10 Best Islands of Maryland To Visit in 2018

Chesapeake Bay and even the Potomac River are dotted with numerous tiny islands that serve as a wonderful sight-seeing experience for visitors and escapes for the locals. There are wildlife and natural beaches to enjoy. The views are incredible and can be accompanied with delicious, mouth-watering food. For decades fishermen have fished in these waters and the birds have nested on these lands. It remains unchanged. There is a sense of detachment that is invigorating for the visitor. A trip to these islands, in solitude, or company, is both recharging as well as engaging and fun. 

1. Assateague Island

Assateague is shared between Maryland and Virginia. It is a 37 mile long barrier island declared as a national seashore park to protect the birds that nest here, along with the 300 odd wild horses. It is near Ocean City in Maryland and Chincotague Island in Virginia. The island has vast sandy beaches, wooded tracts, salt marshes and is great for bird watching as well as hiking and walking nature trails. Operators organise wildlife tours and kayaking for visitors.

Assateague Island, MarylandImage Source: wikimedia.org

2. Cobb Island

Cobb Island is a small island near the confluence of the Potomac and the Wicomico River. It is connected to Maryland by a 0.11 mile long bridge on Route 254. The island has a small post office, a fire department, a church, a playground, and several restaurants with their own docks so visitors can visit directly. There is a small art gallery and a bakery as well.

Cobb Island, MarylandImage Source: wikimedia.org

3. Deal Island

Deal Island is connected to Mainland Maryland by a bridge but it feels like another world altogether. The locals on the island have seafaring lifestyles. Visitors can see fishermen haul in their catch, workers in the oyster hatchery or crab picking. It is a three mile long island on Tangier Sound in Somerset County. It has a public beach as well. On Labour Day, they have skipjack races. Skipjacks are traditional oyster fishing boats.

Deal Island, MarylandImage Source: wikimedia.org

4. Hart-Miller Island

Hart-Miller is an uninhabited island. 1100 acre large, it can only be reached by boat. It sits in the middle of Chesapeake Bay. It has long, fine, sandy beaches, hiking trails and incredible views. There is much to learn about the wildlife and their ecosystems on the island as well.

5. Hooper’s Island

Hooper’s is actually a collection of three islands between the Honga River and Chesapeake Bay. It is known for its fishing, crab picking and diverse wildlife. There is a lighthouse on the island, built in 1901, one of America’s rare pneumatic caisson lighthouses. People go hiking, or simply to enjoy the sunset over Chesapeake Bay. Local companies offer fishing and boating in these waters.

6. Jane’s Island

Jane’s is an untamed island which feels as if it has escaped human influence altogether. It has large salt marshes, water trails and miles of isolated, stunning beaches. It is abundant in birds, crabs and fishes. It makes for a great picnic spot with its boat ramps, marinas and state parks.

Jane’s Island, MarylandImage Source: wikimedia.org

7. Kent Island

Kent Island is connected to Maryland by a bridge over Chesapeake Bay. The Chester River flows through the island to empty out into the sea at a spot called the Love Point. Once a large trade port, it has now developed into a seafood processing and packaging centre. It is home to historical sites like the Stevensville train depot and Christ Church, constructed in 1631. The western shore has its best beach, the Metapeake Beach, with nice views, public swimming, campgrounds, eco trails and even an amphitheatre.

8. Smith Island

Smith Island is about 12 miles away from Crisfield, in Chesapeake Bay. Visitors use ferries or boats to commute to and fro. It is the only inhabited island in the bay. The island has marshland, rich wildlife, popular restaurants and a visitors’ centre.

Smith Island, MarylandImage Source: wikimedia.org

9. Solomons Island

Solomons is located at the mouth of the Patuxent River, in Chesapeake Bay. It is accessible by the impressive 135-feet long Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge. It has the Calvert Museum which is rich in information on life and culture in the bay. There is a sculpture park, a boardwalk and incredible views for the visiting tourist to enjoy.

10. Tilghman Island

Tilghman is a 3 mile long island between Chesapeake Bay and Choptank River. There are lighthouses dotting the island. Visitors can see the wildlife, roam the nature trails, and go hiking, fishing, crabbing, or sailing and even hunting. The restaurants are delightful with scrumptious seafood offerings.

Tilghman Island, MarylandImage Source: wikimedia.org