Amazing Islands To Visit in New Jersey

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Mar 06, 2019
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New Jersey is north-eastern U.S. state which is a home for several beautiful islands. You can see the city across the Hudson River ferries folklore each other to embark for nearby Ellis Island. The city has the iconic Statue of Liberty representing the islands as the center of the city. The shore of Jersey has some of the great and exclusive resorts and historic museums.

Islands really shine in summer months and are the main tourist points in New Jersey. There are various aesthetically eloquent islands in New Jersey which must be visited in one’s lifetime. Here are some of the best islands of New Jersey:

1. Long Beach Island

Along the Atlantic Ocean Coast of Ocean County, you will find the most beautiful and the narrow island. You will find lots of interesting things to do around the island like relaxing by the side of the beach under the Cedars or having a family fun at Beach Haven. 

You can find the extravagant art at The Museum of NJ Maritime History and it’s always fun to go for the family outing at Fantasy Island Amusement Park. There’s lot of fun to be around the Long Beach Island which is about 5 miles wide and around 18 miles long.

2. Ludlam Island

You can have a great peace and fun while taking your family way from the hustle bustle of the city to the Ludlam Island. The Cape May County Island is built around the Sea Isle City and Strathmere. You can enjoy and rejuvenate your senses and relax at the beautiful beaches. One can witness movie under the stars and enjoy your summers and have fun at free outdoor concert. The island is named among the cleanest beaches reflecting the good water quality.


3. the Absecon Island


There’s a community living enclosed in the Atlantic City where several beaches can be enjoyed. The beaches offer you the best of its scenic beauty along with its nightlife. The most prominent tourist place on the Absecon Island is the Absecon Lighthouse. One must go and check out the majestic tower of New Jersey which is also regarded as the third tallest tower in the whole city.

4. The Seven Mile Island

The island is the home to the towns of Stone Harbor and Avalon where people can enjoy the shops, galleries, scenic beauty and natural aesthetic beauty. It’s a seven-mile long island spreads around four blocks in width. The tourists are often curious to watch the birds at Bird Sanctuary and enjoy watching various bird species. Wetlands Institute is also quite famous and is often visited by the tourists with great enthusiasm. 

Stone Harbor Museum is also very famous around the island and gives the opportunity to have a look at the galleries along the museum. People enjoy watching the glimpses of historic storms and other great things. The small white building of the museum enhances the beauty of the Seven Mile Island.

5. Brigantine Island

Brigantine Island, New JerseyPC:

Brigantine Island is the best known for the Brigantine Lighthouse which is located in the center of the town. The lighthouse is non-operational but still, it attracts lots of tourist’s attention towards it. 

The island exhibits a small museum showing the glimpses of the history of these little islands. You can spot the most wonderful and unique wildlife around the island.

6. Halsey Island

The most exclusive and luxurious getaway for the weekends is Halsey Island. It is the most exclusive one as it is the host of 15 homes only. You can reach the island through the private boats only and have the incredible look of the waterfront. 

You can enjoy the solitary time while you take the sunbath or have the clear and refreshing mountain views. The rental starts at $500 per night giving you the lifetime experience. As the place is not approachable to everyone, it gives the best of its time with peace and calmness. Halsey Island is undoubtedly the luxurious one and is highly recommended to visit for those who are looking for some luxury style getaway for the weekend.

7. Ellis Island

Ellis Island, New JerseyPC:

The tourists come a long way to view the living history museum which traces the roots of American History between 1892 and 1954. The island was discovered by 12 million immigrants who also regarded this as the island of hope. But still some returned in despair and some continue their hunt on in life. 

The Supreme Court granted the ownership of the Island to New Jersey in May, 1998. Ellis Islands stands beautifully in New Jersey with the great museum and itself having the great historic presence. You should surely check out the island to know about the feeling of being at an historical island.

8. Wildwoods Island

The most historic and shimmery island where Bill Haley and His Comets first performed their hits “Rock around the clock” is the Wildwoods. At Wildwoods, you will surely be enjoying at the various beaches and availing many good options for the nightlife. There’s a lot of fun loving experience at Morey’s Piers. Although the beaches are freely accessible for all the visitors of the island but there are multiple water parks where water activities can thoroughly be enjoyed and have fun with the water sports.

9. Cape Island

Cape Island is the home for lot of unique style shops and galleries. You can step out and embrace the Victorian Architecture at this Island. It was created in 1942 when the area was divided by the rest of the state with the help of Cape May Canal. Therefore, many people don’t even have the idea that the place is actually the island. It’s a must visited island where you can enjoy the sunsets and sunrise and wholeheartedly enjoy the shopping by the side of the island.

New Jersey is certainly blessed with eloquent and exclusive islands. Each island stands there sharing their own story of existence and attracting all the people towards them. Most of these islands embark on the museum which exhibits the historic displays of American History and other great events. You are surely going to love the shopping and enjoy the nightlife on these islands. So, pack your bags and start your journey to explore these beautiful islands of New Jersey.

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