The Best Islands of Michigan

Michigan- An introduction

Have you ever been to Michigan? Yes, you have heard it right! One of the dream destinations for the evergreen tourists, Michigan is claimed to be one of the best travel destinations that America could offer! 

Most of the travellers who are yet to visit the destination, keep on asking what is so good about Michigan? But we suggest that you explore it for yourself! Read through this blog to explore more about the best islands in Michigan!

Best islands of Michigan

Some of the best islands of Michigan happens to be breathtaking! If you have visited Mackinac island you must have seen the incredible beauty that the island offers! However as experienced travellers we do emphasize that you complete visiting the beautiful islands of Michigan islands before you take a call on sharing your experience with others! We are sure that the natural and virgin landscapes extending from Detroit to Manitou or extending from the shores of Great Lakes shall attract your attention on the very first go!  As per the experiences shared there are about six beautiful islands which needs to be visited in Pure Michigan!

1. North & South Manitou

North & South Manitou, MichiganImage Source:

As experts have put it, these two islands are the heart of the Michigan. The unique selling proposition remains to be the serenity of these two islands. As a matter of fact, these two islands allow you to enjoy nature selflessly. This is because these two islands are devoid of any kind of stores or restaurants for that matter of fact. The island offers a couple of spots which give you proper access to water. Simultaneously, if you notice properly you shall see that, these islands are a home to all kinds of plants and saplings which provide fresh air to the tourists. Therefore, if you board these islands you shall be away from the ‘madding crowd’. The best way is to allow your soul to be put at rest. You can enjoy the serenity with your mind’s eye.

2. Bois Blanc

Bois Blanc is not a very common name for the travellers planning to make it at Michigan. Most of the travellers would never know that this island ever exists. However, travellers and guides who have already visited the place is of the opinion that the island is much bigger that Mackinac, one of the most serene and secluded spot in Michigan to be enjoyed by the tourists. The island hosts a small convenient store for the convenience of the tourists. The entire area is filled with lush dense greenery, and intervened by rocky shorelines, which gives the destination a serenely stupendous virgin look! The only transportation facility is Plaunt Transportation ferry which connects the island with the mainland respectively.

3. Isle Royale

Isle Royale, MichiganImage Source:

Claimed to be the national park of Michigan, Isle Royale is considered to be one of the most attractive travel destination. As per statistics available, it had been stated that, almost 17,000 visitors come to the destination every annum. The national park hosts a small lake within. This is more commonly known as the Lake Superior. The lake is a home to diverse wildlife which can help the tourists to gain knowledge on the animals. At the same time, the lake offers various types of entertainment facilities on the whole. The island is well connected on water route through the Upper Peninsula. The secluded environment remains to be a major attraction of the beautiful spot. If you really want to enjoy pack your knapsack well and of course do not forget your hiking boots either!

4. Beaver Island

Beaver Island, MichiganImage Source:

Beaver Island is one of the other amongst the beautiful spots that a traveller going to Michigan would like to visit. The beautiful destination is located 27 miles away from the coast of Charlevoix. The destination is famous for hosting beaches which have been identified as most beautiful. At the same time, the water body within gives you an option of crystal clear waters. If you plan to visit the island, then we are sure that you can come back rejuvenated and refreshed. Most of the locals enjoy their idle time together as you forget entirely that the earth moves and sun sets.

5. Belle Isle

Belle Isle had been rated (or may be overrated?) as one of the most beautiful islands which remains to be a valuable part of the Michigan destination. Located in the southern point, the island helps the tourists to experience the Detroit Skyline from a distance! You can sit on the island for hours and experience the sunset! Believe us, it is going to be a lifetime experience which you can proudly share with others!

6. Grand Island

Grand Island, MichiganImage Source:

Have you heard of the Grand Island? If you have heard about it, we are sure that, you long for a vacation to be there! Some of the major unique selling propositions remain to be that, the island is home to cottages, woods as well as ice caves. The island allows you to enjoy nature’s serenity especially with calming waves which kiss your footsteps. With ice caves bordering the shoreline, the view of the island  itself remains to be exotic!


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