8 Best Islands of Delaware To Visit in 2018

  • UPDATED Aug 02, 2018

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Located is the sixth most populous state of the United States and is located in the northern-eastern region. It is also known as the ‘First-State’ and is divided into three counties namely Kent, Sussex and New Castle. The coastline around the state was explored by the Europeans in the 16th century. It’s name is couned after the river Delaware, this place is easily accessible by trains, buses and flights. 

With a great dinning, entertainment and tax-free shopping in Delaware, its beaches are made to give you amazing memories with your family and friends. Enjoy the sea-blue waves and head to the beaches of Delaware.

Let’s take a look at some of the most gorgeous and simply the best beaches of delaware : 

1. Lewes Beach

Located in Sussex County, the Lewes Beach has Rehoboth Beach as its neighbour. The beach is establishing itself as Delaware’s main Cape Region rapidly. The town is proudly popular as ‘The First Town in the First State’. The Lewes Beach is a great and famous vacation spot among the residents of Washington DC. It is also regarded as an ocean resort. The streets of the town of the beach are full of public parks, historical sites, restaurants and shops. You can take a tour for sea viewing and watching a number of boats during the time of the season. The best activities around the beach are swimming and paddling and you can also spot lighthouses.  

2. Broadkill Beach

The Broadkill Beach is located in Sussex County and is a very popular beach destination. The area around the beach comprises of resorts and hotels along with the many year-round residents who live in the town. You can enjoy a great day at the beach swimming, kayaking, surf-fishing and stand-up paddle boarding. The area has a significant number of vacationers coming due to which there can be a problem in finding parking near the beach. You will find drinks and food counters across the beach for a good refreshment.  

3. Cape Henlopen State Park

The State Park Beach is located on Cape Henlope and is the first beach which has been made open for the use of public. The campground and fishing pier at the beach are open throughout the year, 24x7. The beautiful beach is open 365 days a year and is also open to swimming. Lifeguards at the beach work from memorial day to labor day. The beach also offer many facilities which include a bathhouse with showers and changing rooms for both men and women. If you are hungry from the fun at the beach, there is a snack bar at the north end of the beach. If you are a large group of people you can also rent a pavilion and a clubhouse. The activities that you can experience around the area are golf course, hunting, hiking trails, fishing and basketball courts. 

4. South Bethany Beach

The South Bethany Beach is one of the best kept secret of Delaware. It is a town with a population of 500 residents and is a quaint beach. It is particularly famous among the family vacationers and is located withing the proximity of the bay as well as the ocean. The south bethany beach is for people who wish to rent a home for a long vacation and during the long vacation spend their time fishing on the bay or dining at the beach on crabs and moth-watering fish. The place offers many facilities which include shopping avenues, restaurants and a golf course for golf lovers.  

5. Fenwick Island

The popular coastal town on the Fenwick Island is Fenwick. With the South Bethany Beach and Bethany Beach, it is known as the ‘ Quiet Resorts ‘. Fenwick is popularly known for its lively ocean-side ambiance and is a slightly less quiet counterpart of its other two beaches. Sitting on a narrow peninsula, Fenwick was coined after Thomas Fenwick. The island lighthouse built in 1858 is a building standing tall amidst the beach town that keeps bustling. The base of the lighthouse has a small museum to which access is allowed and is not open for climbing. The coastline also houses a few shops and restaurants. 

6. Delaware Seashore State Park

The Delaware Seashore State Park is located near the Dewey beach and is surrounded by the Indian River Bay and the Rehoboth Bay on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The beach is very famous among locals and vacationers for its water activities and is a major attraction to hundreds of people. The beach has a 6-mile long coastline and was established in the year 1965. The beach has separate designated areas for sunbathing and swimming. The other facilities at the beach include showers, changing rooms, umbrellas, rafts, rental stores and restrooms. You can enjoy many activities at the beach like crabbing, clamming, sailing, surf fishing, boating and fishing. The park also has two picnic pavilions. 

7. Dewey Beach

The Dewey Beach goes by the motto “Dewey Beach : A way of life”. The beach has been awarded with the NRDC’s 5-star water quality rating. The place has a good reputation among the party-goers and the town is equally famous among youngsters as well as families. The wide sandy beach shoreline has been complemented with hotels, shops, cottages, condos and restaurants. On the last weekend of September, the beach hosts a Music Conference. The beach is a walk away from the Rehoboth Beach and is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Rehoboth Bay. The activities that you can enjoy here are sailing, exploring, walking trails, kayaking and exploring the adjacent parks. 

8. Bethany Beach

The Bethany Beach witnesses over 15,000 vacationers every year who come to spend their summer in peace. The popular beach us quite famous among vacationers from around the world. What is surprising is that the population of the town is just 1000 people which is less than the number of people who come here for vacations. It is one of the destination beaches among the “Quiet Resorts”. The beach has many public amenities and attractions that are common at the national beaches. The town is surrounded by hotels, resorts, motels and restaurants.  

Get your sun tan lotions ready as you head to these beautiful beaches in Delaware.