Best Islands of Idaho

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Jun 01, 2018
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Idaho is a beautiful city in the northwestern region of the United States. The place is popular for its natural beauty, beaches and islands. So if you are planning a getaway or a trip to a less explored place then Idaho should be your right destination! Idaho is a hilly region and a significant part of Rocky Mountains fall under this region. You will be surprised with the beautiful views of mountains, lakes and seas. People from across the globe come to this place to enjoy a holiday with their family or loved ones.  Not only that, this place attracts explorers and as well as hikers for a thrilling experience in the midst of a secluded woods surrounded by tranquil water. Idaho has several tourist attractions but islands are what differentiates its beauty from other places. 

So if you haven’t decided anything or yet to finalize the location of your next trip, before doing that, check out these must-visit Islands of Idaho

1. Memaloose Island, Sandpoint

 This beautiful island is spread across thirteen acres of land on Lake Pend Oreille. Surrounded by pristine water, and the island is pretty full of rare trees and plantations which grabs the attention of the travellers.   Memaloose Island has a good number of hotels and restaurants which can easily meet all your basic requirements. Starting from high-end resorts to budget-friendly hotels, Idaho has got everything to surprise you at your budget!

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2. Kalispell Island , Priest Lake

Kalispell Island on Priest Lake is the largest city in Montana United States.  The name of the island is derived from a Salish word which translate to ‘’the plain land floating above the lake”. The island attracts several tourist all-round the year for its charm and captivating beauty. You don’t need to worry about accommodation, as they have plenty of hotels and resort to accommodate the tourists.

3. Three Island Crossing

Three island crossing is so mesmerizing that you will be left speechless. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then you will certainly like this place. The huge area is a home to many beautiful nature parks where you can put up camps to stay overnight. It is one of the toughest trekking route of the Oregon Trail. So if you have any plans of trekking and hiking through the woods, then bring all equipment along with you.

4. Sportsman Park, Idaho Falls

Sportsman Park is popularly known for Greenville bucks and other minor league baseball teams. It also has a Shaded Japanese garden that has historical significance which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This beautiful island is located on the Snake River in Eastern Idaho. 

5. Shellworth Island McCall 

Shellworth Island is located on the Payette Lake in McCall. You will be glad to know that they offers cabin so that you can live on your own private island. Who doesn’t want to spend long holidays chilling at a private island? So head on to this island to enjoy the best days of your life. There is also Big Cougar Island which you can visit by hiring a kayak.

6. Bartoo Island, Priest Lake

Bartoo Island on priest lake is so far one of the best islands for enjoying a short day trip. It is located in the South of Priest Lake. If you like camping or hiking, this would be your perfect destination.  To reach this Island you need to rent a boat from Indian Creek to sail to this beautiful Island. You will be thrilled to see the large spacious campground meant for the travellers.

7. Eight Mile Island, priest lake

Eight Mile Island which was discovered decades back in the year 1897, is located on the priest lake. The island has several historical links and few of them are treasured in the museum to admire and preserve the heritage of that place. You will find traces of old miners and hunters which were used in those days.  

8. Maiden Rock , Sandpoint

Maiden Rock is accessible only during the daytime for camping or hiking purpose. This wonderful beach is located near the monolithic known as Maiden Rock. So if you are planning to go for hiking in a secluded island then hire a boat and head to Maiden Rock at Sandpoint.

9. The 14 hole, Coeur d’Alene Resort

This is an absolute treat to those who can make it to this gorgeous Island. The 14 hole, Coeur d’Alene Resort has earned a reputation over the years for its vibrant ambience and stunning facilities. You can reach this island by hiring a boat or ferry that the resort provides to its customers. Because of its unusual beauty this place remains booked all the time. You have to be really lucky to get this entire island. There is even a golf course on it to give that premium look and feel.

10. Island Park

Island Park is located in the meeting point of Montana and Wyoming. This point allows you to witness most beautiful sunsets which you won’t find anywhere else. If you are photographer, then keep your eyes open to click some great shots after the sun goes down. Like other Islands in Idaho this one also offers you with the option for hiking or camping. 

So when you are planning to break free from your daily chores and busy life, you should plan for a place you have never been to. This helps to rejuvenate your soul and mind and also allows people to put their energy into much positive aspect. If you are considering to visit the USA, then you must pay a visit to Idaho for its spectacular islands. You will be mesmerized by the beauty that each of these islands reflects. And the best part is, you can stay at any of these islands and of course enjoy all the facilities that you can get for owning a private island!  So what are you waiting for? Go plan your itinerary and set forth on an adventurous journey ahead!

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