15 Best Islands of Indonesia To Visit in 2018

Exotic islands are the best place where a person can spend their leisurely vacation. Starting from island adventures to being the beach babes; everything is possible in the Indonesian islands. The relaxed beach holidays can be spent in the best ways here because the different budget of the people would be served in a great way in  Indonesia. Starting from Lava to Bali to Lombok, too many others, there are a lot of provinces in Indonesia but apart from that, the list of the 15 best Islands to visit in Indonesia.

Where to travel in Indonesia?

1. Gili Trawangan, the scenic island with a nightlife

Gili Trawangan Island, IndonesiaImage Source: wikimedia.org

Explore the three beautiful islands known as Gili Trawangan along the coast of Lombok. Grab a boat and venture into the blue seas to reach the islands. Being a large island it is open to the activities of cycling along the amazing sceneries in accompanying one’s way. Explore the sandy beaches, blue waters and experience the Indonesian lifestyle in the evening with captivating live music, party night and late night bars. Missing out the turtle sanctuary would also be a fool’s decision somehow. So one should definitely be here.

2. The Wakatobi Islands, the collective king

The Wakatobi Islands, IndonesiaImage Source: wikipedia.org

The name of the island states a collective noun actually because the island is a collection of four small once taken together namely Kaledupa, Tomia, Wangi-Wangi, and Binongko. As the islands form a diversity of marine life and offer adventurous sports like snorkeling and scuba diving, this place is actually a must visit for any tourists. The set of islands can be reached easily from Bali. The journey might be quite long but once a person reaches the places it would feel like paradise on earth.

3. The Mentawai Islands seascapes and landscapes amalgamated together

This set of the island is also a collective noun actually because it is a collection of over seventy islands that has developed a surf culture like nowhere else. Explore these beautiful seascapes and reach this place by availing only a boat ride. The Rainforest here is a must explore when one is here. 

4. Nusa Lembongan the shark zone

Nusa Lembongan, IndonesiaImage Source: wikimedia.org

If you want to travel and relax in a nearby place, Nusa Lembongan would be your choice. It is located off the coast of Bali, so many people think that Nusa Lembongan is situated at Bali. But this is not true. It is totally a different place. In spite of being too close to Bali and Lombok, this place is overlooked by the travellers. So, it has a crowd-free calm atmosphere to enjoy. Here you get a huge chance of seeing the marine life.  Sharks, rays and turtles are easily seen here.

5. Wai Island

Wai Island, IndonesiaImage Source: wikimedia.org

It takes a lot of nerves to reach this island because it is one of the most difficult-to-reach islands.  But it is also the most stunning island one can ever see in Indonesia. Wai Island is located in the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua. This island is full of sandy beaches, sky-blue colour sea, coral reefs and an amazing marine life view. You can spend the whole day in the ocean and can relax by the seashore in the evening. Here you can witness the beautiful sunset remember the lifetime. Being a small sized island, only one resort is located here. So, if you are a solitude-loving person, this place definitely should be your first choice.

6. Gili Air the busier waterfront

The second largest Gili island in Lombok is Gili Air. It has a quieter ambience than  Gili Trawangan. But it has little busier atmosphere than Gili Meno. If you are not fond of the bustling atmosphere of Gili Trawangan, you can come here to enjoy the calm atmosphere. If you are really into water sports, the snorkelling, diving opportunities are never going to disappoint you here. Not only water sports, here you get an amazing opportunity to trek along the beautiful paths across the island. There are some awesome restaurants to serve awesome seafood dishes and some of them are waterfront too.

7. The Bangka – Belitung Islands- the azure land 

The Bangka – Belitung Islands, IndonesiaImage Source: wikimedia.org

The Bangka – Belitung Islands are located to the east of Sumatra. Indonesians themselves find it one of the finest spot to be in Indonesia. Azure sea along with sandy beaches is the most beautiful thing here. You can board a boat and venture into the azure water to visit the seven islands here. These islands are filled with tropical flora and fauna. ‘lengkuas’, a kind of root ginger is found here all over the region. 

8. Nusa Penida- a connection free place

Nusa Penida, IndonesiaImage Source: wikimedia.org

This island is very close to Bali. It is connected to Nusa Lembongan via a bridge. It is absolutely away from the modern and civilized atmosphere. So if you are interested in spending sometimes away from internet connections, bustling nightlife, this is gonna be your place. It is totally a place of serene atmosphere. Some water sports like snorkelling, diving are found here, but not in much quantity. But it is arguable that whether Nusa Penida has the better diving opportunity or the Nusa Lembongan. While diving, you will frequently meet the rays and turtles. 

9. Samosir Island-the Adventure Den

Samosir island is located at the middle of Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra. Lake Toba is the largest crater lake in the world and it is located in an extinct volcano. Here one can simply enjoy swimming or a boat tour around the blue water. Exploring Batak villages and finding out the native people's lifestyle is a great opportunity here. Hire a motorbike and take a tour around the island to explore the soulful nature there. Don't miss the local cemetery at Batak village, here you can see the old tomb of Batak kings too. 

10. Lembeh Island- the marine paradise

More or less every Indonesian island provides the opportunity of diving. But the opportunity of muck diving has made this island a little different. This island is located in Sulawesi. One can easily go to this island via Bitung. The azure water around the island gives a great opportunity to explore the marine life. If you are an admirer of macro photography, it will be a fool's decision to miss this place. nudibranchs, crabs, and cuttlefish are easily found here. Even if you are lucky enough, sharks can be found in a diving. 

11. Seram Island- the finest of all

The word ‘seram' actually means scary but the name of the island doesn't reflect this amazing spot. This one of the finest tropical islands in the archipelago is located in Maluku. The lush green forests, scenic paths across the island have made this island incredibly beautiful. It requires a little more effort to make a trip here than other Indonesian provinces. But it worth this because of it’s incredible and charming nature as well as the enchanting view over the water.

12. Weh Island- a crowd-free ambiance

It is a small beautiful land situated at the coast of Aceh Province in northern Indonesia. It is easily accessible from the big cities like Medan. Weh island can give you a fascinating view of sandy gleaming beaches as well as blue water. The water here is ideal for snorkelling. As it is generally visited by foreigners very seldom, it has a crowd-free ambience. There are plenty of restaurants, guesthouse etc.  

13. Karimunjawa Islands- a diver’s paradise

This island is located in the Java Sea. This is said that it is gonna be new Bali in next few years. This island is very rarely visited but the tropical beaches, stunning diving spots give an unforgettable view. For the water sports enthusiast, there are many opportunities for snorkelling. You can enjoy the simple swimming here too. Going for a jungle trek will be a mesmerizing experience, exploring the lush green vast valleys.  

14. Gili Meno- a pollution free and calm place to be in

If you are looking for a perfect destination for a honeymoon, Gili Meno has to your place. It is the smallest of the Gili island. Not all the Gili islands have cars, so you have to roam about taking horses or hiring bicycles. Just a walk with your loved one, across the island in a quiet ambience is going to blow your mind. You can try some snorkelling here too as the water is gentle here. The pollution free atmosphere ensures the visibility of turtles and rays in the crystal clear sea. This place is a wise choice for those who love a peaceful ambience beachside and enjoy the solitude.

15. Komodo Island- the fine one

The last but not the least is Komodo Island which is one of the finest islands of Indonesia. The name suggests that this is actually the place of Komodo Dragons. It is located on the coast of Flores. Dragons are not that much harm that it seems. But the toxic saliva of them is injurious to our health. So we should avoid the chances of getting bitten by them. There are so many guides who will take you to different places to observe dragons from a safe distance. They use a forked stick which helps to keep dragons away from us.

So, these are the best 15 islands of Indonesia to explore and these places would definitely be a wise choice to make one’s vacation truly amazing.  


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