10 Prettiest Islands to visit in Greece

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Mar 06, 2019
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Every island is exquisitely unique and is brimming with the heavenly sceneries one can capture in their eyes here. Even the city hoppers jot down a different schedule only to make a mandatory visit to some of the Prettiest Islands in Greece. Hence, let us unravel the secrets of the beautiful beaches in Greece so that you too can hop into the best islands of all times.

1. Santorini

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Greece is primarily recognized for the majesty of Santorini. Topping the dream destinations of innumerable travelers and sea lovers, the mesmerizing red sand beaches of Santorini are undoubtedly the best you will ever visit in the entire world. The Red Beach is explicitly popular and tourists come from different corners of the world to witness the grandeur of the red colored sand which is formed from spilled up lava. 

Besides, the glistening White Beach shining like a finely polished diamond, the exotic  Perissa beach and the gorgeous black sand of Kamari is also a must visit. Though Santorini is well-connected via flights, ferry rides are also available from neighboring cities and islands. However, the journey to the Red Beach is full of adventure, cliff climbing, and hiking, all of which sums up for an experience like nowhere else in the world.

2. Crete

Known as the largest in the entire country, the Crete Island with white-washed mountains overlooking the mighty blue sea defines beauty in its raw essence. Famous for Yoga Plus and Yoga Rocks at Agios Plavos and Triopetra respectively, Crete is also packed with laid back village galore, undisturbed alleys smelling of Roman ethics and grand hotels and resorts for a relaxing stay. In the island of Crete, a walk with the “Kri-kri” or the native goats leads you to the chain of canyons which sum up to fifty in number. Tour along the Wild Fitness at Mila or indulge yourself in the intoxicating Raki and feel free to turn the pages of history in the alleys of Crete.

3. Tilos Island

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If you are searching for an island which is packed with adventure and not for the ones famous for scenic peaceful beaches, then Tilos is sure not to disappoint you. The rocky terrain and unruly pathways have gorgeously taken over the sand dunes, making access a little difficult for weaker bones. Once here, you can get the flattering opportunity of witnessing and acknowledging the exotic species of flora and fauna. From rare birds to dwarf elephants and plants to flowers, you are undoubtedly going to have a unique experience in the lap of Tilos.

4. Paxi Island

Hiding into the Ionian Sea in near vicinity of Corfu, Paxi has evolved as the favourite hideout destination for couples seeking some lone hours. Isolated from the hustle-bustle of the mainland, the comparatively smaller island of Paxi has the most beautiful sceneries in store and can be reached by ferry rides from Kerkyra and Igoumenitsa.

The main buzz in this exotic landmass occurs in the Gaios Port where one can visit the beautifully decorated restaurants and relish on the native flavors of freshly caught fishes here. An evening in Paxi calls for the most fascinating view of the sun melting into the sea and is the perfect moment for drinking Ouza while spending a few romantic hours of your life. 

prettiest islands in greece

5. Icaria Island

On the curved coastline of the Aegean Sea at a radius of 20 km from Samos is an island spun with mythological tales. Every alley and lane seems to hum the historic tales and reveal the secrets behind its name. 

The rocky cliffs and uneven plateau scattered over the stunning beaches of Agios Giorgi, Kilosirtis, Iero and Prioni merge beautifully with the enchanting Greek architecture of the island. Tourists often plan their stay in the main port which is facilitated with restaurants and cafes and pay a mandatory visit to Therma to enjoy the thermal springs in this island.

6. Milos

In a corner of Cyclades towards the southwestern turn lies the beautiful island of Milos which is credited for the discovery of “Venus de Milo”. Comprising a total of seventy beaches, this miraculous island is covered by the mighty ocean in many regions. 

However, the entire territory mimics a barren desert during the summers when the water dries up to a noticeable extent. Tourists often fly from Athens to enjoy the exquisite views of Papikinou, Pollonia, and Sarakiniko beaches here which are the most easily accessible in Milos.


7. Skyros Island

The Aegean Sea is explicitly proud of this mesmerizing island situated on its western sleeve. Well-connected to Athens airport, Skyros is also the largest island of the painstakingly beautiful archipelago of Sporades and is recognized for its pristine views and peaceful essence that lingers in the air.

During the day, tourists are allowed to rent bikes and traverse through the dry terrains that graces its south. Some also prefer turning towards the north to witness the chills of Mount Olympus and inhale the extraordinary glimpse. At night when the entire island doses off to sleep, stay awake to capture the winking stars in your memories.

8. Mykonos Island

Summoning the party poppers from all across the world, Mykonos has evolved as one of the most popular destinations in Greece. With several lit cafes and bars that dance in the tunes of DJs and disco, Mykonos excellently creates a rocking island vibe, which is why a number of young tourists are seen to flock to this place.

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Such exposure to modernity has however not compromised with the true essence of the panoramic beaches like Elia, Panormos, Kalafati and Paradise Beach, and people are always heard praising about how beautiful the sceneries they have captured in their memories.

9. Rhodes

If you are out to enjoy the true essence of Roman ruins and gaze at the beauty of the jaw-dropping Byzantine churches, then do not forget to pay a visit to the Rhodes Island. Paving the way to modernity, the island is teeming with markets and residential hotels near the area of Lincoln.

Tourists planning a vacation here, who are already mesmerized by the beauty of the sapphire ocean complimented by lush green cliffs and dark caves, are also treated with native flavors and delicious seafood in Mavrikos restaurant.

10. Gavdos 

Prestigiously honored for its ancestral cultures and vivid display of flora and fauna which has survived the turmoil of modernity till date, tourists often prefer camping on its exotic beaches which stands incomparable to the entire world.

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A walk to the Tripiti Cave unfolds many treasures hidden in the southernmost end of the European Peninsula. After a ferry ride of two hours from Crete when you reach here, you will also get to meet the population of only 50 who are mostly the lovers of art and literature and have escaped the cruelness of the city.

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