15 Amazingly Beautiful Islands in Philippines

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Mar 06, 2019
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The Philippines is a unitary sovereign of Southeast Asia and it is situated in the western Pacific Ocean. There are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines! But here only 15 islands are short listed which worth keeping the Philippines on your wish list for vacation! The Philippines is a famous tourist spot because of its perfect beaches, scenic beauty, picturesque nature and local friendly people.

A hot humid tropical climate with the wet season is seen here from May to October, which is not a tour friendly time. Rather, visiting the Philippines would be more beautiful during the dry season that is from November to April. But it’s true that if you are traveller by heart, anytime is a good time for one. Explore these top 15 amazingly beautiful islands in Philippines.

1. Luzon

The largest island of Philippines is Luzon. The capital city of Philippines named Manila is on this island. The amazing coexistence of beaches and mountains, coral reefs, Spanish-colonial landmarks etc. have made the place truly blissful. Reaching manila’s airport would be the best choice to get around Luzon. Referred to as a must visit place of Luzon. The UNESCO has referred to it as world’s heritage site as it’s the ‘eighth wonder of the world. Ta’al volcano is very close to Manila and it has experienced over 30 eruptions, this volcano consists of two islands, which has made it a must-go place in Luzon. A strange tradition of hanging coffins instead of burying them in the ground is really an odd attraction.

2. The Boracay island

The Boracay island, PhilippinesPC: wikimedia.org

Boracay is a tiny island of Philippines with lots of beaches, though the main attraction is a white beach. If someone wants to relax by the sea beach with cocktail all day long, then this is the perfect place to hang. Just 15 minutes to Boracay is a place full of restaurants, dive shops and bars. Hanging out with favourite people in such a nice place will fulfil your couple goals. It has colourful sea rides to make your trip memorable. If you are a kind person who loves the solitude and quietness, this particular beach would definitely be your choice. Snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing and many more entertainments are open to the tourists. So, grab a beer and hang by the beach with your partner or just dive into the beautiful sea life with scuba and snorkelling.

3. Palawan Island

Palawan is also called the Rainforest Island of the Philippines and is located in the Mimaropa region. It is famous for its awesome scenic beauty as well as adventures. It’s truly a ‘slice of paradise’. The mouth-watering seafood will blow your mind. Many airlines fly to Puerto Princesa City from Manila every day, which is the coastal city on Palawan Island. One should never miss a visit to the UNESCO underground river in Puerto Princesa City. Island hopping would never be finished without heading towards E1 NIDO and then a visit to Coron exploring a whole bunch of sunken Japanese warships. Nature has blessed the place Coron with all her beauty- hidden lagoons, limestone cliffs, lakes and more others.

4. Siargao Island

Siargao Island, PhilippinesPC: wikimedia.org

Siargao is a small island in the Philippine sea and is known for its tear-drop shape. It is situated at around 800 kilometres towards the southeast of Manila. This island is mainly famous for surfing. But if not interested in surfing, there are plenty of other opportunities to keep one engaged in having fun on this island. Surfing is the main attraction on this island along with renting a scooter and exploring this lush green island will give a genuine eye comfort. Private transports are also available here. A visit to Taktak falls. The Magpupungko Rock Pools would definitely draw interest but it’s only safe to visit at low tides. Get there to fall in love with the hidden beauties of Indonesia.

Places to visit in Philippines with family

5. Siquijor Island 

Siquijor Island, PhilippinesPC: wikimedi.org

The island of Siquijor, mainly known for witchcraft and black magic, is actually a very tiny island in the Visayas. Being a very remote place, less chaos and fewer tourists have made the place more adventurous. This place is the best place to relax and spend some me-time. There are plenty of waterfalls and forest to explore in this amazing island.

6. Bohol Island

Bohol is situated in the central Philippines and it has various types of landscapes. The famous chocolate hills, Bohol bee farms are the main attractions here. This is a must visit a place because of its famous chocolate hills. The nearby tarsier sanctuary is very attracting- this type of monkey is super cute! Paddling on the Bohol River is so enchanting motorbike tour around the island visit to Bohol bee farm.

7. Moalboal Island

Moalboal, a small town, is located on the south-western side of Cebu island in the Philippines. It’s a place for the people who love scuba diving. Here the water is clear like crystal and has a fabulous visibility. Direct airlines are available from Manila to Cebu City. Moalboal is just 92 km away from the main Cebu City. It will take two and half hours to reach Moalboal by local bus. The not to be missed things on this island are scuba diving and snorkelling. It’s a paradise for all the adventure seekers, the most amazing being jumping off a 20 feet high waterfall into the canyons. Trekking on rocky trails, boulders. Experience caving, kayaking, zip lining and much more at Danao.

8. Modessa Island

Modessa, a private island, is just 2-hour drive away from the International Airport of Puerto Princesa. The island is famous for the superb snorkelling and scuba diving. One needs to take a public transport from the Puerto Princesa terminal to the Roxas terminal. At Roxas, one has to head towards Bottega Resto Bar. After that, one has to wait for a boat transfer scheduled at 14:00 hours. Modessa Island is a perfect location to just chill out and indulging in activities like swimming and spot some coral, fish, stingrays, moray eels and reef sharks. If it starts raining, then there’s a pool table available pretty handy to get through the time while downing your favourite cocktail in hand.

9. Cebu

Cebu is one of the most popular cities of the Philippines. It is a city of culture and history in the lap of the stunning Mother Nature. There are many flights available to Cebu directly from Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Hangzhou, Singapore, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Taipei. Taking a tour around the island to explore the natural scenic beauty, waterfalls and the popular whale sharks. If one is really into history and culture, then this city is, indeed, a great opportunity to discover ’s and visit the Spanish zone of Magellan. Escape in the world of dreams in this amazing island.

10. El Nido

El Nido is situated in the popular region of Palawan. Direct flights are available from Manila city to El Nido. Taking about an hour in flight, it lands at the Lio airport, which is 4 kilometres away from midtown. Romantic Sunset at El Nido Including Boat Ride. Explore the activities of the Island and the amazing beach parties at night. Taste the local delicacies and be pleased for the moment. So escape in the luxurious and lazy lifestyle of this island.

11. Malapascua island

Malapascua is located off the north tip of the island of Cebu. People can reach Malapascua via the Cebu City. There are 25 flights to travel to Cebu from Manila. From Cebu, public transports are available up to the Maya port, and then a boat ride to the Malapascua. Experiencing the exceptional diving.one will have the greatest opportunity to dive in along with the thresher sharks, which would be a spectacular view. A visit to some popular gorgeous beaches like Bounty Beach, Guimbitayan Beach and Lagoon Beach and will get you amazed by their natural beauty.

12. The Island of Dos Palmas in the Philippines

If one has a desire of fulfilling a simple beach experience, Dos Palmas is the place to be! Taking a bus from the Puerto Princesa terminal to city pier and then hopping on a Philippine boat that will get one to Dos Palmas. It will take one hour. Experiencing the simple beach witnessing the most beautiful sunset.Sit and enjoy the quiet life hanging with your family or loved ones and have a bottle of beer in handy to enjoy at the beach. All considered, this beach is almost like a heavenly beautiful experience.

13. Sombrero Island of the Philippines

Diving and snorkelling in Sombrero Island, which is a cone-shaped piece of land located in north-eastern part of Iloilo, is the most popular water activities here. Flying to Iloilo from Manila is the easiest way to reach the island. Then, one can easily reach the spot by boat from the Anilao shore and would take approximately 30 minutes boat ride from Masasa Beach experiencing the beautiful marine life. Visit the bars and pubs nearby the beach to experience some exotic cocktails. Sit by the beach or have a tan lying under the beach sun. Visit amazing rave parties, experience the local drinks and have the best time of your life on this fantasy island of dreams.

14. Parola Island

Parola Island is situated in the Jose Panganiban municipality. From Manila, one needs to take a short 40-minute flight to a place called Naga, as is the closest airport. After that, take a bus ride to Daet of Camarines Norte followed by a boat ride. There are some places where the of the beach turns a bit of pink. Swim leisurely while having one’s favourite cocktail watching the busted lighthouse that once helped many boatmen to get home safely. Have a tour of the local markets and explore the best attractions. One will have a time of their life in this awesomely beautiful island and fulfil their travel goals.

15. Camiguin Island

Camiguin is also known as the “Island of Fire” since it has seven volcanoes surrounding it. Eat Lanzones fruit, which is known as the sweetest in the region. Explore the colourful corals and seaweeds and experiencing the amazing nature Trek to Mount Hibok experiencing the life of the locals. Wander into the local areas and meet with the locals so that you have a grasp of the island and their cultural traditions. Explore the amazing beaches enjoying wonderful cocktails on seaside bars. Have a time of your life in this amazing island of fantasy and dreams.

The best of Philippines is waiting

So pack your bags and make your move to visit the favourite island of your dreams. You will catch some amazing moments of your life.

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