long. The perfect gleaming beaches help in restoring one’s energy. But there is also an opportunity to enjoy the solitude at French Half of St. Martin which is a white sand beach. There are over 350 activities for the travellers to enjoy. The average hotel cost is $202 per night. 

4. Curacao

If you’re a true admirer of nature and adventure is your passion, Curacao has to be your first destination among these Caribbean islands. Scenic beauty with calm water and over 250 activities to enjoy is the main attraction of this island. Of these activities over 70 activities are water sports. That’s why this island is called ‘island for divers’. If not a water sports enthusiast, exploring the Hato Caves, hiking the Christoffelpark will blow your mind. It takes only 4hrs 30 minutes to reach Curacao from NYC. The average hotel cost is $171 per night.

5. The Bahamas

This island is just 3 hrs away from NYC. The Bahamas is truly ‘a slice of paradise’ with around 700 incredible islands. Exploring the charming nature and keeping engaged in around 700 activities is definitely an irresistible attraction for the travellers. But this island is little costly, so only rich people can take a tour here. The beachside properties are unquestionably incredible. The Bahamas is all about exploring Mother Nature and plenty of activities. The average hotel cost is $328 per night. 

6. Jamaica

Jamaica, CaribbeanImage Source: goodfreephotos.com

Jamaica is a well known island for having the enchanting view of Mother Nature. Sandy beaches, banana groves and many more are the main attraction. If you have a keen interest over birds, Jamaica is definitely your destination to be! Various types of bird watching are truly an experience one can gather here. Jamaica is a special destination for the adventure enthusiasts also, here the hiking and snorkelling can be experienced. If you are too much into shopping, Jamaica is never going to disappoint you! Rick’s cafe in Negril is absolutely a ‘never-to-be-missed’ place because of its iconic drinking opportunity as well as amazing sunset and epic Cliffside views. The average hotel cost is $220 per night. 

7. Saint Barthélemy

Saint Barthélemy, CaribbeanImage Source: wikipedia.org

It is only 5 hrs journey from NYC. The average hotel cost is $305 per night. This island has so many unique designer boutiques for the fashion lovers. A fine dining restaurant with tasty mouth-watering food is an attraction here. The uncrowded beaches, dramatic mountains, stunning lush green hills have made the place a must go destination. There are around 50 activities to perform in this island. A nice place with calm and quiet ambience is the main characteristic of the island.

8. Cayman Islands

It takes only 3 hrs 50 minutes to get into Cayman Islands from NYC. The hotel rooms available here is little costly that is $281 per night in average. Here almost 443 activities can be performed by the travellers. It consists of three islands, they are-  Grand Cayman,  Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The largest one is the Grand Cayman consisting of several restaurants, malls and the amazing Seven Mile Beach. Cayman Brac is the destination for the divers. Little Cayman has crowd-free beaches which are truly splendid. The world’s one of the best wall dives at Bloody Bay Wall is the centre of attraction here. 

9. US Virgin Islands

It is only 4 hrs 31 mins away from NYC. The hotel rooms charged here is $246 per night in average. This island consists of so many islands but the main islands are St. Croix, St. John etc. This place has a historical importance. There are so many historic colonial building around the island. Ferry transport is available to make the island hopping more easily. Unique shopping centres, dashing nightlife are always the main attraction here. Exploring nature and performing almost 800 activities are the main ‘things to do’ here!

10. St. Kitts and Nevis

The coexistence of gleaming beaches, stunning mountains, and green jungles has made the place unquestionably awesome. Kitts are for the people who love experiencing bustling nightlife and partying hard. But the solitude-loving people choice would definitely be the Nevis, as it offers a quieter and calmer atmosphere. Nature has blessed the place with all her beauty. There are so many historic attractions to explore too. It is only 4 hours 10 mins away from NYC.  The hotel rooms charged here is $257 per night in average.

11. Barbados

It is only 4 hours 40 mins away from NYC. The hotel room costs here average $210 per night. Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados is the city of Mount Gay Rum Distillery. It produces world’s oldest brand of rum. The west side water is ideal for swimming as it is calm in nature. But the east side water is really appropriate for surfing for tidal waves. The amazing beachside resorts, dashing nightlife, picturesque nature- all are the attraction of the island.

12. Martinique

It is only 5 hours 45 mins away from NYC. The hotel room costs here average $132 per night. Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique has a city like feel but its northern part is blessed by nature. It has abundant rainforests, perfect beaches, and beautiful mountains. It has so many historic attractions too. Around 25, to be exact. Napoleon’s Empress Josephine’s birthplace is situated here. This place is meant to be heaven for the nature explorers. 

13.Antigua and Barbuda

This island is definitely a perfect attraction for the history lovers. This place is filled with so many historical landmarks. If bird watching is your passion, the large population of birds of this island is never going to disappoint you. Beautiful villages with narrow roads will blow your mind. The wide variety of beaches is such a opportunity here to explore beaches for beach lovers. It is only 4 hrs 20 minutes away from NYC. The hotel rooms available here average charge is $ 292 per night.

14.St. Lucia

 It is only 4 hrs 35 minutes away from NYC. The hotel rooms available here average charge is $331 per night. Luxury resorts with a soulful ambience have made this place truly beautiful. Here the ideal time for spa treatments in beaches is in spring. The modern and unique sites in the lap of Mother Nature is truly blissful. The calm and quiet beaches will make your soul peaceful.

15. Trinidad and Tobago

 It is only 4 hrs 55 minutes away from NYC. The hotel rooms available here average charge is $ 185 per night. This island is perfect for recreation and relaxing.  Plenty of birds, rainforests around the islands, green hills and the perfect gleaming beaches is all one can experience here. The adventure opportunities like diving, hiking are also available here. The different cultural activities are also attraction here.

The Caribbean is one hell of a place to be at and this list will make sure that you enjoy the Caribbean islands to the fullest.


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