Best Islands of Connecticut To Visit in 2018

Connecticut has islands that are worth visiting. The 253 miles of soft sand beaches, presenting a beautiful picturesque view are very popular among the locals and people from various regions also come to visit them. Some of the islands are still waiting to be discovered and visited by the population. If you want to explore some of the most intriguing islands then Caribbean is not the only place! Connecticut will surprise you with its list of islands. Pack your bags to sail off into a fancy cruise to the known and unknown islands of Connecticut. Let’s take a look at what are the options at our disposal when it comes to Islanda in Connecticut:

1. Charles Island

Charles Island, ConnecticutImage Source:

The 14-acre unassuming island is home to a number of nestling species of birds. The Charles Island has been a favorite of many generations and carries with it an air of magic and mystery. People like to paddle-board or kayak out here. During the summer, people make their way on foot or boat to the island and gives a beautiful view of the unique look back at the mainland of Connecticut. The public is free to trek to the island and one can enjoy the breath-taking view from the island.

2. Falkner Island

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The Falkner Island is a crescent-shaped island which is located in an area of 2.8-acre. The native Americans visit the island since thousands of years. It is located off the coast of Guilford and is a great place for fishing. The Falkner Lighthouse is the second oldest in Connecticut and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Outer Island

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The 5-acre island is one of the Thimble islands located in Long Island Sound. The island provides habitat to many avian and marine wildlife. The island is maintained with a cooperative partnership with the South Connecticut State University. The wildlife diversity at the island allows its visitors many opportunities to gain knowledge about the various interesting species of fauna and flora. The island has many facilities which include a research laboratory, an automated weather station and a seminar room.

4. Selden Island

The Selden Island is a huge 607-acre island which is also considered as a public recreation area on Connecticut river. The island is well accessible by boats and the state park has four areas for riverside camping for the locals as well as vacationers. There are a lot of activities on the island which are available and some of them are fishing, hunting and hiking. The entirely road-less island has hiking trails all over it, so if you love adventures this island is just perfect for you!

5. Mason’s Island

The inhabited island is located at the mouth of the Mystic river and the island was named after Major John Mason and remained in the Mason family for over 250 years. After which the Allyn family have been stewards of the island. The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway. The 600-acre island is formed by the solid granite bedrock. In the middle of the island is a nature preserve which is 47-acre in area. There is a large salt marsh in the nature preserve which is a main attraction of the island.

6. Sheffield Island

The Sheffield Island is a 53-acre island which has a number of rugged beaches, variety of wildlife and is home to the oldest aid of navigation to Long Island Sound. The Sheffield Island Lighthouse is quite famous and the tower is owned by the Norwalk Seaport Association. The island and the lighthouse have been home to politicians, occasional ghosts, business tycoons and revolutionaries. The island has a remote existence and an eerie calm which makes it kind of creepy after dark.

7. Thimble Islands

Thimble Islands, ConnecticutImage Source:

The Thimble islands are a chain of 365 islands and is located in and around the Stony Creek Harbor, Connecticut. The Thimble islands are a set of stable islands that are not merely formed of rubble deposits. The human occupation has effected the ecology of the island over thousands of years. The islands had quite a good share of various species of trees and plants but it got harshly affected during the cutting down of trees during the American Revolutionary war. The inhabited islands do have people living which only adds upto 81 houses. Some of the houses cover up an entire island whereas in may islands there is only one house on the entire island.

You definitely would jot want to miss out in the various attractions in these beautiful island.


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