Best Islands Of Denmark To Visit

By Swathi Ramaswamy on May 31, 2018
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Denmark known for its picturesque islands are mostly seated around the country’s stunning coastline. You will find many tiny or small islands that disappeared in the past due to geological reasons. These islands, stunning, enchanting, and inhabited with happy locals are the most coveted tourist destinations of the world. You will find around 150 Danish islands, 70 of which have human population. The rich soil and pristine, sandy beaches make Denmark a popular tourism hub in the world. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Denmark, here is the list of the best islands of the country. 


1. Take Delight in Funen’s Natural Beauty and Castles

This island is the third largest in the country and inhabited by 450,000 people. Also called Fyn, the relaxing holiday destination boasts of rich history in its contemporary city of Odense, old, romantic abodes, and beautiful and comforting nature all around. The island extends 3,099 square kilometers. The island is located between Zealand and Denmark mainland, connected by this country and the island by two bridges. The biggest city is Odense, the birthplace of the renowned writer Hans Christian Anderson. So, if you love literature and books, then you must include Funen on your bucket list. Funen features the monuments and remnants from the Viking age, including burial chambers and ships. The most remarkable manors and castles dot this place, including the Egeskov Slot Castle. The major activities include island hopping, visiting the castles, trip to the coastal towns, and bridge walking. You can reach Fyn by air, and you can get around the island availing the country’s public transport system including trains and buses. 

2. Explore Beautiful Zealand

Explore the largest island of this Scandinavian country, Zealand. On the map, this island appears small, the eastern part, and named Sjælland in Danish. The island is too flat and perfect for cycling enthusiasts. Its largest city Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. Seated on the Baltic Sea, Zealand is thickly populated with a population of approximately 2,208,348 people. It makes the island the most populous place of all the Danish islands. Devoid of any mountains, Zealand is also known for the history related to the Vikings. The remains of the Vikings dynasty are the major tourist attractions of the place, including cathedrals, castles, ships, manors, fortresses. The travelers from all over the world visit Zealand. The exciting activities include sailing, kayaking, diving, bungee jumping, jet boating, rafting, fishing, canoeing, windsurfing, swimming, kiteboarding, zip lining, skiing, star gazing, hiking, and indulging in the islands local food and wine. So, if you want a bit of the adrenaline rush, Zealand has loads to offer to you. You head for this island by air. Getting around Zealand is convenient with trains, backpacker buses, and campervan hire. 

3. Get Adventurous in Bornholm Island

This Danish island seated in the Baltic Sea. The island is located to the south of Sweden and east of Denmark. If you are contemplating touring the European destinations this summer, then the Bornholm Island is the place to be. You will have in the island town of Rønne, also the biggest and attracts many island tourists. The island is Denmark’s gem, receiving copious sunshine throughout the day. The friendly destination and slow life will attract you if you are not much of an outdoorsy person. You can take a relaxing walk with your family or friends along the craggy and granite coastline. The major attractions include white sandy beaches, scenic views, local delicacies, island culture, round churches, and quaint fishing villages. The place is your idea of a picture-perfect island that you see in postcards. The action-packed outdoor activities include surfing, climbing, kayaking, diving, abseiling, and mountain biking. All you need is an adventurous spirit and the zest to try something new and thrilling when you land on the island. You can reach Bornholm Island by air, bus, and ferry. You can get around the place by car or bicycle. 

4. Visit Lolland for Outdoor Activities

The fourth largest island on the Baltic Sea is seated south of beautiful Zealand. Lolland also has a group of tiny islands Møn and Falster. Lolland features beautiful coastlines and stunning dunes. The other attractions include picturesque Nakskov and Sakskøbing Fjord. You can explore the other beautiful towns of this island including Nykøbing and Maribo. You will find forestlands in the east and north, while the marshlands towards the southern coastal regions get protection from floods due to dikes and dunes. The island boasts of Ålholm Castle, Nysted, which was a regal abode in the twelfth century. However, the place has been transformed into a Veteran Car Museum. You may also visit some of the old estates and manor houses from the early fifteenth century. The other activities include a visit to Knuthenborg, a zoological garden dating back to 1866. Lolland is not just about exploring museums and manors, but also offers plenty of outdoor activities. These include hiking, boat tours, golfing, biking, unwinding on the beach, fishing, nature walks, and swimming. Most tourists access the island by flight, car, train, and ferry service. 

5. Breathe Clean, Fresh Air in the Faroe Islands

Also known as the ‘Sheep Islands’, are a cluster of picturesque islands in North Europe having a population of about 49,000 inhabitants. The beautiful place is seated halfway between Norway and Iceland. So, if you want to escape the pollution of the city and snarling traffic, head for this exotic island destination to breathe fresh, clean, and healthy air. You will love its maritime climate and natural surroundings. The Faroe Islands boast of scenic beauty including giant mountains, tapered fjords, and sharp cliffs. The island is known for its unparalleled scenic beauty including windswept mountains, volcanic islands, uneven coastlines, and crashing waves. You will experience nature at its best. Yes, we are talking about Mulafossur Waterfall, which resembles an element lifted from your favorite fantasy novel. You will see the cascading waters falling over the rocky cliffs of Vagar Island straight to the deep, blue ocean below. 

And you will feel elated when the verdant hills of Gásadalur village serve as the backdrop. If you are an outdoorsy person, the island has opportunities galore for activities like horse riding, hiking, cycling, sailing, kayaking, cliff jumping, rappelling, and rock climbing. You can reach the island by air, car, buses ferry, and helicopter trips for getting around. 

6. Enjoy the Arctic Setting in Greenland

It is the largest island in the world, delighting tourists with 840,000 and more square miles of the arctic wilderness. Greenland has a colossal size but is inhabited only by 57,000 people. The locals are friendly to all visitors from all over the world. The island features only three travel seasons. If you are an adventure-minded traveler, then Greenland is just the place for you to visit. The glaciers and ice sheets are a sight to behold in this island, covering most of the areas. Most of the tourists drive to the island using cross-country vehicles, take helicopter trips, or prefer sailing, which is possible from the towns. You can also hike to the glacier at Narsarsuaq. However, it takes many hours, and you must carry appropriate warm clothes, gloves, and sturdy shoes to survive the cold weather. The island’s animal life is both diverse and rich and includes seals, sea eagles, polar bears, musk oxen, and whales. Animal watching is also the favorite recreational activity for the tourists. Greenland also has some hot springs where you can take a warm, refreshing dip. The other activities include kayaking, dog sledding, snow hiking, and watching the northern lights. You can reach Greenland by flight and cruise ship. Getting around is easy with helicopter tours and passenger-approved boat service. 

7. Enjoy the Summer of Amager Island

This island is connected directly to Zealand thru the Øresund Bridge. The only city island of Denmark is a popular summer tourist hotspot for travelers.  You can get a view of the city center from the waterfront, Islands Brygge. The fun-filled activities are swimming at the country’s very renowned Harbour Baths or indulging in a drink along the harbor. The island boasts of beach parks and Dragør, the scenic fishing village. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, explore Amager Fælled, which is a pure and pristine tract of land offering you complete serenity. If you love architecture, take a tour of Ørestad, Copenhagen’s newest regions and a coveted tourist spot to witness some of new, inspirational structures. These include the Number 8 Building, Bella Sky, and Dwellings. 

The island also boasts of many green patches of land Copenhagen Cable Park, Kastrup Sea Bath, Amager Beach, and much more. The island is also home to the Amager Bio, concert venues, cultural centers, and cinemas. The outdoor activities include sailing, fishing, relaxing on the beach, bird watching, or just chilling out with friends with beer cans. You can reach the island by air, train, cruise ship, bus service, and taxi. 

How many islands do you have on your bucket list? Do you want to visit all or the most popular ones? We recommend that you must explore Zealand, Greenland, and Faroe.

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