Best Islands of Louisiana To Visit in 2018

The state of Louisiana offers to you some of the most beautiful and spectacular sights. Stunning lakes, beautiful gardens, historic buildings, and of course lovely islands are some of the major attractions of this unique state of United States. If you are a person who loves nature and loves islands, then we have a list of some of the most preferred islands along with some of the activities that you can do here:

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1. Just take some time out to enjoy the famous Pepper Sauce Factory at Avery Island

This island is owned by the families of Marsh, Avery and McIlhenny. This island which is spread over an area of approximately 2200 acres sits on the top of the deposits of solid rock salt which is said to be deeper than the height of Mt. Everest. When you are here, you can visit Jungle Gardens, TABASCO Visitor Center and Pepper Sauce Factory, and bird city. This is not necessarily an island, but salt dome in the state. This island is on the mainland. So, you can just drive in and reach this famous destination.

2. Paddle and have an ultimate boating experience at Marsh Island

This island is located along the western Louisiana and is primarily made of organic-rich muds and marsh vegetation. Some area of the vegetation has been lost because it was submerged in water. This is a popular place where people enjoy fishing, birding, and shrimping. This island is primarily concerned about the revegetation of the deteriorated land due to soil erosion. One can enjoy boating also here. Overnight camping is not allowed here. This island is located at a distance of 6 miles from Cypremort Point and can be reach via a watercraft.

3. Camp at the Palmetto Island State Park

This is a perfect place to spend a day out or camp as it seems to be a perfect destination that offers a perfect South Louisiana outdoors experience. Activities like fishing and boating are also available here and you can get a feel of authenticity when you are here. They charge a minimal fee of $3 per person and you can be here via a boat.

4. Enjoy hunting at Avoca Island

Get to the Avoca Island which is located near Morgan City in Louisiana and have a blissful exploration of wildlife. You can enjoy hunting on this island and this place is also known for oil and gas interests also. You can reach this place by taking a ferry.

5. Enjoy Fishing for almost 280 species of fishes at Grand Isle

This barrier island is one of the most famous beaches of the state offering white sands that look beautiful. A holiday here is relaxing and one can truly enjoy fishing at this place. This is known to be Louisiana’s only state-run beach and more than 50 species of fishes are found here. One should also visit Grand Isle state park where you will find abundance of nature. This park is family-friendly and you can sleep under the stars and feel tranquillity at its best. Fishing can be done in the day as well as in night and is available on any stretch of the island. There are several restaurants also that will offer you the most delicious, yet authentic food of the state. Bird watching can also be enjoyed here. There is an automobile causeway bridge that connects the beach to the southern Lafourche Parish, Louisiana.

There are many other wonder islands that can be explored in Louisiana along with many great activities. So just take a leave from work and spend some days in this blissful state that has so many attractions to offer.


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