Best Islands of Portland To Visit in 2018

Portland – the largest city in the US state of Oregon is one of the main ports in Willamate Valley. The rivers that cross this place include the Columbia and Williamate rivers which surround several islands that are quite popular around the place. The city has been known for its music, theatre, and art culture and apart from that there are several places where you can indulge into holidaying on your very next vacation. 

Talking about the islands specifically, here is the list of the best islands of Portland that you should pay a visit the very next time you vacationing at this place:

Peaks Island

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Located 3 miles away from the main city of Portland, the Peaks Island happens to be one of the most populous ones in the Casco Bay, Maine. The Island became a popular sight by 19th century due to the inclination of people who started exploring this place and built amusement parks, cottages, hotels, and vacation spots. This Island played a huge role during the World War II and was used as a military defense installation.  

Great Diamond Island

The Great Diamond Island is another island in Casco Bay and another part of Portland. The island does not have a network of roads and people often commute through bicycles and golf carts. Moreover, it once used to be the military base till the 19th century. The diamond cove is one of the major attractions of the place and is located on the northeastern side of the island. You can indulge in some fun activities such as fishing and kayaking over the place and also choose to go for camping if you feel more adventurous. 

Cliff Island

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Cliff Island remains populated during the summer months as the place offers services such as community hall, baseball field, tennis court, playground and much more. Although there are no hotels at the place, one can stay at the community homes during their vacation stay. Commuting around the island is possible through a ferry ride along with bicycles, golf carts, and electric carts. It is peaceful place to stay in and if you are willing to stay at a place where you can spend your days in tranquillity, then you must probably visit this place when in Portland.

Little Diamond Island

Also known as the Little Hog Island, this place has the lowest population among all the islands. The special phenomenon that you would notice at this place is that the island joins with the Great Diamond Island during the event of low tide through a semi-submerged sandbar. There are aboveground water pipes available for the people to get there daily water supply. There are facilities for water supply, general stores, and places for amusement such as parks where you can spend your days in frolic.

Sauvie Island

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The Sauvie Island is one of the largest island along the river of Columbia and lies just 10 miles northwest to the downtown Portland. The place is well-known for its farmlands and wildlife refuge where people can enjoy recreational activities like kayaking, hunting geese, and much more.  Bicycle is the best means of transportation around the place. The topology of the place is flat along with lengthy low-volume roads which are ideal for cycling. 

Mackworth Island

This island is situated alongside the border adjacent to the Portland. There is a causeway which connects the island to the mainland in Falmouth. Entry to the Island through car is restricted and one needs to pass through a toll before entering the space where parking is somewhat restricted. People prefer to surf around the place and you can even go out for fishing. You can even opt for camping as the Island offers a perfect environment for soaking in some adventure. 

Cushing Island

Cushing Island is a privately owned island in Casco Bay in the US where around forty five families stay during the entire season. This place has an interesting history with issues related to the settlement and acquiring of the property by different people at various points in time. Another interesting aspect of this island is that it was earlier known by the name of Bangs Island after the person who once owned it. It was later acquired by a person under the surname Cushing which is why it is today referred as the Cushing Island.

Isle of Portland

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Isle of Portland is a limestone tied Island and is one of the most popular island among the visitors. The place is well-connected through all means of transport and boasts of the exclusive facilities which are provided to the people who come here to spend their vacations.  The place has Portland Harbour which is one of the largest man-made harbours in the world. This island was inhabited during the Mesolithic period which is probably one of the oldest ones among all. It is probably the perfect place to spend your vacation as you can put yourself in a lot of activities such as boating, kayaking, exploring the island and its nearby places all at the same time. All in all, visiting this island would surely be an enriching experience in itself.

Ross Island

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Ross Island happens to be the cluster of the four-main islands situated alongside the Willamette River in Portland. It is named after the pioneer Sherry Ross and has three neighbouring islands which include Toe, Hardtrack, and East out of which it is the largest one. There are fifty species of birds that you can find here including the ospreys, eagles, and herons. If you are someone who loves bird-watching and is in awe of the flora and fauna, then this place is rightfully awaiting for you. You can spend your days in exploring the various areas of this island and enjoy every bit of it.

Hayden Island

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Hayden Island is located between Vancouver, Washington, and Portland. It was found by William Robert Broughton who was the commander of the Royal Navy. Earlier it was known with the name of Shaw Island. While at this Island, you can enjoy rides at some of the major amusement parks. Moreover, there are several yacht clubs and marinas where you can indulge into several beach activities.

Elk Rock Island

If you are looking for something adventurous, then head out to this Island for an exclusive experience.  The place is covered deciduous, semi-deciduous as well as perennial graminoid vegetation which makes its greener throughout the year. The island has a dead volcano which erupted millions of years ago and has jagged rocks which have been formed due to the lava flow. 

Little John Island

This is an island located in the town of Maine in the Cumberland County with a population of 118 people residing permanently in the area.  The island is primarily named after the Englishmen cousins of the same surname. It is basically connected to a causeway to the Cousins Island which is mainly connected by a bridge to the mainland. Fishing, kayaking, boating, and camping are a few activities that you can indulge in when you are at the Little John Island. 

Hope Island

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This island is privately owned by a developer couple who own a lavish house at this place. The entire property is owned by them where they have erected a boathouse, apartment, horse tables, and a large house with nine bedrooms and lavish bathrooms. You might need to take a permission to access this place as the visitors are rightfully restricted to entire the area. Although there is not much to do at the place, but it is a sight to behold when you are living in such a sprawling space and spent the days of your vacation in tranquillity from the hustle bustle of the city life.  

Jewell Island

This probably one of the smallest islands in Portland and is just about 1 mile long and are 8 miles away from Portland through the boat ride. The island is known for the fire control towers which were used during the World War II and were used for camping and walking paths. There are Water Taxis that run all over the place and make it easy to commute from one place to another. 

Cousins Island

Located in the town of Yarmouth, Cousins Island has a population of 490 people who reside here permanently.  The place is connected to Maine via a bridge which makes it easily accessible to the bigger areas in the town. It is also connected to Chebeague Island which is probably just a ferry ride away from the place. The southwest portion of this Island has an oil-fired electric power plant which can draw huge amounts of electricity and is useful during the summer months.

Well, these were some of the well-known islands in Portland which are often visited by the people during their vacation. Each of these islands has different features and staying options where you get the best facilities and sightseeing facilities.


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